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new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal


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Yeah i figured it out after i posted. But each rail journal episode was 45mins of uploading. Double for train cruise.

if you have windows google has a software google drive it can help because it is working alone

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I have a 80 go for Google so I can easily host them 

I'll begin and keep you informed

I'll post the links this way Densha can post the last episode and all the archive ones


I must look what is "Train Cruise episodes"

Can you give me a link of one of your favorite please?



Thanks go to


Then it is easy

I think if you go through this thread, you can find links to all of the Train Cruise episodes. http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/8278-nhk-world-running-a-show-called-train-cruise/


I honestly can't remember the episodes well enough to choose a favourite. It's not as technical as JRJ, it's a more cultural kind of show, showing the scenery and local culture of different parts of Japan.

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Next week another new episode of Japan Railway Journal about Sagano Railway (Episode 4 of Train Cruise have footage of Sagano Railway)




December 9, 2016
The Seeds of Success: Kyoto's Sagano Scenic Railway


2016 sees the Sagano Scenic Railway in Kyoto mark its 25th year of operating tourist trolley trains that wind through a beautiful river gorge. The company started out with only 9 employees, who decided it would be good enough if the company could survive for 3 years. Now, 25 years on, the railway attracts over 1.2 million visitors annually, making it a popular tourist attraction in Kyoto. Discover how the collaborative teamwork of the employees made this railway so successful, the first CEO's business strategies, and the unique ideas the company is employing to welcome tourists from overseas.





Hours of Broadcast (London Time)

Thursday, December 8 15:30 - 16:0021:30 - 22:00


Friday, December 9 3:30 - 4:009:30 - 10:00

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Running behind schedule this week I'm afraid, had to spend over four days reinstalling Windows and I don't have all applications installed and configured yet.

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Running behind schedule this week I'm afraid, had to spend over four days reinstalling Windows and I don't have all applications installed and configured yet.

Sorry to hear that mate. Computers are great when they work...

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I have sent this to dabsan but just in case he's tied up with other things, I'll post the link to the episode on my Google Drive. This is Episode 26, not one of the best episodes in my books, although that railway does look amazing... I would love to visit and ride on that.



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Thank you once again Lee san and dabsan for the video! Deeply appreciate!  :)


Wonder who made that model of the Sagano Scenic railway n scale train? It looks great!

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Thanks for sharing.  Nice history lesson.  As I've already visited and seen all the sights the show offered.  It was nice to see the background story about the company.

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Next week another new episode about Tsugaru Railway (Train Cruise Episode 5 includes footage of this company), details here (from NHK World site):




January 13, 2017

Turning Problems into Opportunities: The Tsugaru Railway's Strategy


Tsugaru Railway is a local private railway that runs for 20.7km in Aomori Prefecture, in northern Japan. Its "Stove Train" is now a popular tourist attraction in winter, but 10 years ago the company narrowly escaped crisis when ridership began to significantly decrease due to local depopulation and the shift to motorization. See how an outsider CEO saved the company by gathering funds and came up with unique ideas and turned problems into opportunities. Then see Iwakura High School - a school that teaches railway related curriculums.



Hours of Broadcast (London Time)


Thursday, January 12 15:30 - 16:0021:30 - 22:00


Friday, January 13 3:30 - 4:009:30 - 10:00

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Next week will come another new episode about the wheels of trains in Japan and rails. A point to note is that the ICE in Germany uses similar wheels of the Shinkansen, it can be explained that this happens due to the accident of Eschede in 1998 where the main cause was the fracture of one of its wheels.


Episode data in NHK World site:





Japan's World-Class Rail and Wheels


Japanese rails and train wheels are currently gaining worldwide attention due to wear and tear resistance and reliability. The durable rails are used for North America's freight trains that haul hundreds of cars which are stacked in 2. Also, see train wheels from stable operation of Shinkansen that are applied on ICE, a German high-speed railway. In this program, discover the manufacturing process of Japanese rails and train wheels boasting world-class quality.



Hours of Broadcast (London Time)


Thursday, January 19 15:30 - 16:00  /21:30 - 22:00


Friday, January 20 3:30 - 4:00 /9:30 - 10:00

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Many thanks Lee.. always nice to see new episode.. :)


Actually I was looking for the downloadable version of Japan Railway Journal episode 11 which covered about 2nd chance of Japanese trains life in Southeast Asia.. I hope someone will help to re-post it again.

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