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  2. Martijn Meerts


    Made a little more progress this weekend. This is more or less how far I wanted to get last weekend, but that didn't really work. Didn't get as much done this weekend as I wanted either, but still, there's progress 🙂 Made the initial base for the next section, which will be the first part of the large main station, as well as most of the urban station. This is not the final base, but I needed to build those in order to determine the height, and how to cut the sides since they'll need a profile. It's also quite high right now because the left side closest to the helix actually covers the shinkansen and express line. The height will probably go down by about 10-11 cm from the top. The cutouts to allow the shinkansen, express and local lines to enter and exit the helix, and thus the hidden yard. Top right is the shinkansen and express line, bottom left is the urban line. The next steps are to finish up the helix, and experiment with how the stations are going to fit in. I do have a general track layout, but it's all very much 2D, so doing it in 3D is going to require some experimentation 🙂
  3. I think the discord server/chat option is only visible/open when people have a certain amount of posts, of which Tomoha has too few (I think)
  4. Like many others on this forum, i also often like to take google earth and go look around a few spots of Japan's railways. In one of these "virtual explorations" i've stumbled across JFE Steel's Keihin Works, located on Ogishima Island in Tokyo Bay (just offshore from Kawasaki). I immediately noticed that the steel plant had it's own railway network, wich is fairly standard, as far as these types of heavy industries go, but two things make it stand out: it's not connected to the rest of the railway network, and upon closer inspection, the tracks appear too wide even for 1435mm gauge - let alone 1067mm! I checked with google earth's meter function, wich gave me a 1.7m reading, meaning that these were certainly broad gauge tracks - probably the only ones in Japan! Extremely intrigued by this setup, i set off to find more about the railway, but unexpecedly, i've found almost no information. The network is not listed neither in wikipedia's list of Japanese industrial railways nor there is any mention on the Keihin works' page. The few bits of information i could scavange come from a few blogs and twitter posts. Notably, the railway's gauge is the "Indian" 1676mm, and the services are operated with the peculiar-looking class DL-8000 diesel locomotives. Apparently these were made in 1978 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and have a Bo-Bo wheel arrangment. There should be atleast nine units around, but besides this - nothing more is known about them. Altough there are a few videos around: In these cases, information is hard to come by as for starters, being a steel works access is obiviosly restriced, but not only: the Japanese are very serious about preventing industrial espionage, wich means that tours of the steel works are open only to certain groups (such as shareholders), and photography is forbidden almost evrywhere on the plant's grounds, and in the case of Ogishima island, there isn't even a possible "external" wiewing point as the whole island is property of JFE steel: the only "pubblicly accessible" thing on the island is the Wangan expressway - wich runs on the opposite side of the plant from where the railway is! JFE Steel also has two other "isolated" networks serving it's steel plants: one in Fukuyama and one in Kurashiki. Sources: Twitter posts 1 and 2 Blog report on a shareholders' guided tour
  5. Pauljag900

    Just For Fun Unitram

    Fitted lights to the car park area and built a few of the Outland buildings,
  6. railsquid


    I got to the point where completing the container yard required more thought power than I had available, so have turned my attention to the rear of the layout where various gaps need filling in. Some of which have already been completed (there were some annoying noticeable gaps between some of the scenic sections), others still work-in-progress (the white-ish bits next to the line running through the centre of the photo). rear-embankment-2020-10-25_01 by Rail Squid, on Flickr
  7. Hello, just trying to invite people to mine.
  8. We already have a forum discord, click the "Chat" tab on top of the screen
  9. Hi, it is Kaisoku Kyuko.
  10. Tonytramman

    Kato Unitram City Layout

    ... so, I think I need to move the controls over and thus creating a larger scenic area.. just got to hide all that spaghetti..
  11. And our fav Tetsu-mama rides the train and reports!
  12. Today we head eastwards with some new arrivals from Hokkaido [*] Brawa BR118 (V180) 118 201-3 by Rail Squid, on Flickr Kuehn P-Wagen Set (DR grün) by Rail Squid, on Flickr [*] well that was where the shop is based I bought them from
  13. Yesterday
  14. Its quite cold here now actually! Dropped to 68F today, we'll have to start getting out the heavy blankets! 😁
  15. A 3d print replica of a Sabre tank hunter happened: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGpH5a3h7lU/?igshid=1mrvg1pvs7on2 Found the files on Thingiverse so decided to have a go at making one. From what I can work out this was a conversion project covered in White Dwarf magazine circa 1989, involving a Rhino kit and presumably other oddments in the days when GW were quite happy for you to scratchbuild and kitbash. There are also parts files for other MK1 Rhino based vehicles like a Vindicator, Whirlwind and Razorback, so I've ordered some green PLA with a view to making myself a full set over time. I will still paint them but if you start with roughly the right shade of green you don't need as many coats. I did try a Predator a while ago but the plastic I used was horrible, and the result looks corrugated. I'll see if I can do anything for it with more sanding and filing followed by a good coat of paint. I even went as far as making brass tube pivots for the sponson guns and turret.
  16. Kamome442


    Time to make some restaurants! To be honest, I have been trying to avoid this for sometime now however they need to be in place before I can fix the bridges down. The good news, it is half term in the UK so I have a week off teaching to get this done. This is what I am working on right now, it is below the second bridge for the Shinkansen tracks. As there are so many signs, billboards and awnings, it can be quite difficult to work out the basic structure of each building. I always start with basic shapes, taking a cube stretching it, altering it until it looks about right. I then add another cube at a time making tweaks and adjustments as I go. Once I have the basic shape I then slowly build up details, checking against reference photos and I use a cylinder scaled to the height of a person that I can move around the scene to get a better idea of how it will look in real life. I try to find objects in photographs that will help to align finer details, for this building the ribs on the bridge were a good reference point for lining up windows and doors. The next step is to finish the bridge support (highlighted in the picture below), it is partially inside the building so will probably not be very accurate. I made the basic structure from the parts that I could see in pictures, the rest will be made up using other supports nearby as a guide. To the left there is an ally filled with more restaurants, I normally wouldn't bother modelling this as it will never be visible. In this case I will roughly model a small section that will clip on the corner of the wooden arches as this will help ensure the bridge support is located precisely. The basic shell will be 3D printed, windows, doors, signs etc will be made up in styrene. The majority of this building is facing away from the viewing side so I don't want to spend too much time detailing. Still, nice to know it's there. There are a few bits still to finish up so as long as it all goes to plan I should get this building printed on Monday, while I am drawing up the other buildings that live under the bridges. Joe
  17. ok i have sent out the meeting link pm to all those that have expressed interest. anyone who didnt get it and wants it please pm me so i can make sure you are on the distribution list. its now set as a recurring meeting so the same link should work for the next few months here on every other sunday. again if anyone wants to try one on an alternative time yell and i can schedule it in zoom and then you can be in charge of getting out the link to those who want to participate. since this is a publicly accessible forum we cant post the link publically here or will get bombed likely... Im happy to facilitate with my zoom account just dont want to get into doing all the distro work for a bunch of them myself. jeff
  18. kevsmiththai

    Back in gauge 1 for a while

    Also found in the loft were a quantity of Playmobile motor bogies. Our local model shop had a way of getting these on their own rather than buying a full playmobile set. I think we used to pay about £22 for them and they were ideal for putting under Sentinel shunters and Great Eastern tram engine they are fetching £99 on ebay now! So I'm tempted to do another couple of Sentinels. These were vertical boilered shunting engines with a gear drive off the vertical steam engine and a chain drive to the wheels this is the one I made for Mark Packham with the Playmobile chassis fitted with scale wheels. You can see the vertical boiler in the cab my dad only ever managed to photograph one more soon
  19. Tonytramman

    Just For Fun Unitram

    Looking good Paul, really pushing it along there mate
  20. kevsmiththai

    Back in gauge 1 for a while

    So I've been rooting through the loft to see what else is lurking from my gauge 1 heyday and found two Aristocraft motor gearboxes from way back. A friend had bought these with madcap idea for me to build something for him, Cannot remember what it was but they have been out of sight and mind ever since. originally they were designed to go under Aristocrafts Rogers 2-4-2 but the moulded in spring and splasher meant that I overlooked them as a source of motive power. They are very heavy and have an axle end with flats to suit the Aristocraft wheeels. Taking one apart showed the reason they are so heavy! Two big weights So I set too and removed the splasher and spring from each side Axle will need replacing. It is just under 6mm diameter so I'll have to turn some 1/4" silver steel down and press the worm gear off. Just need to decide what loco to build to use them. It will have to be a fairly big boiler/firebox one as the motor will sit quite high More soon Kev
  21. The usual every other Sunday chat will be Sunday oct 25 at 15:00 UTC (11am est, 8am pst). Anyone interested pm me and I’ll add you to the zoom link pm. anyone want to set up another one for Asia/Europe or Asia/americas? Propose times and once settled on one I can set up a meeting. jeff
  22. Pauljag900

    Just For Fun Unitram

    This week I recieved a lot of stuff I ve been waiting for and this morning the Outland buildings arrived,all 21 of them👍😀 so today I finished off the car park area,I re covered the top with a tile effect card to add some intrest and colour,this will have a fancy white railing around when it arrives.Tomorrow I ll fit some lights underneath to illuminate the car park and road. I then drilled and glued all the lights and flipped it to wire them in. Next job will be to do the car park raised area by adding lights underneath and signs around the edges. Also added some signs and traffic lights. I just know Sammy is going to crucify me over these cars but they are only for filling up the car parks😂😂👍 sorry buddy😂😂
  23. cteno4

    What did you do on your layout today? (N scale)

    Nice lighting! Makes a difference even in daylight as most buildings are lit during the day and not dark inside. Also helps pop the interior detail during the day. 6v leds? Do these already have a resistor on them? Most white leds are 3.4-3.6v range, not heard of one at 6v. or were you wiring them to 6v? Also might look at these little variable resistors as they will let you set each led to the desired brightness. https://www.ebay.com/itm/20pcs-RM065-RM-065-Trimpot-Trimmer-Potentiometer-Variable-Resistor-HICA-nh3YYY/333752520295?hash=item4db5334e67:g:0QoAAOSwXq5ZqRgt you just wire these in series with your main max load resistor (ie like a 100R for a 3.5v running on 5v power or 442R for 12v supply) so when the variable resistor is at 0 you won’t blow your led with the all the voltage of your supply. You can also do 2 or 3 leds in series with a single resistor and variable resistor to tune them all at once. You can also slap a 2k variable resistor on a single 3 led strip to dim it as well. In many place Turning the leds way down gives a much better effect. Also look for this kind of 30g wrapping wire. It’s very small and tough and is big enough for led current. Also it’s tinned stranded wire so it solders faster and easier than regular stranded wire and way less breaking of fine strands. also means you can bend it around sharp corners w.o fear of breaking strands in finer wires. Big thing is it’s the cheapest wire per lenght you can get by far (305m for about ten bucks) and wire has gotten expensive! Makes life much easier wiring buildings. You can even glue it down to exterior walls and it looks like Exposed electrical conduit. https://www.ebay.com/itm/305M-1000ft-30AWG-0-5mm-Electrical-Wire-Single-Core-OK-Line-Airline-Copper-Wire/353154331197?hash=item5239a3723d:g:occAAOSwGM5dQEyW Or 125’ of each color https://www.ebay.com/itm/305M-30AWG-0-25mm-Tin-Plated-Copper-Wire-Wrapping-8-Wire-Colored-Test-Cable-Reel/263403509642?hash=item3d5412978a:g:yPQAAOSwi8xaTDw1 Cheers jeff
  24. Yeah snow sucks! From a transplanted coastal Californian... jeff
  25. Vectorer

    Ballast Kato Viaduct

    Thanks all. And by the way Kiha66 .... Sunny Cali? I'm jealous in Snowy Canada!
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