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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm on the hunt for some software not too terribly expensive (hopefully) that lets you plan out an N scale track plan. I only plan to use sectional Kato Unitrack, so an archive of Kato track parts is a must. Do you have recommendations or programs that you would avoid? (By the way, I am using a PC) ~Phil
  2. Chotsootrain

    Unitrack "masterpiece" M2 endless

    Hello. I'm a newbie and as starter bought Kato unitrack 20-851 M2 endless basic set. Due to space limitations, my planned track layout is only 2' x 4'. Questions: 1) what additional track packages do I need to maximize my track layout, 2) is it better to buy DCC equipped than just DCC ready? 3) are cabooses also energised? 4) how many units can I pull in one track? 5) where do I need DCC decoders? 6) what kind/type of controller do I need to run 3-4 track? Thank you
  3. Philphil

    Suburban Tokyo Themed Layout

    Hello everyone! Today marks one of the first days that I've begun work on an actual (hopefully) N-Scale layout! As these first two pictures demonstrate, I finally arranged a deal to get some space for a small layout, which at the moment is 16' × 2' (really only 20", because of the upper shelf support poles.) Eventually, when time, useable space and family permit, I have plans to expand it into a reversed 'F' shape, through the use of additional shelves along a different wall, and a heavy duty wooden center island table left over from some HO-scale projects. The shelving on the rear wall will the be top part of the letter 'F', and will add about 11' by 2' (again, only 20" of that useable). Final dimensions of the center island table TBD. (Possibly 5' × 6'?) I'll try and post the potential track plan(s) later tonight! I am also always open to feedback, so please chime in, it might really help me out! Thanks for your interest! ~Phillip R.
  4. Hello all, As with any railroad there comes a time that a railroad track has to cross a roadway, which requires a grade crossing or grade separation. Since space is an issue, even in N-Scale, I am forced to opt to use grade crossings instead of separations. I can't say I'm particularly thrilled with any of the N-Scale Japanese-style crossings currently in production, but I really do like those Kato Unitram plates. Has anyone cut the plates, parallel to the track in order to space them further apart for use on standard Kato Unitrack? ~Phil
  5. gerryo

    -Gerry's Mixed Layout

    This plan will include all modes of track and vehicles used in Japanese model railroading. Well, the ones I am interested in anyway. Unitram. This is where I got interested in Japan models. I ordered a V50 set from them 4 years ago, they put it on back order, and I never heard from them again. That was when I found out that I could order from Japan, and even though the shipping is expensive, I at least get what I order. Unitrack. I later got interested in Japan trains when I saw my first Shinkansen. Found out how easy it is to use Unitrack, and all the variety there is to use. I tried then to combine both on the same layout with some disastrous results. Thanks to the people on this forum for straightening me out. Mind you they also have some expensive ideas. Moving Buses. Then along came Tomytec with their moving bus system, which opened up other possibilities, and other problems. These were designed so that you could combine them with their Wide Track Tram system and ideas took off. So this will be my real serious layout to try to combine all these systems into the same layout. I have some of it laid out on a plan that I have been playing with. I got 3 aluminum frame tables from Noch in Germany and will try to cram as much as possible into this plan. Now I have to try to remember how to copy a plan into here. Let me give it a try and I will be back with further details. Gerry
  6. Hey guys, I'm slowly starting to build up track and other supplies for a small N-scale layout mostly using Kato-brand Unitrack. Currently, Kato has a very limited amount of their unitrack available with concrete ties, and I'm just wondering if anyone has ever tried to repaint the black wood tie track pieces to make them look like their concrete-tie counterparts? If so, could you tell me the color(s) used or recommendations for potential colors? ~Phillip
  7. Hi all! I have a KATO Unitrack layout and I am looking into getting a station for my track. The station area (at ground level) has place for 3 platform islands and is around 4-8 x 248 mm in length. I have looked into the stations that KATO produces, but I was generally underwhelmed by what KATO has to offer. The rural trainstation set does not fit the layout, and the island platforms of the ‘old style’ and ‘new style’ I find a bit underwhelming in terms of looks and expandability (the old style bridge can only be connected to 1 platform, while the new style bridge can only accommodate 2 island platforms out of the box). I find ‘typical’ Japanese train stations that KATO uses for inspiration generally not that appealing, in terms of looks, even though some Japanese train stations (such as Hachinohe, Kanazawa, Asahikawa, Toyama, Osaka, Kyoto and others) are much prettier. My question to you all is: Are there some alternatives to the KATO stations (that fit for KATO Unitrack in terms of height and island platform width?) What stations do you use with KATO Unitrack? Do you build your own from scratch? Or do you maybe ‘enhance’ the KATO stations with other packages from other manufacturers/other countries/homebrew modifications and additions? Pictures of your own station for inspiration is highly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Anyone know If piers are available for unitrack? If not I guess home made is the way to go. Wish I had a wood shop. :) Maybe some of those cool concrete cage looking things found in the N gauge track V13. Anyone know about anything being available? Thanks!!
  9. I have run into a track planning issue that I thought I would ask the experts A quick track planning issue, I am primarily planning on running passenger EMUs, but I have run into a potential problem on my track plan. My track is basically against the back of the layout (1ft. shelf) but I want to run it back to the shelf so that I can ultimately complete a loop. The dimensions I have suggest that I might be able to run a ? shape, but only if I make extensive use of the 216mm (8 1/2") 45 degree unitrack pieces (and cheat a little bit). I have to make the ? shape in a 1' by 2' area so using any larger size track won't work (nor can it have easement curves). I am ok with the use of 8 1/2" unitrack (and I have some pieces available from prior projects). I know it is going to look horrid, and I will likely hide most some of the track work in easy to access tunnels, but really would like opinions as to whether this is such a bad idea that I should be making significant modifications to my track plan. Has anyone tried running EMUs on this tight of curve? I will likely pull out the trailer cars from my set later and see if they will navigate the curves and pass on that spacing. Thanks, Mark
  10. kvp


    One thing i noticed is that classic wooden tie unitrack joined with unijoiners looks really off around the joiners. Not only we have a double tie join (which is relatively rare today), but the joiner itself is flat gray and this creates holes in the tie pattern. So i just removed the joiners and painted the raised tie parts with a lack marker pen. The result can be seen on the attached picture. (yes they are kato/tomix converter tracks) The painted unijoiners are in the middle and can be barely seen. Imho this makes it look much better. My question is does anyone paint their joiners or nowdays just nobody uses wooden tied track anymore? (because with the concrete ties or with slab track, flat gray is the correct color) ps: I also noticed a difference in rail thickness, finetrack is much thinner, so much that kato track can't even be forced into a finetrack joiner without damaging it. I had to use two roco joiners that fit anything. (and i still have to paint the two brass joiners supplied by kato) Unpainted unijoiners: http://www.thelococentre.com/userimages/Klickverbindung_1.jpg (sorry for the bad picture quality on my attached photo)
  11. what happend to Katos 20-230 crossover? i was looking forward to it when it was announced!
  12. Concept Model Trains

    Kato Unitrack and Unitram Track Plans

    I have discovered a section of the Kato Japanese website that is featuring some great track plans for Unitrack and Unitram in both N scale and H0. You can find it here: http://www.katomodels.com/unitrackplan/ It is currently being updated every week and at the moment is showing some Unitram plans. Some of the compact N scale layouts are also quite good. There is also a great layout design based on the Toyama tram route in the Unitram section: http://www.katomodels.com/unitram/layout.shtml
  13. bill937ca

    Unitrack 20-184

    I have used Anyrail for sometime to plan Tomix and Tomix Widetram layouts. Since I tried out Unitram and liked it I decided to try Unitrack. and use Anyrail to plan a small oval. Yesterday I received my Unitrack order that I planned with Anyrail and immediately found I did not have enough track for the oval and too much of another piece of track. The principle reason is that the 20-184 easement curve is presented as a 22.5 degree curve when it is the same size 20-183 45 degree curve. According to Anyrail you need five pieces of track: 2 x 22.5 degrees plus x 3 45 degrees for a 180 degree curve. It actually takes four pieces to do a 180 degree curve, two 20-184 easement curves and two 20-183 45 degree super-elevated curves. I have put the track together and taken it apart to confirm this. Kato does not call the 20-184 easement curve 22.5 degrees on the packaging. I think the 22.5 comes one half of the 20-184 piece, but the 20-184 itself is actually 45 degrees. I have had to place another order and pay another shipping charge because of this wrongly documented piece of track. I am tired of waiting and want to run trains again. In the past requests for additions to the Tomix track date base Anyrail have gone unanswered, so I am not going to contact Anyrail. I did not buy Anyrail version 5 and I will not. I would not recommend going beyond the free version. But I would also suggest by using the free version you are getting what you pay for. If I have this much grief with a small oval, imagine what a full layout could be like.
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