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My project begins


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Ok so i'm still tossing up on what to do. having bought most building kits and other scenery parts i'm about to start the mountain in pics below.


I'm expecting my tunnel portals and switches to arrive this week.


so i am either going to cover this with some rocky bits and a dark green sponge material all over to give it a more bushy look or to cover them with pine trees... i think the pine trees would be requiring up to 100 or more to cover both mountains and i think it will be over kill.


what you guys think



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Martijn Meerts

One thing you could do, is to use detailed trees on the front of the mountain, where they're visible, and then simulate a forest canopy using the foam stuff. I do believe there is special stuff from Woodland Scenics/Noch/etc. for making larger canopies or bushes etc.

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I actually bought the WS forest canopy kit and all it is...dried /reeds that you find in any hillside and look like small trees.



You then add WS lichen or whatever other material to fill out the trees.


Another method which goes along what Marti was stating....put trees in front of the scene and add cotton balls that you dye green and dip in WS foliage to it or turf and place behind the "real" looking trees. 

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Finally I can resume the layout.


ok so I placed down the track I know the train yards look funny but with limited size this was all I could really do.


I made the yard large and lengthy because in the future I plan to intergrate this with a much larger layout.


I am missing a buffer piece I seem to have misplaced it.....


let me know what you think of the design i know its very unique  :cheesy.




On the weekend if I have time I will do the wiring for these turn outs and track and then i will comence on finishing the mountains and the rice fields.

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that is the weirdest thing i uploaded photos ....


here they are again




edit*** Oh forgot to mention i have tuesday as Anual Leave to see doctor so after that I will be doing lots on this layout to get some real progress.


criticism please  :grin






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The s-curves in the yard make me nervous.  Short trains will likely handle them fine, and most Japanese trains are pretty forgiving when it comes to curves.  But two curves in different directions without a straight the length of your longest car between them is a recipe for derailments and similar problems, and something to avoid if you can.


Also, why are two tracks following an s-curve, but the one between them is straight?  If all three were curved (or straight) I think it would loook more natural.

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because it's 2 switches in a row the first 2 were too close and the second to far out hence the unique curves to seperate the tracks. i ran all trains on the bendy on seemed all right even for the shinkansen he was forgiving

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Can you shorten the distance between the 1st & 2nd switch? That might take away the bend and make the yard a little longer.

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unfortunately no it's 3 switches in a row no in betweens and the last was the mini point to reduce distancing between tracks. i had another design where they were all lined up perfectly without curves but the length was to short and could only hold 3 cars max.

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still playing around with this track. i think i have found a combo that makes it lesst curvy on bottom 2 tracks but it takes more space will try it tommorow when i have energy.


Mean while ran a bunch of trains along it today with the little one.


I have found his favourites are thomas (although Thomas gives me the shits he's easier to derail than the shinkansen) and the 800 tsubame shinkansen.


was running the shinkansen around 280mm curves at a fast speed and stupid thomas derails on it at low speed sigh.


I'm now left with no choice but to mod some more weight into thomas's centre and in his 2 cars so he doesn't tip off the tracks at corners.

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sweet so I had anual leave today booked in 1 to see the doctor which took forever and for the rest of the day making more of the layout.


So heres what I got done still drying.


Only nark I have is the ground is covered in lines  :sad:


however I keep telling myseld not to worry bucause 90% of that is going to be covered by something else anyway so it won't be noticeable.


I have done the under layer of greenery on the mountain and will detail later with some thicker clumb foilage.


you can still see the pva drying but here they are.


notice the pond in the last pic on second thread it is showing a irrigation path to a small rice field not completed yet but will place the water and the rice in it some time very soon.









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I have few small rocks on the side I guess hard to see in pics but your right I do need more.


I have the portals and the toilet rolls to go with em  :grin


I have to paint the portals though, for the bridge portals I left a imprint to slip into. And the front two portals for each side will be just glued on


I'm going to leave portals for later and see if I can get this river done

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It looks like everything is running nice and smoothly. Now a new problem (but it's a nice problem to have).....once you get the trains running it hard getting back to work on the layout  :grin (I have this problem when I'm working on scenery and get tired, I stop and run the trains for a while...then go back to scenery.)

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I'd say border lime 3 - 4% 4 cm high over a 140mm straight and 2 corners 300 sumthen mm ones can't be bothered doing the math but all trains run it fine.


Bernard you are correct.


Sort of paused ATM need to get the rice field made and water done for the lake. Then I'm going to do the roads and place the houses and start with the ground in those areas.

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went to change couplers for my kiha 91 did all except motor car needs a stupid jewlers screwdriver or something....

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So I started on the ground details doing the outer edges atm such as grass etc.


I also spur of the moment decided to change the track layout i placed it but didn't get to test run it so tonight i will be playing around make sure it all works good with my trains then i will continue the ground cover.


Also got self made wooden fences being made atm to place around the track.


If I decide to stick with the new layout I will post pics tonight.


basicly instead of the botom track going around the edge of the table I have decide to have it turn out and go along the track and of the board for future projects to conect up to.

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