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  2. The recent discussion has brought the show to my attention and I just went searching for episodes on the lines we're modelling. Didn't find one for the Kashima Rinkai, but scored for Hitachinaka Seaside Railway. I found the very touristy approach super helpful for gleaning little modelling tidbits; whichever station(s) we include will definitely have the proper billboard signs! https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/2049076/
  3. Be sure to share your progress, I'm tempted to pick up some HO kihas from tramway myself and it'll be nice to know how the install goes.
  4. They are nice models, how ever the under frame and rooftop parts pop off really easy so they all need glued. also, hardwiring DCC in the 23 will be difficult
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  6. ben_issacs

    Tramway 'Flower' Cars

    Folks, What would 'Flower Car' be in Romanised Japanese? My very wild guess would be 'Shidensha no hana'. REgards, Bill, Melbourne.
  7. ben_issacs

    Container Car Question

    Folks, Would the auto translating system really help to determine what the tank cars actually carry. This info. is probably somewhere on the tank body, but the auto. trans, doesn't translate this. Some tank cars have an inverted yellow triangle marking on the tank body, which I think does indicate the tank contents, possibility flammability, but I'm not sure of this. Regards, Bill, Melbourne.
  8. Folks, Obviously, some of these flower cars are made up from bogie cars, The Hiroden 'Carp car would be a challenge to model, the carp would have to be modelled to suit the mechanism. Perhaps one of the smaller four wheelers would be a more practical modelling job. Regards, Bill, Melbourne.
  9. cteno4

    Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City

    That’s sad to hear. We took the overnight train in, I think, 2000 from nah Trang to Ho Chi Minh city in second class (4 bunks per cabin) and it was very clean and well run. Nice clean linen and blankets and cabin and bathrooms very clean. It was a pleasant ride. Really enjoyed Vietnam, not a bad bit in like 3 weeks of traveling. People were great all over. Miss sitting at tiny chair and table on the sidewalk with an old lady serving up the best pho I’ve ever had from a tiny bbq on the sidewalk and a dozen plastic containers of ingredients, a true “sidewalk” caffe. Between the French influence for hot fresh croissants or baguette and cheese for breakfast and really fresh Vietnamese food it was a great trip for food. Bumped into a few French tourists that were lamenting how good the breads were compared to home, that said something! jeff
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  11. HankyuDentetsu

    Yamanote line departure melodies

    I use ATOS as my SMS alert tone 🙂
  12. Very sad to see them go. Defined my first visit to Tokyo... and the multitude of visits there-after. A fine piece of kit, sorely missed!
  13. HankyuDentetsu

    Webcams of Railways in Japan

    Edited to add more webcams! I'll continue to add to the first post as I find more.
  14. RogerMc

    What Track Plan Software Do You Use?

    If I am not mistaken, RailModeler Express is FREE while RailModeler Pro is pay. Once you try Express you'll likely want Pro. At least I did.
  15. HankyuDentetsu

    Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City

    I took the Reunification Express (first class) from Hanoi to Da Nang, and then Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh back in 2013. They were the two grimmest journeys of my life - genuine hell on earth from start to finish. Words literally can't describe.
  16. HankyuDentetsu

    new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal

    I hate how tourist-centric Japan Railway Journal has become. I mean I know it's NHK World which is basically just a tourist board mouthpiece, but as a show it's really gone downhill. They produce some absolutely great content (the N700s and round-up of 2019 trains were actually decent episodes), but their relentless focus on tourist trains drives me mad. They have almost unlimited material to draw from: incredible rolling stock across multiple major operators, the majority of the worlds busiest train stations, and other advanced technologies that we in the UK could only dream of... but episode after episode they insist on focusing on Yasuna trying some local food on some amateur tourist train I have so little interest in! Give me what the show was designed to: the inside track into the world's greatest railway!
  17. Those look beautiful! I love the detail on them.
  18. Tramway Kahi 23 (powered) and 53 (unpowered) The 23 is going to be a challenge to put DCC in to.. does anyone know of a guide online?
  19. Cat

    What Track Plan Software Do You Use?

    Ah, good tip. I see that RailModeller has Tomix, so it's tempting. But with what I just paid in shipping for an order from Hobby Search which included a sampling assortment of Tomix track, plus a looming Buyee shipping charge on the horizon, an app purchase can wait til next fiscal month at the earliest. Meanwhile, once the track samples arrive, I'll proceed with traditional analog planning of laying them out and fiddling on the tabletop.
  20. Ooooo so many containers that I don't have yet and still have yet to be made......
  21. cteno4

    Hornby 2020 New Releases

    LOL! Love the video! That chap is great, well done video, a lot of creativity and hard work there. Steam punk wrap, who have thunk it. cheers jeff
  22. Cat

    Hornby 2020 New Releases

    Steampunk, aka VSF — Victorian Science Fiction, is popular for miniatures gaming. A good part of the joy in the genre is kitbashing one's own fun creations. Some of the Hornby kit looks good for folks gaming with 15mm to 20mm figures. I've got some fleets of 6mm (1/285) aeronefs by Brigade Models and a few yet to be built 28mm (1/56-ish) laser cut ones too. About those houses with gears glued on though....
  23. MichiK

    Hornby 2020 New Releases

    Yeah.. that's probably because they are casts of regular models with gears glued on to them! And, came to speak of it, bits of old battleship models... (Anyone for a round of greebly spotting? Pretty surely, there's the notorious Airfix Bismarck on the Thermopile Impulsion Tea Coach and the Dinosaur Hatchery Wagon, and the HMS Hood on Darjeelinc Crate, Hatter Milliner, and Goggle Polisher Wagon - both the 1/600 scale kits. Not sure about the stack top on of Darjeeling Crate: It's probably Airfix's 1/600 Narvik destroyer or the their [also] notorious 1/1200 Bismarck)
  24. Martijn Meerts

    Hornby 2020 New Releases

    I do like steampunk occasionally, but usually the somewhat more extreme things. Many of these things look like regular buildings / rolling stock with gears glued on to them 🙂
  25. martin67

    Hornby 2020 New Releases

    Steampunk anybody? https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/150342-hornby-goes-steampunk-in-2020/ Very curious if it sells or not! Personally I like the idea of building a steampunk layout (although, the space.....) Martin
  26. Sheffie

    Green & Grey

    Completed: front end of the one-sided platform. I added the steps, although you can’t really see them, at the end. I had to rebuild the stop/go light and departure monitor since they were initially intended to be ceiling mounted, but I don’t have enough space for that. Also mounted on a pole sticking out of the platform: the “8 car stop” sign. This sign’s position was exactly calculated; the 6 and 4 car signs will be ceiling mounted and as such may have to compromise on their position.
  27. cteno4

    Sankei Renovation

    I love the Arleen’s tacky glue for papercraft. It’s a thick PVA and sets up quickly. They sell it in a small pen applicator like the tamyia and you can just refil from a larger bottle. jeff
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