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  2. Always a fun range of minis to paint!
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  4. Yavianice

    Lighting Trains

    Looks great, didn’t know them yet, and they are 40 cts cheaper than my usual go to place for the version without capacitor. The 4.5 euro per bar for the capacitor version is still steep for me, I will stick to cleaning.
  5. Just arrived courtesy of Disturbman 👍😀
  6. Looks like Milano Malpensa airport on an average Sunday...
  7. I don't know if they are using the same internal design or not (I suspect they are). @Sheffie I believe has the 2-DE10 set that this one is part of??? And might be able to show us the internals? However, I suspect in any case you won't find room for a speaker without lots of milling etc in the cast body parts.
  8. MoPac

    Tomix Door layout

    Well, I did go back and flip the design and re did it some. I am currently in the process of my build. I have already got the table, door and foam board assembled. Just waiting for payday to start ordering the track.
  9. MoPac

    So you want to try Tomix FineTrack?

    I came across some older Tomix track online. Does anyone have cross-reference numbers from the older brown ties track I.E. 1001, 1002, 1005, 1006, 1101, 1102, 1103, 1106 to the current track?
  10. I am going to get this DE10 https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10682348. It sounds like the DE10 decoder installation is rather complicated according to http://www.sumidacrossing.org/ModelTrains/ModelTrainDCC/DCCDE10Kato/. I wonder if the newer DE10 has the same challenges or does anyone know if Kato made any changes to the tooling? Is there room for Loksound micro and a speaker or am I asking for too much?
  11. Well yeah, but experiencing it first-hand was mildly disorientating, to say the least. Check-in counters at 5pm on a Friday afternoon: Coincidentally this is now "Terminal 3", not the "International Terminal" any more (though the renaming seems to have taken place in March, too early to be a knee-jerk reaction to the lack of international flights). There were more people up on the roof deck, where you could see planes from a variety of companies ranging from JAL to ANA, with the odd Air Do jet and a single Delta flight.
  12. I've never played, but I did build some 40k Salamanders a while ago: Still a few more to paint, including a Razorback APC which has gained a set of 3d printed heavy flamers for its turret. The Salamanders love fire, hence the meltas on the Land Speeder and bike sidecar.
  13. SuperAzusa

    Lighting Trains

    Apologies if this is already widely known - I think I've stumbled across the OEM for Popondetta's LED strip lighting (both the regular and capacitor-equipped versions) - https://www.hktilc.com/ Significantly cheaper. I've just placed an order for all four lighting colours they do. IF they arrive, I'll throw some comparison shots up here. Website is all in Chinese, however. I'd visit it via Chrome with it's page translation feature.
  14. Tomix now makes its own adapter track. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10429138 https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10429137
  15. Well that's made my Friday, did the first station managed to only overshoot by 5 meters. Getting some good strong PS1 version vibes off it.
  16. Same worldwide. International terminals are near empty.
  17. It’s the power connectors that are different. Adapter track works great, just a tad of height adjustment. But the power connectors are different. jeff
  18. Brains... brains... brains! jeff
  19. For vaguely random reasons I mooched over to Haneda Airport and while the domestic terminal seems kind of quiet-but-normal, the international terminal looks it's about to be used as the set for one of those films where the only people left are the film's protagonists and a bunch of zombies. According to the departures board, the only destinations available are Hanoi and somewhere in the US. Anyway got to go before my brains get eaten.
  20. lukewang01

    Bandai B-Train Shorty

    Just in case anyone wants to build a skyliner type AE 8 car set as well, you're gonna need x4 A set and x3 B set, so you don't make the same mistake I made.
  21. Yesterday
  22. I've been assembling some of the old (at least 1970s) Ratio kits for GWR four wheel coaches: After building one of each of the three kits they offer (and another five compartment third class) I started eyeballing drawings found online. The Ratio brake 3rd is a decent model but it's of a type of coach which wasn't all that common, so I decided to convert one using a spare side from another third to provide the extra compartments. First job, razor saw: After cutting and gluing. Comparing the modified side (two tone thanks to the different colours of raw plastic) with an untouched one to check the overall length: Once happy with one side I repeated the process: The rest of the build followed the instructions, followed by paint: How it currently stands. I need to order new lamp tops for the roof (as the kit ones were in the wrong places for the new build) transfers and some passengers: It isn't 100% accurate as the donor coaches have very slightly different compartment dimensions, comparing their drawing to those of the intended prototype. But it looks right!
  23. Welshbloke

    Your Experiences of Importing into the U.K.

    From experience in the UK a lot depends on how conscientious your local depot's drivers are. Case in point, Yodel have an utterly dire reputation here but we've never had any trouble, same goes for Hermes. We seem to be on the regular route of drivers who want to deliver stuff rather than just claim they couldn't.
  24. cteno4

    Your Experiences of Importing into the U.K.

    That’s my guess is it’s that last bit of regional and local delivery in country that DHL now farms out a lot is the issue. It’s going to depend on who they contracted with. DHL now far exceeds EMS to here in dc generally in the last couple of years. Ems was slowly slipping for me over about the last 5 years, but I only did maybe 5-10 per year. All DHL have been at or before when they said and all like 1-4 days in shipping total. Worst was at the height of covid and one package was stuck at the us hub but I think that was just overload on them when everyone else was shutting down. jeff
  25. chadbag

    Your Experiences of Importing into the U.K.

    I wonder if Mark's DHL issue is an outlier in Australia or something that happens often in Australia. I've had exactly 1 DHL, out of a whole lot, here in the US, get misdirected and take a few extra days to show up. Did Mark get that unfortunate outlier or is Australia more likely to have issues with the local distribution?
  26. cteno4

    Your Experiences of Importing into the U.K.

    Yeah DHL seems to mainly focus on just the international air freight then getting it to destination in country and delivery are farmed out a lot, so bit of that lowest bidder thing could happen. Luckily here in the us they seem to have a good regional distribution for their us hub to most areas and we have excellent delivery here locally in the dc area but I expect we are a big destination for international shipping... out trucks are all DHL branded and uniformed drivers, probably sub contractors but they present as DHL, where as other places it’s just a guy in a car... jeff
  27. Just overshot the platform by 115m on my first go! I don't think much work is going to get done tomorrow!
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