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Found 12 results

  1. Mark Newton and other members interested in the JNR steam to diesel transition era may enjoy this little video of action on the Kansai main line in the very end of steam operations on this stretch of railway. It looks like d51 workings have ended on the head end of trains, but still used for banking operations over the Kabutogoe Pass. Especially interesting is the segment starting at 2:23, of a cement(?) and/or chemical train headed by a dd51/df50 combi and banked by a d51- would be a great consist to model. There are many other videos on Youtube of this very interesting segment of single track mainline circa late 60s to early 70s, well worth the time to check out.
  2. Nice layout which is a very nice representation of Saga Station in 1967. The station model as per the prototype at the time is a ground level layout, arranged in the standard JNR style of three platform faces (1 ban sen to 3 ban sen) as well a bay platform (0 ban sen). Most excellently the platform length seems to be near scale prototype length, and there is a telfer gantry for parcels traffic modelled. Very much the atmosphere of a provincial city JNR station is conveyed. Also modelled are prototypical passenger train consists, most notably the numerous loco-hauled long distance expresses/sleeper expresses, which are some of the most interesting trains of the JNR era. Note the adjacent large yard is taken from a separate location and added to the model scene, the protoype was in a more restricted location.
  3. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/videos/20200225162001817/ Always quite fun to see japanese stock elsewhere. It's really like they were put out of service and shipped the next day. I often still see the head markings and the "farewell" boards of japanese trains in their new host countries.
  4. kevsmiththai

    Hokutosei Blue

    Hi all. Does anybody know a paint match colour fo the Hokutosei DD51s and coaches ? I'm tweaking a H0 Kato DD51at the moment but I also need to know about the four air hoses at either end. On the railway I work for in the U.K one end hose each side has yellow ends and cocks (100 p.s.i main res) and one red each side (train pipe pressure). If it is the same which ones are the upper outer hoses? cheers Kev
  5. Aoshima is releasing a superdetailed 1/45 plastic display model of the dd51 Hokutosei version this July. Detailed cab, engine room and bogies. http://www.aoshima-bk.co.jp/product/4905083010006/
  6. yakumo381


    A few pictures from a day I had recently in Yokkaichi photographing the DD51 in action - a now rare breed facing extinction. Was also incredibly wet which made telephoto shots interesting as difficult to stop the camera autofocusing on the sheets of rain coming down.
  7. Here's a very interesting video, estimated by the uploader to be 1987, soon after the privatization of JNR. This is a ride on an 8-car formation of 12 series coaches behind DD51 1190 between Kyoto and Umahori. There's a lot of interesting things to be seen; the old San'in platforms at the old Kyoto Station with an escape track(?), sidings and trackside structures that no longer exist, the original Nijo station building, the section between Saga Arashiyama and Umahori that still uses what's now the Sagano Scenic Railway, and some views of the construction of the tunnels that bypass it. The uploader is 旅一郎, perhaps Tabitaro based on his blog URL http://ameblo.jp/tabitaro1234/ although I had guessed Tabi Ichiro. His YT channel has several other mid/late '80s era videos, check 'em out.
  8. Well, got some pics of the last run of this overnight train. Already an hour before the train was to depart, a scrum of fans and TV camera crews were at the end of platform 4 at Sapporo Station. Wanting to avoid the tyro carnival, I caught a local train and got off at one of my favorite photo spots in the Sapporo area, Kami Nopporo Station. I estimate about 25~30 railfans and a smattering of general public with cameras were there. Helpfully there were periodic annoucements for railway staff (gyoumu renraku) informing the location of the train- it departed Sapporo one minute late and also passed Shiroishi Station one minute behind schedule. Somewhat thankfully it clouded up a bit before it passed through Kami Nopporo, lessening the harsh shadows as it was late afternoon with somewhat oblique side sunlight. Two DD51 lead: Rear of train. Please excuse the balding bobble head on the right, it was out of my control: As a bonus, several minutes later, a container freight passed through, led by rather smoky DF200-104:
  9. Does anyone recognise the mystery train that DD51-1183 is pulling through Shin-Osaka station? Appears to be a "salon car" train of some type but not one that I have seen before. Also attached a picture of EF81-44 pulling another special through Shin-Osaka shortly before the above made up of the Naniwa set.. The platform was quite crowded with "Tori-tetsu" but all I could gather was that this was some sort of "memorial" train - again does anyone recognise it, perhaps from the headboard? Pictures were taken last month.
  10. This looks like a new concept to me, and it's really well done: filming a train while bicycling along side it. Yes, it's not going very fast. But still, I don't know how he got the video so steady. It's amazing. Also some footage of a draw bridge. By RailKingJP.
  11. Having had addresses in Japan that were not too far from unelectrified lines, this doesn't seem like such a big deal to me, but I guess Tokyo Station doesn't see a lot of diesel equipment. On November 2, a one-time revival(?) of the Amanokawa, once upon a time a sleeper service for Akita via the Joetsu Line, will run. It looks like the DD51 will provide traction only to Takasaki, where an EF81 will take over. Seems like a lot of effort to appeal to railfans, I'd be satisfied with just running the route and maybe a nice bento . So, break out your camera gear and look out of the kimoi tetsuota at Omiya! Here's a thread on Ompuchaneru with an image of the poster, plus a shot of DD51 842 (the Emperor's own DD51!) with 2 24-series (maybe) passenger cars parked at former Manseibashi Station, Tokyo's most mysterious siding: http://rail-uploader.khz-net.com/index.php?id=1119639
  12. Another video from yocchel, with lots of dd51 action pulling mixed freight, passenger, and parcels over the mountainous portion of the Kansai Main Line. Back in JNR days this was a much more active line than now, which only sees railbuses. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKl5DfWLBIk
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