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  2. Thanks Ya. I just ordered a TEE from Modellbahn-Kramm, and reserved an ICE-T from Modellbahn-Lippe. I'm excited about the T and seem to be cured of my longing to buy an Arnold ICE 3.
  3. Stumbled upon these funky research containers. https://userdisk.webry.biglobe.ne.jp/004/982/39/N000/000/013/144771015896085333179_DS15111619.jpg Anybody knows what's their purpose? "Research Cabin" somehow sounds very Japanese. Only info I could find is that it was "developed to carry out running tests of the M250 ‘Super Rail Cargo’ freight EMU". Which doesn't really say anything.
  4. If you're going to model that desert Caddy, then the "exotic high-gloss plastic" will be for naught. Oh well... 😟 Rich K.
  5. Are these long Tomix trains with 2 powered cars, or just a shorter train with 1 power car? Rich K.
  6. If you want to get the TEE, perhaps it’s an idea to reserve it since they seem to sell out like hotcakes. If you can’t seem to get one, then you should keep an eye on stores that don’t do reservations such as DM-Toys.
  7. Thanks. There's a good solution for that issue. I found a company called "Mygermany.com". They give you a German address. You can have stuff sent to them. Then, when you're ready they can consolidate everything and send it to you in one parcel. It's pretty good. Most of the big Germany train stores will ship to the US. The only reason to use a US importer is to lower the shipping costs. But I'll have to do the math on this again and see if it's really any better.
  8. Hoki 1100s for example have a far bit of extra gear over the Hoki 800. But it is all those stainless steel boxes that are big extras on these 196s. The remote control gear explanation makes sense.
  9. If you (or anyone else) need any help with shipping from Germany (e.g. seller won’t ship international) just hit me up, I‘m sure I can help 🙂
  10. bobbodaclown

    new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal

    Yep, would be difficult in the current environment.
  11. Struggling for episode ideas. Better go check if I have watched the last few episodes.
  12. bobbodaclown

    new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal

    New Episode! Keeping Commuters Safe during the Pandemic January 29, 2021 The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people live and work. While many people are now working from home, many others are still commuting to work. Because of this, several companies have begun working on solutions to reduce crowding during rush hours. Keio Corporation and Tobu Railway have both begun working on reservation systems, while JR East has developed an app to check train congestion. Train companies are also considering changing fares during peak and off-peak times to ensure passenger safety and peace of mind in these challenging times.
  13. I think I'll get the ICE-T and the TEE. I also like those blue schnellzugwagen on page 16, and the steam engine on page 10. I need to find another US importer or just buy from Germany. I've been using eurolokshop.com but their website is so clumsy and old fashioned it's really difficult to track purchases there.
  14. Clearer pictures: https://train-fan.com/jre-hoki-rollout/#toc3 And the wikipedia page for the HoKi 800 for comparison: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/国鉄ホキ800形貨車 Have been looking around Japanese railfans conversations. Lots of questions about the nomenclature of those hoppers. I haven't found an explanation for the "generator box" yet. Part of the equipment on the other side of the hopper is apparently for remote controlling the release of the ballast from the GV-E197. The train fan article also speaks about it: "JR East / Niigata Transys has obtained a patent for remote control related to ballast spraying in the past, and it can be inferred that it is used in this vehicle. We are waiting for more detailed information in the future."
  15. another link https://fuchs-online.com/overlandmail/articles/Overland_Mail_The_Cadillac_Versus_The_Camel.pdf fascinating always nice when you find something you never, ever, knew about Kev
  16. Surge tanks for brakes. Control systems for pneumatic gear for hopper covers and dropper covers. But dont know what the other 17 things would be for. haha
  17. I didn’t remember your exact issue, and I’ve no expertise in electronics. I thought that, if the issue is related to the PWM of the controller, the filter could maybe help resolve it. It was just a thought.
  18. They might be generators. The hoppers are classified as GV, which is why I’m thinking they might be motorized. These are big. GV is for diesel electrics.
  19. I understand that @disturbman, but my issue was different from his issue, as my KATO trains would still run normally at slow speeds, they would just fall asleep after a while. I guess @Mutley could give it a try, were it not that the KATO 22-092 PWM filter has long been sold out on the "regular" sources and is not scheduled for reproduction afaik.
  20. @Yavianice, was wondering if it could help resolve @Mutley’s issue. @cteno4, as noted up thread, it’s most likely an issue with the PWM of the controller.
  21. Got the Cadillac kit out. Box says 1990 and notice it features 'Exotic High Gloss plastic' Wow! There is a lot of flash and a couple of pieces had cracked but the rubber tyres are still O.K Its huge when stood at the side of anything else but it is 1/32nd it's just that the prototype must have been a big beast in real life. Looking at how it was moulded it didn't look very promising for conversion. I went into the Rolls Royce folder to see if that was a possibilty when I spotted this, Surely, not? it is, its a Caddy in the desert. used on the Desert Overland mail service in the 1920s A bit of digging found a fascinating article about these and the buses that replaced them http://vcc.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/BW-20-Dec-1959_low.pdf So that's settled. not in the First World War but very interesting. and look at all those mail bags really am going to have to do the 1920s pattern Rolls Royce armoured car now More soon Kev
  22. Really interesting train! I’d love a model of it! come on micro ace! My first thought was those were generators on the hopper ends, but not sure. Big vertical cabinet looks like an heavy electrical box. Canisters, maybe fuel, air, herbicide? jeff
  23. I was a bit surprised I couldn't find anything about this group posted before anywhere on this forum. Cute Japanese girls singing about trains in a museum full of beautiful trains. Everyone ought to like this, right? Most of their music videos (PV) they did some years ago. I guess they don't have much of a budget as presumable their fans spend too much money on model trains instead of spending it all on their favourite idols like normal idol fans do. 🤔 There are a lot more trains than music on their Youtube channel. The video below is a full lenght concert in April when two members graduated (quit) the group. You'll notice that their intro is very... thematic. There are actually two branches of the group. There's a "Tokyo Station" and an "Osaka Station".
  24. Minitrix has their new items for 2021 in a new catalogue. Some of the interesting things are: EC Venezia sleepers SNCF Croisiere sleeper set DB V80 locomotive with appropriate Red Bamberg cars
  25. Any idea what the various boxes and canisters on the platforms of the hoppers contain? Test equipments or are the hoppers motorized? I never seen so much equipment on a freight car. The hoppers are also much longer than they need to be.
  26. Now the weather has been rotten for weeks now and on a couple of occasions I've had to tell Brooklyn it is just not fit to go out. everywhere seems to be a quagmire I'd sen a video on youtube done by a local that was primarily about a whale carcass that had washed up on West Shore. On the way to find the whale he filmed what looked like the remnants of a complete gun battery so that was our next target Approcahing the area known as Hipsford Scar the conditions underfoot on the shore were really slippy and I kept warning him to watch his step. Guess what? I ended up slipping over and landing on my hands and knees in something similar to sloppy wet concrete! My phone and the camcorder fell out of my pocket into it but I had the reactions to keep the Canon EOS up and away from the gloop. I was not in a good mood. But as I recovered my composure there they were Coastal erosion is bad round here. The dark dot, top left, is mud on the lens filter During the war these would have been on a bank about 3 metres high climbing the bakn we found this in quite good nick The studs for the gunmount are still in the concrete base more soon Kev
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