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Found 7 results

  1. Nice layout which is a very nice representation of Saga Station in 1967. The station model as per the prototype at the time is a ground level layout, arranged in the standard JNR style of three platform faces (1 ban sen to 3 ban sen) as well a bay platform (0 ban sen). Most excellently the platform length seems to be near scale prototype length, and there is a telfer gantry for parcels traffic modelled. Very much the atmosphere of a provincial city JNR station is conveyed. Also modelled are prototypical passenger train consists, most notably the numerous loco-hauled long distance expresses/sleeper expresses, which are some of the most interesting trains of the JNR era. Note the adjacent large yard is taken from a separate location and added to the model scene, the protoype was in a more restricted location.
  2. miyakoji

    nice SD40-3 in HO

    This is from the "Rivet Counter" series by Scaletrains, I thought some of you may be interested. Looks like a fantastic model. In the video it's mentioned that the SD40-2 began production in 1972, and that the SD40-3 is expected to be in service for another 30 years. It's not clear if that's 30 years from the 2010 refurb to -3 specs, or from the year of the video (this year). Either way that's a long time and a lot of miles :)
  3. While trying to figure out these prefixes and suffixes in the nomenclature thread (http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/667-kuha-saha-moha-kiha-japanese-rail-car-nomenclature/page-3?do=findComment&comment=152634), I came across these pictures of a ReTe12000 JNR refrigerator car by Adachi. I see Mark has mentioned the manufacturer before, but otherwise there isn't much, so... http://poppo.plala.jp/new_page_682.htm http://www.jmra.gr.jp/adachi/ Now, what does Te mean...
  4. Anyone know If piers are available for unitrack? If not I guess home made is the way to go. Wish I had a wood shop. :) Maybe some of those cool concrete cage looking things found in the N gauge track V13. Anyone know about anything being available? Thanks!!
  5. The latest RM Modeler magazine has a report on the JAM convention, and I noticed something that may interest HO modelers- a full size operational HO scale layout. This blog has some pictures: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/sihowme31/archive/2014/08/22 It replicates the Choshi Dentetsu in Chiba Pref. namely the area around the Yamasa Soy Sauce Plant. It's a tail chaser, but note how the factory buildings provide an effective scene divider. Also note the Tomix display layout, which also uses trees and vegetation to provide a screen to make the layout appear larger and avoid the toy train "round and round" look. Also effective is the use of slight curves rather than tangent track. I think the Tomix layout has been displayed before, and is part of ongoing sales promotion.
  6. HO scale model maker A Class will be releasing plastic body kits for the JNR 80 series "Shonan densha" sometime this spring. Both unpainted and painted body shells will be offered. You will have to purchase bogies, underfloor details and motors separately. A Class suggests Nikko Models bogies and underfloor details for these. So far details are sketchy, here is the info provided by A Class (click on the picture): http://www.dcraft.co.jp/aclass/a_top.html Example of a Nikko bogie that can be used for trailer cars (TR48 type): http://shopping.hobidas.com/shop/rail-hobidas/item/NKM-0036.html
  7. bikkuri bahn

    Zoukeimura EF13

    Sometime this year Zoukeimura will release the third edition of their "Super Rail Series" in the form of a plastic model of the EF13 "crocodile" style outline DC locomotive. This type was a wartime design, and first was based out of the Kozu locomotive depot in Kanagawa Pref, hauling freight trains on the Tokaido Line. Later the type was shifted to other depots on the DC network. In the mid-fifties these units were rebuilt with the more conventional box cowling most associate with mid-century JNR DC locomotives. Pricing is 39,900 yen (quite reasonable) for all three types (a wartime era model and two postwar types). Unable to find a good pic of a painted production model, here is the best I could find: http://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/cp-bin/blog_srs/pic/Img19385.jpg prototype pictures: http://rail.hobidas.com/blog/natori09/archives/2009/12/post-1167.html
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