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Are they using elastic cables or the lack of a tensioner? Oi.


Probably can smooth out that motor with DCC dithering. :)

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As mentioned in another thread, the cable car is probably just a handmade extra to get attention on the show. Just look at how rough it is made...

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i doubt they would do it just for an eye catcher. im guessing its a prototype and thus why a bit crude. Ive not seen blatant eye grabbers that are not going to be products like this done in japanese trade displays. I would guess its more they just did not have all the bits ready with the perfect prototype for the show but wanted to get it out there and perhaps see the buzz it creates to judge the market better.


gearing the motor a lot would smooth things out easily. tensioning also helps. I fiddled a lot with the brawa tram on a friends layout to try and get it smooth. it loops the cars around the pulley though and that creates some issues with the tensioning... The brawa cars are also not very japanese in style, its an older style with tapered cars.


simple auto reverse circuit would work well to drive this unit with photosensors in the sheds to reverse the unit and create the pause.


sheds do feel a bit oversized, but in the big car ones of these they are big buildings.



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I don't believe there is a market for models of cable cars in Japan. How many cable cars are there in Japan? And a cable car is too impractical for a non-permanent layout. 

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actually i think there could be, they are popular and i would hazard more regular (non skier) japanese have ridden them compared to similar (no skier) americans. there are a number of ropeways around japan, many sightseeing ones only. big circuit of them around hikone. they are popular with japanese.






I cant see tomytec putting something like that up as a gimic they were not looking to produce on product tables at a show. just not seen things on display at shows on manufacturer tables that were not potential projects.


the simple style they did could be easily done on non permanent setup, just need enough weight or a small clamp to hold the ends.


i can see this being also for the diorama market as well. tomytec came out the collector/diorama world and is not totally train oriented (although thats usually our view of it!  :) )



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i did a short blog on the ner 2100`s here


 i should have these tomorrow or fri btw so i will try post some pics if anyone wants?

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Mudkip Orange


I've already got those ex-Tokyu cars on pre-order. But it looks like there's some other stuff there I'm going to want as well.

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Stunning is the word! I need another steam loco like another hole in the head, but this is just so nice!



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Sweet! But luckily i dont do steam loco also... Dont get me wrong, they're a beauty, just that they'll look REALLY wierd running next to a shinkansen on my layout...

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I wish there were photos of the mechanism, it looks nice but I'd like to see how easy, or hard knowing Tomix, it would be to install DCC.

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I like the 2-in-1 container (UM9A), will make for some extra variety in container trains.


Am I right in thinking that the C61 is shown in "preserved" state? What is that tank inside the bunker are for, fuel oil or water?


Cheers NB

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That coal hopper looks awesome!


Also some new model announcements from Tomix:

- Another DMU from the Sanriku railway in the area damaged by the 2011 tsunami

- 211 series in Nagano (3-car) and Tokaido (4-car) colours

- 10-car set of the E233-7000 for the Saikyo line

- JR Hokkaido Kiha40-700 + Kiha48-300 3-car set and a lone Kiha40-1700 (basically these but now with newer production units: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/products/n/92978.htm & http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/products/n/8420.htm)


Source: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/menu/index_sokuho.htm

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On slides: JRF EF210 0形 & 100形, JNR 183-1000 series, JNR 103 series Yamanote line livery & skyblue livery, Kintetsu 30000 series Vista Car. (also at the moment viewable here: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/top/images/tomixnews/poster_1.jpg & http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/top/images/tomixnews/poster_2.jpg)

Photos: KiHa 40 series JR West Hiroshima colour & JR Hokkaido livery, JR East 211 series, E6 and N700(A)-1000 Shinkansen, etc.


Special edition Wamu freight car with Tomix logo available at a show in Ginza: http://www.matsuya.com/m_ginza/sp/20130731_train2013.html




Train from Railway Collection Vol. 18, Kotoden, Tetsudou Musume Portram, Bus Collection vol. 18, steam era loco shed and coal hopper, etc.


Update: Tomix's own report of the E6: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/report/n/nj_163.htm

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JR 211-3000 Takasaki Line 130 years anniversary limited edition set (the one gmat (?) spotted a while back)

Photo: http://ngi.blog.eonet.jp/n_gauge/2013/08/tomix352013-0d25.html




As Toni already mentioned in the painted trains thread, the Keihan 600 in K-ON painting!

JR East 205-600 series in Nikko and Utsunomiya Line colours, 205-1100 in Tsurumi Line colours.

JR East 103 series Senseki Line and JR Central colours.

Some buses from Hokuriku Railroad and Takatsuki city.

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