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  2. ianlaw

    How did you improve your rolling stock?

    I just wondered if anyone has replaced the standard couplers of the kato 0-series Shinkansen with kato 11-702 knuckle couplings. It looks like this would reduce the spacing between the carriages by 2-3mm which is approx the remaining space in the minimum curve... Did it work and was the improvement in the appearance worth the effort.
  3. ianlaw

    My second Japanese layout

    Guilty pleasure as for the first time I had the conventional and the shinkansen track (finally) up and running at the same time and could watch the trains cruising along... Hope these pics don't bore you. They give a good impression of this part of the layout. You will notice I still need to make a section of backscene. I found the backscene I used along the viaduct on internet many years ago. The backscene behind the river I shot specifically to use here when I was in Japan. I then stretched it to fit the size of the river and also matched the colour of the water to the photo.
  4. ianlaw

    On My Workbench

    I'd be very happy with this result.
  5. Tom C


    That second photo has a lovely depth to it that I'm rather enjoying 🤗
  6. railsquid


    Some random progress: [ container-yard-2021-08-13_01 by Rail Squid, on Flickr]] resort-area-2021-07-25_03 by Rail Squid, on Flickr resort-area-2021-07-25_05 by Rail Squid, on Flickr
  7. I was tidying up recently and came across some camcorder tapes from ca. 2004:
  8. railsquid

    What's in your roster (Worldwide Models)

    Having bought this: TomyTec Y001 "Cow Train" by Rail Squid, on Flickr I had to buy this: Atlas GP9 "Port of Tillamook Bay" 101 by Rail Squid, on Flickr Moo(k).
  9. Oh yes, some excellent stuff there.
  10. railsquid

    What did you do on your layout today? (N scale)

    I have created a double-track junction off a curved section: knotmore-street-shelf-2021-09-18_08 by Rail Squid, on Flickr which has resulted in some 101 series action:
  11. marknewton

    On My Workbench

    When I'm adding the cab destination signs to the KiHa58s I cut them oversize, stick them to the plastic block, then use that as a guide to trim them to the finished size. Probably easier to make a short video to show what I mean. I'll try that tomorrow. Tonight I experimented with some "cheap and cheerful" weathering on my OneMile SeRa1 hopper wagons. I want them to look grubby and well used, but I don't want to devote hours of painstaking work to achieve that, as they'll only ever be seen in passing. So I used the Tamiya weathering powders on one wagon as a trial. I used the three
  12. Another Chuo Line 201 series I found while tidying up: Kato 201 series (Chuo Line) by Rail Squid, on Flickr (The amount of stuff I find while tidying up is reaching alarming levels).
  13. It was still there as of last week. I posted a thread with pictures on it a few years ago: but sadly the pictures seem to have fallen victim to forum software upgrades, or something.
  14. Modellbahn JP

    My photo and videos 1970s~2000s

    DD51 and Old timer coaches local train at Shimonoseki in 1979 Mail and Baggage car is SuYuNi 50
  15. Worship

    Hi Everyone!!!

    Yea I kind of left out that specific part in my first post lol ..I've just found that most of the products from other companies, like structures and scenery, are stuck in an older time period like from the 50s to 70s.. and while those are really nice eras to explore, I prefer the more modern look which is what I've found with many of these Japanese brands. It's mostly about aesthetics for me, I like the bright signage and billboards, the clean and modern architecture, the style of vehicles, and being able to add traditional style structures into the mix, etc.
  16. That's really an interresting way of funding a public transport system. Being involved, not only thru your local or national tax is a good approach.
  17. JR East

    Hi Everyone!!!

    Just my own position, I'm here mainly about Japanese trains. For French ones there are many French-speaking forums. I went to Japan something like 10 times and I really do appreciate Japanese trains : clean, on-time, outstanding network (basically, wherever you're in Japan, you're not far awat from a station), innovative, convenient, etc ... JM
  18. Stephen NZ

    Snowplow for Kato C11 2002 and a Hokkaido C50 question

    I’ve looked at the attachment and I think it has a good chance of working. Thanks very much for the idea.
  19. Just saw the show tonight. I really enjoyed it. Hope Ryo is okay - that was the most conservative outfit I have seen him wear. As always, I am impressed by the local commitment to railways and to community and the general enthusiasm for the Shinano Railway. Another railway I would like to ride .... Ciao, Tony Galiani
  20. Yesterday
  21. HankyuDentetsu

    new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal

    The latest episode about Shinano Railway is a good one. The funding mechanism used to pay for the new rolling stock and keep the railway afloat is interesting. The crowd-funding model that the railway offered to the general public is really interesting and extremely soft - as an investor you can't lose, only gain.... although the gains are so small it seems more similar to loaning them money with a low interest rate attached. Regardless, you wouldn't be investing for a return, you'd be doing it to keep the company alive, so I'm still impressed by how they've done this. I will say t
  22. gavino200

    My top 5 favourite Japanese trains

    Couldn't agree more. Station to station with the Dave. I believe he rode the Trans-Siberian railway back in his Ziggy days. Great selection of trains btw.
  23. HankyuDentetsu

    My photo and videos 1970s~2000s

    Absolutely outstanding shots of such an iconic machine. Thank you for sharing these photos!
  24. HankyuDentetsu

    My top 5 favourite Japanese trains

    I'll come at it from the DMU/EMU side of things then, as I've no working knowledge of Japanese locomotive models (sorry!!) A lot of my choices will seem very "normie" / beige / safe / bland, but here we go anyway! No tourist trains in this selection; might do that next. 1. KiHa 40 Series (Hokkaido colours of course) - needs no introduction. The KiHa 40 wasn't the gateway into my Japanese train obsession, but quickly became my favourite - it's an icon, always will be https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:JNR_40_series_DMU_017.JPG 2. Hanky
  25. Got a delayed package from AmiAmi today, the new Rhätische Bahn stuff is finally here. Both the loco in Unesco livery and the new baggage car are very nice, I'm looking forward to trying to run them. They got a place in caskets with other RhB stuff. Also got both sets of Rhätische Bahn EW I cars. The expansion set that comes with the casket includes a sticker set for it that hides all the "additional set" texts, it's nice, too bad it was not part of the Bernina casket as well. As I already have two EW I cars from the Hakone Tozan set, I got a Casco ureth
  26. I'm loving your posts and commentary. Keep up the good work 👍😊
  27. Tom C

    Hi Everyone!!!

    Hello and welcome. Can I ask, is there anything special about Japanese trains or Japan that interests you or are you here randomly ? Nosey me 😊 I'm just curious because Japanese trains don't grab me but modeling the culture does. I think I'm a bit of a loner on this forum in this respect !! Happy modeling and I hope you enjoy the forum.
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