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Yes their whole approach has flipped from the collector series to the more permanent collection. Also tomytec seems to be the big umbrella with tomix under it. Unfortunately the overall frequency of new products seems to have substantially decreased over the last few years as the switch has happened.



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I cannot comment on how things used to be done.  As I have only been in the game about 9 months.


But I much prefer the way they are doing things now.  As a consumer, I'm more likely to buy.


For me modelling is like, I see something, I want it in my layout.  Old way didn't allow that to happy, so I brought readily available stuff from another manufacturer.  New way of thinking allows me to purchase that something I saw and wanted.

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It's good to see these buildings spring up again, as some of them are really nice and it was too late for us beginners to get them as they are already off the shelves when I started. While they might have some colour variations, the design still remains the same and they look good.


The re-release of the Tetsudo collections are MORE than welcomed. However, have yet to see any bus/ truck/ trailer collections re-release till now.. Some colour variations and models of buses are really nice but they cost an inflated price to buy them now... Like the tanker trailer from Trailer collection 1, the Flatbed trailer from trailer collection 3, the buses from collection 16 (Mitsubishi Fuso) & 17 (Isuzu Gaia) etc.

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Another from Tomix World


93519 - 20,400円

E3系 秋田 新幹線 (ありがとうこまち)





Erick you beat me to it! Saw this on Yahoo Auction last night and was about to post to ask what is this new release? Please see attached picture. Now we all know what a quick profit that guy was looking for... So is it available to the public, I mean as in international customers? I do know local Japanese can walk into Tec Station Tomix World to buy them but would any retailer be carrying them?


Although the box art looks very sweet, close observation of the model shows that apart from the front and rear cars that carry the special logo, there was not much difference between this and the previous model...


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Further to my earlier post on Tomytec re-releasing the various structures, latest news are released on Tomytec's website with pictures:  




As per HS site, the structures are exactly the same, just some colour variations here and there. I really hope Tomytec can re-release some trucks and bus series from long ago instead of these structures.


Also, the moving bus cross junctions are delayed to June....  :sad1:


What really puzzles me is this: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/diocolle/items/1403/27_bus01.html

ザ・バスコレクション「茨城交通 ガールズ&パンツァーバス2号車」製品化予告!!


I think this is a HO Scale (1/80)? I'm guessing it should be, since it's stated cost is 3800yen, a normal N scale bus single set shouldn't cost so much. But if it's HO Scale, shouldn't it be stated as ザ・バスコレクション80 instead?

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Google translate show "Following the first car it was very popular, it is the appearance or scale up to 1/80 size Car 2 now"

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still better options already for single track lines than katos options.  if you want concrete in kato, then you are lumped with double tracks only.

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Combined with the wide tracks (that are esentially single tracks made for double, triple or quadruple tracking), the only thing really missing is a pair of concrete tie turnouts to complete an all concrete track system.

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Just received an email from HS stating that my reserved E7 (98926 - 12 car version) is on it's way.


With Easter coming up I guess I'm going to have to wait a little longer than normal.



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it was interesting for me at the cherry blossom festival last weekend to see and FEEL the big E7 model that JR East had (4' long) on display. made me like it a lot more and pushed me over the edge to buying one. I think its one of those things that has a better effect in person than in a photo or small model perhaps. I know the E4 and E1 do this. Seeing them in person is very dramatic and you see the lines from a totally different perspective than in flat photos or even the models. Part of the tricks the mind's eye does on us.


it was really nice that JR East did not have the plex tops on the E5, E6 and E7 models and they were letting folks touch them. really are one of those forms you just want to run your fingers over and makes a big impression on the brain. It was like watching folks in the Apple store caressing the equipment, subtle monkey language going on there deep into the brain. Kudos for JR East doing that, makes the public very happy on a very subliminal way.





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Tomytec is going cray-cray up in the heyo. Check out these planned releases: http://www.jp-ngauge.info/ngi/2014/05/tomytec532014-5ea7.html


- Tetsudō Collection No.20 announced with boxy 20m JNR (KUMOHA 123 type/KUMOYUNI 143 type) based trains;

- Kōnan Railway KIHA2100 type 2-car set;

- Yūri Kōgen Railway YR-2000 type "Yuritetsu" painted train 2-car set;

- Sangi Railway ED459 type electric locomotive and a planned variation (either Sōtetsu, Tōbu or Tōyama RR);

- three more 3-part articulated trams (Tōyama Railway T100 type, Toyohashi Railway T1001 type, and Hankai Electric Track 1001 type);

- two Car Collection sets with colour variations of previously released sets.


Especially the electric locomotive will be popular. I'm expecting the other variant to be a Tōbu 5060 type, since that's what the Sangi Railway ED459 used to be. The price for a motorised engine will be ¥5,800, which makes me wonder if it's not cheaper to buy a 2nd hand MicroAce set which has front lights and more weight.

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In other news, Tomix also made some crazy announcements: http://www.jp-ngauge.info/ngi/2014/05/tomix532014-8d0a.html


- the new Hakone Tozan Railway 3000 type will be made in both N-gauge and H0-gauge;

- moar Sanriku 36 type variations (Kitto, zutto no.3);

- C57-180 "Ban'etsu Monogatari" set in High Grade;

- JNR 167 series in school trip livery;

- JR 285 series in H0-gauge.


Pretty radical announcements I'd say. For the C57-180 Ban'etsu set I can only say this: prepare your wallet. It will probably be awesome for you SL lovers out there! (not me)

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Looks like the Banetsu Monogatari will include the new observation car.


The Sangi electric loco should at least be easier to install DCC in than the Micro-Ace versions.

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Pretty amazing news! The sunrise will definitely get to the HO collectors I think ~~ The Banetsu Monogatari looks great, but what really tempted me much is the - Yūri Kōgen Railway YR-2000 type "Yuritetsu" painted train 2-car set. Never get enough of painted trains!

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Martijn Meerts

Hmm.. High Grade steamer, now that's interesting .. Of course, the newer Tomix steamers already are pretty high grade.. 

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