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  2. Jimbo

    Crazy Auctions / Prices Thread

    yes ebay is out of control on pricing!! or its a "rare" item an you see two more of them on the next page at a normal price
  3. Martijn Meerts

    9600 warning paint scheme

    Can't remember if the entire tender has the zebra stripes, but I do have a MicroAce 9600 with that warning paint. I should have a photo of it somewhere, in my old phone's gallery ...
  4. baggage/generator car end light has gone out, yes I've cleaned everything, it went out came back on an then flickered a couple of times then died,??
  5. Martijn Meerts

    Chadbag's House Construction

    That's a really big Sankei kit o.O
  6. cteno4

    Amtrak California Zephyr: Emeryville to Denver

    Ugh torture! The dining car is now open for seating and tonight we have a tender fillet minion with roasted garlic potatoes and an artichoke salad, but those in coach it’s a microwaved angus burger in the club car… I use to do a lot of trips from DC to Philly and nyc and are club car food a lot and it was always editable and easy. But the dining cars always surprised me with their food and price was not horrid for being a very captive diner in a restaurant that was hard to stock and expensive to run. jeff
  7. Hi! I am new to this forum. I recently came across a few Japanese metal freight cars. All of them have Japanese characters on the sides, and they have sliding doors. I am wondering who manufactured these pieces. They are all in good condition. Thank you!
  8. Today
  9. kevsmiththai

    Indoctrinating children

    We've done a few Cumbrian and Lancashire railways this year but the highlight for Brooklyn was driving a full size railway locomotive for the first time. The Eden valley railway is a very short line high in the hills and was part of the North Eastern railway's transpennine line They were doing 'drive for a fiver' day. The loco was their Fowler 0-4-0DM and he was very, very good indeed With is passed driver's certificate Don't think his younger is going to follow in his footsteps Kev
  10. serotta1972

    Amtrak California Zephyr: Emeryville to Denver

    I even shared with my traveling buddies the menu ahead of time only to find out that we were relegated to the Cafe car food which is basically American 7/11 food. It sucked too hearing the announcements that the dining room was open and at the end of the announcement - only for sleeper car passengers. The only consolation was that the cafe car was in the observation car and was a great place to take in the scenery while eating an Angus Cheeseburger. The first 2 were pretty good but after that not so much.
  11. gavino200

    H0e forest railways with H0 branch line

    This too is my constant struggle! 🤣 I get more and more into each project to the point where overall progress gets slower and slower. But really it doesn't matter as long the activity itself is enjoyable.
  12. https://www.gimp.org/ is a nice cross-platform option. Or for fans of typing: https://imagemagick.org/index.php e.g.
  13. Martijn Meerts

    Modular Station Project

    Looking good. Any seams are nearly invisible on the pictures.
  14. Martijn Meerts


    Been a while since I had a look at your progress, but I can safely say you're still insane 😉
  15. Martijn Meerts

    H0e forest railways with H0 branch line

    A small non-update ... Due to life, progress on anything model train related has pretty much stopped completely. I do intend to pick it up again hopefully sooner rather than later, but I'll have to see. I should also focus a bit more rather than work on several projects, so I'll likely mainly be working on the H0 side of things for the foreseeable future. N scale wise I do want to pick up the Enoden T-Trak again so I can at least also work on some scenery things now and then. The H0 project won't be needing any scenery anytime soon.
  16. Although the forum does do some image processing / resizing / optimisations as well, it's definitely a good tip.
  17. Modellbahn JP

    My photo and videos 1970s~2000s

    JNR Series 583 EMU Exp "Hatsukari" at (maybe) Hasuda in 1976
  18. It's a joke. Lot of people say they look like microwave ovens.
  19. yes, For the Saphir Odoriko, I've replaced Kato's leds by those ones: https://hktilc.com/product/TRTixtBscvxjNtqK I've ordered warm white leds and I'm waiting the 'bulb' to be available for ordering as warm white is too white for 2 cars in my Saphir Odoriko set. See the related topic here JM
  20. It's too specific to tell you which lights fit on which KATO cars as not all of the HKTILC lights fit on all cars, and the light temperature also differs per car in real life. Best is to ask this/find this out on a per-train basis.
  21. Nice review here by one of our forum members http://japanrailmodelers.org/pages/reviews/HKTILC.html cheers, jeff
  22. The normal Odoriko I hope? The ones you linked do not fit on the Saphir Odoriko.
  23. Hello, Ah very interesting, I did not know this solution. It does indeed seem promising! I will look at the terms and delivery times. A reference to advise me for my Kato passenger cars?
  24. cteno4

    Amtrak California Zephyr: Emeryville to Denver

    Good on you junior. Glad you got your crew to experience something different. Bummer the full diner service wasn’t running, some of the nicest meals I’ve had were on Amtrak trains in full diner cars. When I was young a night or two of sleeping semi upright was fine on my long haul Amtrak treks, but at my age now I’m headed for a cabin if overnight… I’ve made it about 2/3rds the way around the us on Amtrak now, hope to complete the circuit here eventually, just will cost a bit more… cheers jeff
  25. I've abandoned Kato leds for the HKTILC solution. Big choice of light temperature, no flickering with the advanced version, better balance of light as leds are spread to the whole length of the lighting bar. I'm currently waiting the delivery for my Odoriko trainset. JM
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