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Tomix - New Releases

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Yap i love the white Souvenir Shop the most... It looks really serene and like you said, that's a certain aura coming from it that makes it attractive ~~


Already Pre-ordered the shops ~~

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Tons of new Tomix and Tomytec stuff came up for pre-order on HS today:




J.R. Limited Express Series 485-3000 (Kaminuttari Color) (Basic 4-Car Set) and corresponding add-on 2  (Strange why can't they just do a full 6-car set...) 




J.R. Suburban Train Series E217 (Shonan Color) (Basic A 6-Car Set) and corresponding add-on 4 car set




Nagano Electric Railway Series 1000 [Yukemuri Set] (4-Car Set)   <- now i'm sure this train is very very familar.... Odakyu? 


Bunch of Tomytec railway collection sets:



The Railway Collection J.R. Series 119-5300 (2-Car Set) 

Fresh of the press! http://www.tomytec.co.jp/diocolle/items/1312/12_tetsudou01.html



The Railway Collection Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad Series 1200 [Kotohira Line] (2-Car Set)

Fresh of the press! http://www.tomytec.co.jp/diocolle/items/1312/12_tetsudou02.html



The Railway Collection Shizuoka Railway Series 1000 [Air-Conditioned Car (Originally equipped)] (2-Car Set )

Fresh off the press! http://www.tomytec.co.jp/diocolle/items/1312/12_tetsudou04.html



The Railway Collection Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad Series 1200 [Nagao Line] (2-Car Set)

Fresh of the press! http://www.tomytec.co.jp/diocolle/items/1312/12_tetsudou03.html


No pictures though... Need some pictures to see how they look~~

* Edit - Fresh off the press while i was posting this Tomytec was working hard updating its website! 


*one thing i like about HS, they always have the fastest and latest information of new releases.... Even before pictures are out! 

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Oh wow even more Kotoden stuff! There's tons of Kotoden releases lately. Not my modelling area but it's a very interesting company.

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Martijn Meerts

I haven't really been following along with the new releases, but is that zoo train a new design, or a re-release of the previous one?


I was really planning on not getting a new N-scale train for a bit, but save up for an H0j kit, but painted trains are always so tempting ;)

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Krackel Hopper
I haven't really been following along with the new releases, but is that zoo train a new design, or a re-release of the previous one?


It is new. Same train as previous release but a new paint job. The actual train was given a new paint job around the beginning of last year I believe..

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Is there a 3rd page somewhere?

I noticed the same, but it's just a price list. I got it from Tomix' website but as they tend to delete the posters of previous months I attached it.

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Martijn Meerts

So tempting.... But I really need a layout first, I have so much rolling stock by now, and still no actual layout to run it all on ;)


Also, an H0j World Kougei kit is more tempting than another painted train at the moment, because I already have lots of painted trains. Something like http://world-kougei.com/SHOP/6104028.html or http://world-kougei.com/SHOP/6104025.html looks rather interesting ..

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Aren't you contradicting yourself by saying that you have no layout but still want to get even more (H0j) rolling stock? And that price... my god.

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Martijn Meerts

Well.. Yes and no.. The H0j is a kit, and it'll take quite a while to get it to the point where it can be test run. On the other hand, I don't even have any 12mm track, so I guess getting H0j rolling stock is even stranger than getting more N stuff ;)


Of course.. I did just pre-order the Piko N-scale train, so I guess I can't really trust myself :D

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Trying to find a pic/info on this:-



  Manufacturer : Tomytec Scale : N Scale , 1/150 Material : PS , ABS Series : The Bus Collection , JB014 Organization : Kitakyushu City Transportation Bureau Release Date : Apr (Dec. 11, Pre-order start.)


Anyone know where i can find a pic?  Modelling Kyushu so specific buses would be good.  Also Tomytec buses sets come in pairs right?

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From the same album, but now with all models:

Tomix: https://picasaweb.google.com/ngauge.information/20140116TOMIX?authkey=Gv1sRgCKjTtJbl1_mv4gE

Including announcements of: 1/150 JRF EF510-500 (former Blue Train hauler), JRF DF200, JR West KiHa 40 series café au lait, Sanriku Tetsudou 36 series (new KiHa to replace those destroyed by tsunami in 2011), two Shinkansen 50th anniversary sets.

Tomytec: https://picasaweb.google.com/ngauge.information/20140116TOMYTEC?authkey=Gv1sRgCNXfkOjwgqOVLw

I quite like how the double articulated Tomyam and Hankai trams look.

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Nice! Thanks Densha! I'm loving the buses alot! Perhaps get another box of them? Love the Hayabusa and Super Komachi colours~  


Interesting on the release of the 300 series! Last chance to get them! The Tomytec Railway Collection 19 is good too after seeing the painted ones!

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<92869> JR 300-0系東海道・山陽新幹線(後期型)基本セット

<92870> JR 300-0系東海道・山陽新幹線(後期型)増結セットA

<92871> JR 300-0系東海道・山陽新幹線(後期型)増結セットB



<98925> gentei.gifJR N700-8000系山陽・九州新幹線(くまモン&くろちゃん)セット

Kumamon & kurochan Kyushu Shinkansen again R2 Formation



<??> 国鉄 0系東海道新幹線(大窓車・初期型)

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Mudkip Orange
Looks like Tomix is going to produce the Kintetsu 50000 Series.


YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. <jumps up and down>


wow. very news. such excite. much pleased.

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