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Tomix - New Releases

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YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. <jumps up and down>


The Tomix website is not that easy to nagivate in my opinion, similiar info seems scattered around a few different place, but I think I saw that there isn't an estimated release date yet for the Shimakaze.  In June they're going to be doing some kiha40s/47s in Okayama colors.

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Here's more info on the freight locos and Shinkansen 300 series:




Tomytec also announced two new building:



And a second version of an already released building:


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The Next Station Is...

Is the new 300 series Shinkansen set based on the earlier version with double-armed pantographs or the later version with N700-style pantographs? I'm after the latter so it's be great to know for sure!

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The Next Station Is,


It's the version with the 700系 style pantograph/ pantograph cover, it's easily recognizable by the fact that the diagram shows two pantographs which was only the case after the modification (originally the 300系 had 3 pantographs, and a different pantograph cover). So yes it appears to be the version you are looking for.

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The Next Station Is...

Sweet - thanks for the help! Just spotted the pre-order is open on Hobby Search and the description says "Hook, ring type coupler energized, the movable hood adoption." I take this to mean powered couplings...


I'm definitely pre-ordering this.

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I've been wondering, what purpose have the sheds included in this set? http://www.1999.co.jp/10241019


Item description says it is "油庫", or oil storage in simple translation.  It seems like a small warehouse to store some oil, lubricants, etc which are designated as flammable item by local regulation.  So they needs to be stored separated building with concrete or brick or whatever non-flammable material.  Some actual photo here



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The other track accessory kits look like they are from the steam era, so that makes sense. The tank and pump however look quite modern, which is what I am looking for.

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Tomix just announced the first of their July releases, and brightened my day considerably in the process!




With the upcoming 50th anniversary, I fully expected them to re-release one of their 0系 sets, but I never expected them to develop their own version of the 0系0番台!


for those interested, here is some information about the (3) possible formations.


-The 12 car limited edition reproduces formation N2, which was the first full length production formation (N1 was build as a 6 car test formation, though she was completed to full specifications at the same time as N2 was delivered), and the first shinkansen train to leave Tōkyo on the first of October 1964/Shōwa 39. In 1965 with the introduction of the 3rd batch of 0系 cars her original acrylic (translucent) nose cone was replaced by a new FRP (non-translucent) nose cone, the same as the one introduced by the new batch 3 cars. Also in 1965 the available 0系 where administratively divided into Hikari and Kodama formations, N2 became part of the Hikari fleet.

In 1969 J.N.R. renamed 1st class into Green Car, and the golden 1. logo on the 15形 was replaced with the now familiar green clover. In late 1969, with increasing passenger loads related to the 1970 Ōsaka Expo predicted, J.N.R. decided to extend the 12 car Hikari formations (N/R/K/S) to 16 car formations by inclusion of two 25形 and two 26形 cars both sets being new builds. On the 20th of December 1969 N2 re-emerged as a 16 car formation.

In 1972, with the first revision of the available Hikari formations N2 was re designated as formation H2. In 1974, with the second Hikari revision on 25形 and one 35形 where replaced by a new build 27形 and 36形 respectively, the original cars being transferred to another formation.

In late 1976 the 10 remaining original cars of formation H2 where approaching 13 years of continuous service, and with the problems the original  0系0番台 where encountering during the mid 1970's it was decided to retire this sub-type gradually from December 1976 onwards, and replace them with improved new-build 0系1000番台 cars, the first being delivered in December 1976.

The 10 remaining cars where finally retired in February 1978 and with the exception of the 21形, 21-2 which is displayed at the Saitama Railway museum, and 35形 35-1 which is preserved in the Ōsaka modern transportation museum (will be moved to the new location), all cars where scrapped at Hamamatsu.

Formation H2 became formation Nh2 with the inclusion of eleven 0系1000番台 cars on the 7th of February 1978, and would eventually survive past the split of J.N.R. in April of 1987, being retired by JR Tōkai in October 1993 (though at this time she would also include three 0系2000番台 cars, with only two 1976 built 0系0番台 remaining)


The Tomix model will include the translucent nose cone, and will be usable between 1964 and 1965.



- The 16 car Hikari formation (the middle version) represents a 0系0番台 N formation as introduced in December 1969 for the Ōsaka Expo. This set is usable between 1970 and 1974 when the second Hikari revision came around.


- The 16 car Kodama formation (bottom version) represents a K formation of the first sub-group (there where 2 groups of K formations, both using a slightly different composition) which where created by extending 12 car S formations into 16 car K formations starting in 1972. This formation can be used, depending on the formation number, until as late as 1980 (though a few formations survived for longer though in different compositions).



I personally reserved two sets (the Limited Edition H/N formation, and a 16 car K formation) though I personally would've preferred to order all 3 sets, perhaps at a later date...sigh


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Oh man just what I need one more Shinkansen, but hey it's the granddaddy of them all and a glowing nose cone to boot. Something tells me my wallet will take a hit...



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Do all three formations have glowing nose cone? And what does limited edition really mean?

So far it seems the printing is the pre green class version, with 1st and 2nd classes. And the more modern versions come with the non lighted nose cones, since the lights were disabled after they couldn't find any use for them.

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Strangely, Tomyytec is suddenly throwing out re-releases of some of the past structures:



The Building Collection 080-2 Built-For-Sale House D2



The Building Collection 079-2 Built-For-Sale House C2



The Building Collection 027-3 Bus Office B3 - Bus Garage



The Building Collection 026-3 Bus Office A3 - Office and Waiting Room



The Building Collection 070-2 Prefab Office 2 (3pcs.)



The Building Collection 069-2 Truck Terminal 2 (2pc.)


And breaking up the previous Minami Collection to sell 2 by 2 separately



The Building Collection 111-2 Wooden Tenement & Corner Grocery Store 2



The Building Collection 110-2 One-story house (2pcs) & Corner Restaurant 2



The Building Collection 109-2 Japanese House with Western-Style House , Clinics 2

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Tomytec has done this periodically in the past. Sometimes they change the color some other times just a straight rerelease. I think this is a holdover from the collector beginnings of all the tomytec lines being limited runs. Even though they seem to be keeping most all of the single stuff in stock, but I think when the production runs out for a while they do the rerelease to get a pop. They certainly are not releasing new stuff very fast lately.



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I think a lot of model railway manufacturers around the world do this occasionally to keep the factory ticking over while the R&D department is working on new stuff.

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Rereleases are good. As long as there is demand for something it should be manufactured and sold. Limited runs that have higher demands than supply are only good to make profits for the resellers and bad for the manufacturer, since it means lost sales for them. Not to mention that this way they can get more money out of the already existing molds which helps getting the prices down.

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Many Tomytec items are now included in the large Tomix catalog. It may be that these are now treated as a more "permanent" part of the product line, instead of "once-and-gone" items.


Rich K.

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