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  2. just to say , if you join the Digikeijs@groups.io , like I did , there's all the information on Digikejis and Yamorc . and the latest on Yamorc. Andrew.
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  4. I had derailments on both old and new Pendolinos out of the box. I found out in both occasions that the derailment was due to the coupling system. What happened in my case was when I coupled them the couplers were not fully in place (not properly engaged). I haven't had any derailments since at any speeds. However I still suggest you also follow Jeff's (cteno4) advice and check the track for any issues.
  5. 9er-metal

    Sooo chibi and Kawaii 😍

    Hi everyone, I just recently discovered this amazing world of Japanese 9 gauge. I am totally fascinated with Japanese rail and I'm so impressed with Tomix/Tomytec quality and value. I mean I saved over $180 off MSRP on my first order from Osaka and it arrived in like 3 days so I was very surprised by the super fast service too. They sure do their best over there! Thank you to all the enthusiast in this forum for speaking English because I'm an American so ya know.......I barely speak American. Lol. Ok so always if anyone's interested.....I choose to get started with the JR E235o Yamanote line basic set and I had to have the overhead double track oval set along with the DU101 power unit plus the interior lights and TN close couplers. And the overhead railway station ticket gate and some people looking at their phone. Oh and Tomix latest catalog. Sooo it was a little over $300 USD but man I feel like I got the most impressive basic starter set ever in the history of starter sets! Everything is so freaking smol but highly detailed and surprisingly not fragile. That M13 motor unit is very quiet and smooth so it's a really good realistic representation imo. I have a 2400 mm x 760 mm foldable table to start but can always add a 2nd one creating an corner L shape in my temporary apartment. The semi-permanent layout concept is perfect for my lifestyle. The 1/150 is perfect for my space requirements. So now maybe I can imagined a very interesting home on the yamanote line. And a popular entertainment district called Kitsune-sama City where the "One" will come to pay homage to Sakura Gakuin and ASH on April 1st of every year during the megitsune festival #not a cult. Sorry for the confusing theme as I was referring to a unique J-metal fandom. After all my plan is create a very interesting metalverse with 9mm. I think I may order the Tomix lighted Island station and the Kato tram and road plates set next or maybe the tomytec motorized bus system set. There's just so many beautifully made accessories to choose from that I can't believe Japan's 1/150 scale hobby is so commercialized. I read somewhere that there possibly could be 10 million scale model enthusiasts in Japan so that may explain it. I'm honestly not interested in scratch building anything so I'm super happy Japan is already making practically everything I could want and it's pre painted and easily to assemble with very little glue required. Take my money already is the only thing left for me to say damn it because I'm going deep down this fox hole!!! 🦊😍 Can anyone relate to my new fate? Lol. My name is Tim btw and it's nice to meet all of you. What a wonderful hobby you have!
  6. Very nice @shadowtiger25 I have been eyeing up one of these beauties but probably a bit out of era compared to the rest of my stock. I assume yours is the early, post-war version. I may still succumb to temptation and your photos are obviously not helping resist.
  7. Bigdog

    E233 Kato vs Tomix

    For me I just prefer to buy Kato. Their e233 models are spot on even though they’re a little pricey compared to the Tomix. The tomix models are also pretty good
  8. Bigdog

    What did you run today?

    All I ran today was the e5 and e6 set around and around.
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  10. Of course. They're a Kumamoto small business that I'm pleased to support.
  11. Nikkyosha at all? Near the river tramlines bridge?
  12. shadowtiger25

    Japanese Yen August 2023

    I hate that I don't have the money to drop on the expensive HO brass C62 I've always wanted from tenshodo. Simply because with the low I'd save some on it. But oh well, some dreams will just stay dreams
  13. cteno4

    New painted CNC cut buildings on amazon.jp

    @Burtos be careful with aliexpress on any pre built buildings. I ordered a few of these on ebay and they all came packed pretty well and survived fine. I then ordered one off aliexpress which was shipped with one skinny wrap bit bubble wrap and tossed into a large plastic shipping bag. Of course came through pretty mangled and I was just given like 20% refund or return item but the return process to get a shipping label was not given and aliexpress’s return process is very automated and frustrating, so I would only buy flat, unbuilt Outland type kits from aliexpress. you can find the built kits like the one you referenced at 1:150 on ebay now and then as well and I’ve had a much better luck with damage issues with ebay than with aliexpress. I’ve used aliexpress a lot and had general good luck except for a few wrongly shipped items, a few like the building damaged in shipping, and a few MIA in the post. But dealing with their AI, non human customer support is very frustrating and only simple things like lost in shipping do you get easier solutions for. So my lesson is don’t by fragile or really expensive stuff on aliexpress in case there is trouble. jeff
  14. @Jugderdemidiin Gurragchaa are you doing 180 or 90 degree curves with the super elevated track? We found doing the 90 super elevated curves problematic with some couplers at higher speeds, while they did better with the 180. I think was the rapid transition up and down in a 90 was what wrenched couplers badly. as mentioned make sure all rail heads are flush at the joints, sometimes unijoiners don’t quite hold track perfect and reseating then or pushing on them some can get them all flat. If one just does not want to get clean you can also try flipping around track sections (mind where the problem ends were and see if they persist next to a different piece of track) or try swapping in a new rail joiner. jeff
  15. disturbman

    Kato Unitram 40-210

    It's sold out. You have to wait until Kato decides to produce them again, or be lucky to find some on eBay/Yahoo Japan Auctions.
  16. Burtos

    Kato Unitram 40-210

    Hi All Does anyone know where this item Kato 40-210 is in stock and can post to the UK. Ive gone through all the results google can find many times over many weeks, just wondering if there are some non google results that may come up trumps in finding this item.
  17. Martijn Meerts

    H0e forest railways with H0 branch line

    With the decision made to put the big N-scale layout on hold until I've decided where I want to go with it, I'm hoping to get a bit more active on this project. In the coming days / weeks I will be tearing down 2 sections of the N layout I was working on, and then separate the yard into several sections. The yard will then be stored somewhere out of the way, which will allow me to create some temporary workspace for experimenting with a few things before then getting to work on a track plan. Some of the things I'm planning on working on: Continue with the 2 photo planks I started a long time ago. These will also function as a test for hand laying track Look into printing some detail parts such as fish plates, throw bars and other detail parts for turnouts Prepare and prime the shell of the Hokutan #2 loco, as well as the Kiwa 90 Check the progress / status of the C55, get it to the point where I can test run it, and then work on figuring out the minimum radius Work on the plastic IMON freight car kits, see how I can increase their weight, and how to paint and weather them Work on installing lights (marker lights, interior light) in the Wafu 22000, as well as getting a function decoder installed Look into some detailing for the Hokutan #2, Wafu 22000 and Kiwa 90. They will all need some interior detailing done using a combination of scale wood and printed parts Do a bit of research into various (newer) DCC systems. While I do already have an ECoS, I'm considering getting a system dedicated to the H0 layout and use RailCom for all blocks Slowly start working on various other kits I still have lying around It's going to be a lot of work, and I have no idea how progress will be, but at least I only have 1 scale to focus on now 😄
  18. Burtos

    New painted CNC cut buildings on amazon.jp

    I have ordered this a week ago from AliExpress, so fingers crossed it comes in jus the one piece. There are some really nice buildings on Aliexpress, im just going to wait and see how the quality is on this one before being tempted to buy any more.
  19. SL58654号

    What did you run today? (Worldwide models)

    @ED75-775 Man, I like that BR24. Looks very handsome in grey. That Dutch 🇳🇱 1700 doesn't look bad, either.
  20. ED75-775

    What did you run today? (Worldwide models)

    With the family on holiday in Florida, I suddenly have more opportunities to run trains! I had a few running earlier tonight: From left: - Era II goods train behind my new BR24 - Era IV gondola train behind my very first locomotive, the BR216 - Era V Dutch goods train behind a Class 1700 - not quite the right type, but I don’t recall Märklin offering the general-purpose Class 1600 in recent years. The blue gondola behind the loco came from Popondetta Osaka, and is actually a late 1980s model which doesn’t look too out of place in a 1990s freight if you squint at it right. I finally got around to putting close couplers on it today too! Alastair
  21. My Pendolino (old generation) had no issue navigating KATO Unitrack/Superelevated pieces. I have not yet received the new generation pendolino. Best is to check any issues in the track/doublecheck that you assembled the track correctly.
  22. I recently stopped by my local Kumamoto hobby store to pick up these two handsome blue carriages to complement my steam and diesel JGR/JNR stock, shown here with my Umekoji DE10. They also carry the EF55 @Kamome and the KATO turntable re-release, but that'll wait a while as my layout project takes top priority.
  23. Site now says it's been delayed, with no new estimated release date. However, I did get an e-mail from a store that sells Yamorc products, and they said there would be news soon about the YD7100.
  24. SL58654号

    New layout project: Sakuragi no yu sen

    Well, gentlemen, this plot thickens...literally! I had come home last time with just the baseboard and foam for the track, now today I had arrived home, thanks to my former roommate, with the major supplies for the whole table (sides, legs, side strecthers) itself. Now the plan I have is to plan the wood (Japanese cedar wood) and finely sand it till I'm ready to assemble it, probably with nuts and bolts that I'll purchase during a return trip later. I fortunately kept the excess wood that was cut off to practice using the hand planer with. I want to make this as finely smooth as possible before I put the clear lacquer coat on after its ready to be stood up. Then, the track laying and scenery planning begins! Now my plan is to get this layout built and working by December, when the next 肥薩線again exhibition should be! 😄
  25. Jugderdemidiin Gurragchaa

    What did you order or the post deliver? (Worldwide Models)

    How does your Pendolino handle the Kato superelevated viaduct corners out of curiosity? One of my cars will derail at the end of extra corner on the transition to flat track when pushing at any speed. Unfortunately I'm having some difficulty with Rapido support as they say all of their testing was done with Peco track. I've also tested with Peco track and my train works fine on that so Rapido seems to be pointing towards the issue being the Kato viaducts and that they won't really be able to do much if I send it back for repairs.
  26. So typically Japanese for it to sellout in a few minutes.
  27. Saw that in my Facebook feed yesterday. Looks like everyone watching was having a good time.
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