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  2. disturbman

    Tomytec - New Releases

    These are sold as part of DioColle Combat. The whole thing has a WW2 in Europe feeling.
  3. The abandoned warehouse is somewhat interesting to me, I've seen more than a few abandoned old industrial buildings on Google Maps in Japan but is this level of decay possible or would it be torn down? I come from the Rust Belt in the US so a building like this wasn't really uncommon though usually when they started collapsing they just brought equipment in to tear down the building.
  4. Marc, I hope you'll excuse another annoying question about this. Networking is the aspect of computing that I understand least. There are two reasons for the wifi bridge as I see it. 1. So that you can interact directly with the Z21 (ie when you're setting something up - not just controlling it through Rocrail). 2. So that older non-wifi Raspberry Pi can be controlled through VNC My RasPi has wifi so I can control it through VCN without the wifi bridge. It only needs an ethernet cable to the DR5000. I'm assuming that my DR5000 works the same way
  5. I found some guidance on the beginners RasPi forum and now I have a menu item I just click on it to open iTrain. Now I just need to work out how to get it to run on boot up. A quick search shows lots of results, so this should be doable.
  6. Dia duit! please follow separated topic This becomes too specific for this topic.
  7. This thread is separated from "what did you order or ..." as it is more specific. In short: it is a good purchase (to me!). I love this kind of train and any other option was either brass (too expensive if satisfying or "good old 1970ies style) or plastic kit like NEKO Tetsudo-Hobidas Meitetsu Series 7000 (similar prototype). The NEKO takes a fortune if you have all parts together for a train (shells, operable chassis, motor, lighting). The 4 car train makes approx. 10'000 YEN more than the short ENDO 6 car set. Not to forget the NEKO has to be build and painted. O.K. the 7000
  8. James-SNMB

    My layout as it looks today

    I bought a couple of buildings from them at the beginning of the pandemic, so shipping was protracted, but they disappeared off eBay soon after. I assumed their absence was pandemic related, or they just decided to stop. I had not heard that about scenemodel being banned from eBay! That's shocking stuff. All my dealings with them were totally fine. I have since seen their buildings offered on AliExpress through other sellers, so they might still be active. Thanks for the list of other cityscape modellers. I really like Tyrone's work and regularly check in on YouTube, but haven't he
  9. I love that. Nose-omi will be it's name!
  10. gavino200

    Tom's Creations

    Awesome. I was going to ask you about the aliens!!!
  11. Yes. CA = Cyano Acrylat. For the drawbar I used Pattex gel, right after opening. I once got a bottle of Plastruct Plastic Weld. This made nearly every thing - except the PE and PP stuff. This drawbar did not show any reaction on all what I go here. Small drop on an important place and check what happens after a time. All test could be removed without any trace.
  12. Hey @al camino Im very interested in your recent acquisition, your Odakyu 3100. Would you say it was a good purchase or have you been slightly put off by the build quality? I guess I would have expected that Endo would not allow glueing issues like this that would frost the windows or the fact that you have a broken drawbar. I know it’s a plastic model but it’s Endo after all. I hope they come through for you and can supply you with all the replacement parts you need. It may be the camera not doing the model justice but the body looks very plasticky, almost
  13. BalticRailways

    Baltic railways

    Lithuanian railways freight diesel locomotive M62K-1091 with a track maintenance vehicle MPT-6 between Paneriai - Vilnius stations, Lithuania
  14. Kamome

    Kato HO Kiha 81 detailing project.

    More trials and the Washi tape and green car seating work pretty well. I am still not 100% convinced about the regular seating and the tape, but i will persevere. Again laid quickly to see the effect rather than meticulous lining up at this stage. The 6mm wide tape is a little too wide and the 3mm slightly too narrow. The magic number seems to be 4mm width for the green car seats. A 7mm length gives the right look of length from back of the rest to just below the headrest on the front of the chair.
  15. CA is Sekundenkleber, UHU seems to make a "Blitzschnell Plastik" glue with a pen and Pattex has "Plastix" on offer with glue and a pen.
  16. It’s Tokonami-san’s signature move. He must spend quite some time preparing each package. Nice Nose-omi. That 300 front is somewhat fascinating. Almost looks like a war machine or steam-punk design.
  17. Tom C

    Tom's Creations

    Abducted !!! I had an uneasy feeling this morning as I climbed up into the cab of #3002 for the '275 early mail. Nothing felt right, the controles felt stiff and the fire gave off no heat. I felt a cold chill run down my spine. All week the omens hadn't been good. Three Magpies flying backwards, an old man with a double bend in his walking stick and four consecutive ABBA songs on the radio ! My fears were soon to be born out as a green light settled on the tracks ahead !!! Joe gotted the breaks on pretty sharp and pulled us up short of the silver/green saucer that now strad
  18. So thought I would start documenting some steps for adding additional details to the Kiha 81. The models themselves are superb but do lack some of the finer details seen on HO trains with much larger price tags. There are a wealth of user fitted parts and decals included and this thread won’t be discussing those apart from anything that goes beyond the standard process on completing the regular model. As I have mentioned elsewhere before, the particular consist I have modelled, is the 7 car Tsubasa formation which ran between Ueno and Akita. Kiha 81 - Kiro 80 - Kishi 80 - Kiha
  19. Thanks Jeff Now to find out how this stuff is named here in Germany. Do you have a brand name in US?
  20. Tom C

    Akita Mountain

    @cteno4 Ah yes, wonderful chaps. As much as I like their music, the thought of creating them could not compete with KiKi 😍 I'm happy you've been inspired to hunt out shamisen music. 👍 To share our insperation with others is one of the greatest rewards of modeling/life. I see Akita mountain as a kind of sounding platform for thoughts and discovery 🙂 Work on the model is advancing but nothing worth photographing yet.
  21. cteno4

    Akita Mountain

    Two brothers for ki&ki jeff
  22. In the mid to later 1990s I was traveling frequently to Japan for work. The 300 was the hot ticket on the Tokaido line and was used on the Nozomi service. My boss boss at the time found out there was a Shinkansen faster than we had taken from Tokyo to Nagoya and was intent on taking it back to Tokyo. He got the admin assistant at the company we were visiting to reschedule us from the Hikari to the Nozomi. That was my first time to see and ride the 300. It was definitely different looking than the 100 series that was operated on the Hikari. The Nozomi seemed more exclusive at that time than it
  23. Gents,I assume we re talking about the train here? 🤣🤣🤣👍 With 16 cars it’s still going to look pretty impressive on a layout Gavin👍👍😂
  24. At least no Botox is needed! jeff
  25. The chin and forehead need some work too. I think it's a lost cause.
  26. It does seem like it needs some rhinoplasty… jeff
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