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Found 9 results

  1. A very fine front view video by HKASAMA, this is KIKUHA 32-502 and an unknown KIHA 185, possibly KIRO 185-26. RO would mean it has green class seating. There are two KIKUHA 32 cars, 501 and 502. They were new builds(?) by Niigata Engineering in 1997 and 2003, respectively. Whether or not the trucks, etc came from retired KIHA 32s, I can't exactly tell. The KIHA 32s themselves are interesting budget minded DMUs, at least in that they entered service in the last 3 weeks of JNR. My understanding is that the KIKUHA designation includes KI not because they have diesels (they're not
  2. Interesting looking train. I like that they used the blue/yellow livery from the various KUMOYA types. Think they installed enough cameras? It can read a newspaper in Kyoto... from Kobe. The news.mynavi.jp and railf.jp links below says that it's in a testing phase and they'll use it for actual inspection in 2025! It might take them that long to sort out all the cameras. by Masaharu Aono by Sankei News https://news.mynavi.jp/article/20211027-dec741/ https://railf.jp/news/2021/10/27/175000.html
  3. miyakoji

    what a week

    First, this DE10 rides up on ice and derails in Akita. While not doubting Japan's well maintained and well operated railways, I have difficulty believing that this has never happened before. Maybe it lost its balance because the digits in its road number aren't on straight, it's really driving me nuts. This is the Akita Rinkai Railway, and while trying to figure out where the hell it actually is (Google Map requires you to be significantly zoomed in to show it), I found that they are unfortunately ending operations in March. At least this guy has an excuse for driving something wildly off c
  4. Tokyo West

    Maranouchi West floor layout

    Hi everyone! So I'm currently living in Shenzhen, China for 2 years while I teach music at an international school. During our first October holiday, we got to visit Tokyo, Japan, where I fell in love with the vast and efficient system of trains and the general politeness of the people we met. I've been lucky enough to live in several countries in my life, but Japan strikes me as a shining example of what other places could achieve if they fully committed to public rail transport. So, I got some trains from the wonderful Kato store, as well as a pair of second hand Sh
  5. Hi all - New to the Japanese-outline N scale, but loving the wealth of information and enthusiasm found here! I'm detailing various Tomix Shinkansen sets, some bought second hand in Akihabara - my 700 has these large gaps where I'm guessing the destination blinds/seating signs go - what do most modelers do to apply some detail here? My Kato 500 series came with some small stickers which fit over the glazing - are there some superdetailing parts I can get which show the destination? Also, my older 100 & 300 Tomix sets have blank spaces where the destination boards sh
  6. Preview run for media outlets on the soon to be opened (March 16) final section of the Osaka Higashi Line from Shin Osaka to Hanaten. With the spring timetable revision coming into effect on March 16, services will consist of locals from Shin Osaka to Kyuhouji, and Direct Rapid Services from Shin Osaka to Nara. The fastest Direct Rapid trains will cover Shin Osaka to Nara in 52 minutes. Rolling stock will be 321 and 207 series (7 car formations).
  7. On Japanese television there have been reports of test runs that will take place in search of a replacement for the 381 series on the Yakumo limited express service. The television program shows a JR Shikoku 8600 series, although according to one of the comments on the Facebook post there have been test runs with this train type on JR West territory already last month. Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lovekokutetsutype/permalink/1482471928487919/ (JNR fan page on Facebook)
  8. Let's say you brought a JR West model and the delivey got delayed. Well, in the meantime you can confort with these. No N-gauge tho. http://www.westjr.co.jp/railroad/fan/paper/ Jokes apart, this is the "Fan" section of the JR West official website. it has Papercraft trains, PC desktop backgrounds, company movies and even a comic! http://www.westjr.co.jp/railroad/#index-fan
  9. Hi all, I have found this news, can you possibly double check it on japanese sites? http://www.mermecgroup.com/news-e-events/press-releases/906/1/jr-west-announces-award-to-mermec-at-the-eu-japan-industrial-meeting-held-in-brussels.php
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