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  2. Hi, Actually you can get from volks (which own the zokei mura brand) online store, by checking the shopping guide they support international shipping and the 26 is still in stock. Enjoy! 26 item page https://hobby.ec.volks.co.jp/item/4518992503202.html shopping guide https://hobby.ec.volks.co.jp/ext/guide_shipment.html
  3. SL58654号

    New layout project: Sakuragi no yu sen

    To add to the sturdiness as well as reduce stress on the wooden dowels (which are the only things holding the control panel built, admittedly rather anomalously, out of solid wood beam stock) I bought these iron angles that I plan on attaching underneath via screws so that any weight from leaning on the control panel won't come to any detriment of the structural integrity of my layout table. After all, I want this whole thing to be built to last. Afterward, it's finally time to make serious progress on the landscaping.
  4. I just noticed my new greemax 50745 Kintetsu Series 19200 Sightseeing Limited Express `Aoniyoshi` did not have any mention of the tn couplers to use even though it looks like the proper mounting holes are there. But I do seem to remember earlier gm sets having the recommended tn couplers in the instructions. jeff
  5. Really? What the model number?
  6. NovaNexus

    Upcoming Asian Adventure

    Thanks for the detailed info on Seoul. The museums, especially the National Folk Museum and War Memorial of Korea, sound interesting. Starfield library's popularity is understandable despite the crowds, given its iconic appeal. Gyeongju's historical sites seem like a must-visit. I'll definitely try tteokbokki, japchae, and ganjang gejang. Toyoko Inn Seoul Dongdaemun No. 1 seems like a convenient choice, despite the lift issue at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park station's exit 4. Using the KoreaTravel subreddit for research sounds promising. Thanks for the invaluable insights as I plan my trip!
  7. great idea Grant. I have purchased a couple of modules of station area that Scott in Christchurch built a few years back, which i am planning to integrate into my 8 x 4 city layout with extra straight modules to connect them and provide a decent run. No reason why you couldn't build curved modules for home connection to straight modules and simply take the straight modules for show display. My only problem is getting the Christchurch modules which is going to involve a road trip at some stage. At least I can stop with relatives in Blenheim on the way down and back.
  8. Did I also see an Alfa Sud in there? Amazing! Great layout.👍
  9. There are no option in the instruction booklet for body mount options.
  10. Yesterday
  11. After showing my current layout a couple of months ago, and seeing how people responded to various aspects of the layout, and the practicalities of moving and displaying a layout, I have radically changed direction. I am thinking about two options. a) A long (5-6m?) sectional layout to show Shinkansens going full speed through a rural/peri-urban environment with a double track local line with station running beneath it, e.g., something you might see between Nagoya and Kyoto on the Tokaido line. b) An urban Shinkansen/local/metro scene within Tokyo where the Shinkansens are not yet running at full speed. The is would have tall buildings and a lot of inner city detail. Maybe 4m long in one section. Think of the are between Shimbashi Station and Hamamatsucho Station. Both would have fiddle yards on the back side of the layout and control from there too.
  12. Exciting. I am following you in September. Have fun.
  13. Just five sleeps to go. I'll be in Tokyo for a month, basically taking a small backpack, laptop, one change of clothes (don't worry, I plan to buy more once there), travel guitar, camera, JR pass (anyone in Japan want to meet up for coffee/beer/sake?), credit card, and no wife (she has been gracious enough to let me travel alone). I plan to write in the mornings, and then explore after 2pm. Much excitement. 🙃
  14. HankyuDentetsu

    New NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal

    Absolute banger of an episode. I've really been struggling with the show recently but I enjoyed every minute of this one. If only they'd drop the government mouthpiece/tourist-centric focus and just focus on what makes Japanese public transport absolutely untouchable!! They used to, so we all know that they know how to do it. -Edit - sorry edited to say that "banger" in this case is a good thing, in case it's interpreted otherwise!!
  15. VentureForth

    Tomix Station

    Got my Tomix station from Hobby Search this past month. I wish they would make the decals precut!! They are a pain in the REAR to cut well. Finished one. Need to finish a second center section and order a third. Looks like a half-Shinkansen needs at least two more center sections (from the default set, one more than I currently have).
  16. Whatever option is listed in the instruction booklet to use.
  17. The train companies don’t do a lot at the festival anymore. Unfortunately with the headquarters change from NYC to LA, JR East does not have a tent. Jr Central had a table in the big tourism tent, but little in the way of presentation other than a head car model of a 700s.and no mag lev demonstration. Gone are the great days of our tent being flanked by JR East and JR Central tents! We always joked we’re the neutral zone. JR East was always so wonderful to us. jeff
  18. @cteno4 did any JR companies have booths this year? It's been quite a few years since I came down for this event but I recall speaking with American and Japanese employees of JR East, iirc. Was there a JR Central booth as well?
  19. cteno4

    Neon Noir Designs

    I will temper my above comment that we do a lot of details off scale to see them at any distance and make them look right to the viewer. Since we usually look at model scenes at least a foot and usually 2 feet or more, we are at like 150’-300’ scale feet away. At these distances are visual memory is very different than it is in our normal interactions with our environment at a few feet to a few dozen feet so our expectations on details we see and how we see them will change. Our field of view also gets way messed up when viewing a model and thus warps how we see details in the model compared to our visual memories of looking at the real world. We hold a vast data set of visual memories of then real world around us to help us to quickly process our visual input and to calculate faster what we are going to do physically to interact with that world. I’ve used this example a lot of sidewalk height. They should be 1mm high at the very most to ne at scale. But when you look at 1mm model sidewalks at a couple of feet away our mind says something is wrong as the vertical height disappears. Make the sidewalk 2mm high and then it looks right at a distance, but now the sidewalks are practically knee high to walkers and wrong up close. It’s always a bit of a tradeoff. This is because we have tons of very strong visual memory of sidewalks up close with us having to navigate them on foot and in cars all the time. Also up close in real life we look at them sideways so see the visual height much more side on, but when looking at a model scene we are almost always looking at the scene from a height as well as a distance so the at an oblique angle to the side of the sidewalk so its height is diminished visually. Also we usually don’t look or interact with a real life scene at greater distances of like 100m so we just don’t register these oddities, but when looking at a model we switch our brains into examining the scene and thus accentuating these oddities that our brain usually ignores as we may only interact with a distant scene looking for a particular thing like a shop or other specific thing and again our minds then ignore the details looking for a specific thing. some of this can be be helped with coloration and contrasts to help visual details stand out a bit more at distance so when you study a model scene at a foot or two and thus help get us deal with seeing the things our visual memory is now expecting to see (but in real life at those distance we would not see much but just don’t remember those distance views much at all. textures definitely fall into this category as at scale they are so minuscule they would not be visually discernible. Sand for instance is a really tough one and one that has that odd visual close memory attached. Even ver corse sand in real life you can see the grains past a few feet away and it’s actually a blob of color with just a bit of texture and maybe color texture as well. At scale and at a bit of distance all that would be gone and it would be a pretty much uniform surface texture. But do a beach scene like that and our minds eye says tilt! But put down the finest sand you can find and our minds eye says “yes beach!” but up close you see the sun bathers are saying on a gravel beach! In this case if the manhole covers I’m thinking a lot can be done with the printing to accentuate the details than you could ever do with a decal on top of a etched cover, I think the two are just going to fight too much and then look wrong. At 6mm across max I doubt decal softener will end up giving any real texture to the surface of the decal from the etches in the cover below. I worry even applying a decal to a road will make the decal stick up too much, but dull coat layer may fare it in well. years ago I printed a bunch of streets for my street car 25mm Ttrak modules. I was inspired by one of the forum members (I think in England) doing a terminus street scene for a small show layout and they had great success printing out their streets and adding tons of details, even tire and oil stains. My first round was simple and had a second round I started with with more detail, but never finished it, but I was amazed what could be done to accentuate details to get over the above dilemmas, just took a lot of experimenting. Road texture is another thing that is not 3D at scale at all by scale, but we again have a visual experience and expectations for it being there even at a distance and printed textures can help bridge this. i find this fascinating that what we think we see and how we see it not perfect reality! This is one of the aspects I love to play with in modeling to mess with the viewer’s visual memory to your advantage and try to make them see things not really there. cheers jeff
  20. That's it. For decades there was no model of a Dyane in HO, just a few 2CV's. Now there*s a second one from Brekina, too. Martin
  21. Ouahou .... A Citroën Dyane Fun to see that in a layout !
  22. Long time now, but this layout still exists, even if it's retired from exhibition service. Today I found out that somebody got rid of his old car on my layout..... The model is not my own work, unfortunately, the Dutch company Artitec sold it as it is in their RIP-series. Have to try something like this with one of my Herpa models, maybe. Cheers, Martin
  23. The past few months I was into american O-gauge, good fun to play with. But then there was a 1999.co.jp newsletter, which made me think about building a small japanese HO display (unfortunately, there's no space for a full layout left). Need a drink? 1/83 vending machine This is amazing! I ordered the Coca Colo (note the wrong spelling), the Asaki (wrong spelling, too), a refrigerated showcase, a restaurant display with plastic dishes and a matching restaurant building. A few things are already on the way, the venidng machines will take another few weeks. Martin
  24. Hi all, the above Shinkansen is from Playart in Hongkong and sort of a Lima clone. Lima made the 0-Type in its first version with big windows, while Playart produce a later model with small windows. As far as I remember, the bodies of both can be swapped. Lima used their pancake motor, while the Playart train had a cheap can motor of chinese origin. Model Power imported lots of stuff from playart in the 70's and well into the 90's (not sure when it ended, maybe when Playart dissapeared). The Shinkansen was one of those models, mor common in Model Power boxes are the Amtrak and Santa Fe War Bonnet versions. Playart sold this train under its own name, too. As for the price, 40 - 60 US$ for a L/N 4-car train should be ok, I think. Note that the white parts of the train are unpainted and may have a tendency to yellow over the time. At least the Lima trains are almost impossible to find with pristine white carbodies. When checking the train, open the box and take it out, sometimes the box window foil has yellowed and shows the model in a wrong colour. Have a good one, Martin
  25. I had these couplers on hand and wanted a challenge since there was no clearly documented way to assemble the TOMIX 0381/0382. I'm curious which body mounted coupler option would you have used?
  26. Why this option versus the body mount option?
  27. Kamome442

    Neon Noir Designs

    That is fair @cteno4 you are absolutely right. I will have a go at a sheet of printable manhole covers on proper transfer paper and post photos of the results. If they are any good I will have a go at making an A4 sheet to download. I like the idea of not having to faff around sending off test etches and waiting weeks to find out if worked 😆
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