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Found 10 results

  1. So I am using a DCS50K (Kato Part No. 29-119) DCC system to run my Japanese train layout. I currently am using the standard wire connectors and splitters that come with Kato track (Item No. 24-825 & 24-827). However, I am having issues with power drop and poor DCC single pick up by some of my locomotives. These wires use 22 gauge wire which is considered thin for a standard DCC power bus. I am thinking of making my own power bus using 14 gauge wire. However I need to make a custom plug so I can connect the power bus to my DCS50K. Does anyone know if you can purchase uncrimped versions of the plugs used by Kato so I can make my own power cables? If you can, what are the called and who makes them? Part number? Thank you in advance for your suggestions and help.
  2. Nice vignette of a busy bus terminal in front of a railway station. Very much a Showa era vibe, narrow confines with a bus company staffer using a whistle for back up moves. As noted in the video description this scene can no longer be experienced as the station has been redeveloped.Apologies if someone has already posted.
  3. Hello all, I checked around to see if someone had already posted this question, and didn't see anything close, but please forgive me if I missed something! Nearly any model train layout, especially one where the prototype is set in Tokyo, needs more transportation options than just trains, I'm talking about BUSSES! They're seen nearly everywhere, and they're certainly something that I'm currently missing... Could anyone tell me which busses would be prototypical for operating in central Tokyo, for example, around the areas the Yamanote line runs? There are so many colorful options, and I just seem to get lost in all the possibilities! I do know of the Toei bus, for which I'm looking for multiple n-scale models of, but there must be more, right? ~Phillip
  4. TimWay4

    Planning a future layout

    I'm thinking about a future build for when my current layout is "finished" I know I want to do something in N gauge with the Tomytec bus system, however I have a couple of questions: 1 Is there a program like anyrail that has the bus system pieces in it? 2 Is there anything other than buses available yet? 3 is there a reliable way to know what buses would take a motorized bus chassis?
  5. I'm posting this mostly for JR500's benefit :) although I admit it's a sharp looking livery. http://korakuen-bus.jp/
  6. I just received from Japan The Tomytec Moving Bus System Basic Set B2. Well, speaking no Japanese I looked at pictures and was able to construct this simple little set. I already knew the batteries were tough to install, but having the correct tools sure helps! A tiny Philips head screwdriver does the trick. I ran the bus all night and woke up to a dead bus, but it works like a charm. Haha... This IS FUN! I'm sorry, I think I posted in the wrong place!
  7. Served by 118 bus companies, with routes to 39 prefectures. Around 1600 arrivals and departures daily, making it the largest bus terminal in the nation. https://youtube.com/watch?v=BMifwabhOqE https://youtube.com/watch?v=JYmcr_GJzac
  8. JR500, you need this: https://twitter.com/R_esculenta/status/668710688739557377 According to the tweet, he built them himself. Excellent work. I think the event was the Surutto Kansai Bus Matsuri: http://www.surutto.com/bus/ https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%82%B9%E3%83%AB%E3%83%83%E3%81%A8KANSAI%E3%83%90%E3%82%B9%E3%81%BE%E3%81%A4%E3%82%8A Looks like it's held mid- to late-September every year, with 27 companies participating in 2015. Attendance isn't indicated, but it's been significant for previous years. How is it that a bus festival can draw 30,000 people? What makes Japan a society that's not just willing to use public transit, but is in some ways enthusiastic about it?
  9. Vato

    Tomix Bus System

    Hi, what is difference in between tomix bus system set A-1 and A-2?
  10. miyakoji

    miyakoji's bus corner!

    Possibly some ideas for layouts. All Kanto, but good nonetheless... Odakyu Bus - Inagi City iBus, nice autumn/winter afternoon in western Tokyo-to; by puku0987 Tokyu Bus - Shibuya to Shibuya, Daikanyama circuit, I think this is the rich part of town; by puku0987 Tokyo Metropolitan Bus route ume70, longest route in Tokyo-to by puku0987 by keiseibusN126 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez0D9vpldSk
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