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My project begins


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will do tonight.


i just finished wiring the mesh on the 1st mountain. I have not done the detail for the mountain at the portals however as they are still in the mail some where.

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A few more pictures to add did a bit of paper and gluing today hah!


It took longer than expected.


Pics attached


Started other mountain basics while was waitng for it do dry.


I have the foam cut for the tunel portal however since I am still waitng on delivery I have not attahed that yet.




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keitaro - Nice start on the mountains, it's coming together quickly. One suggestion....on the 2nd photo where you have the piers on an incline, you might want to make the access hole longer. If the train derails in between the entrance/bridge and the where you have the access hole now, it might be difficult to retrieve.

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Last picture... I'm not sure it's a very good idea to have that bowl full of something a bit liquidy and a train a few centimers away. ;)

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Thanks Bernard - yeah I'm going to up size that hole hahaha. Just getting the basic shape I'm stuck on that stage till my package arrives from hw. I have to place a right point where the derailed is before I can go even thurther in construction.


Tonight or tommorow night I will apply plaster to the other mountain.


Disturbman -


I know the 110 is a dare devil  :laugh:  he was not there during gluing just took off tracks while I adjusted some stuff

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In the second picture there is a brown section on the track leading to the gradient, not being familiar with kato track can you tell me what it is, is it a crossing of some sort? can it be removed at all because to give you a really smooth climb I would think you would want to start the climb just after the curve before the brown thingy  ???


The mountain in the corner that you have covered with the property pages  :grin will you fill out the trackside sides into a slope or are you having them as a bare rock face.


Also, just coz I like pictures, can you get an overall shot and indicate where your problem with the station is

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Hi Lawrence.


That is a tomix rerailer 140mm piece. I have it there temporarily till my electric right turnout point comes so I can make the extra turn out track below like in the last picture.


the brown thingy has a 70 mm piece after it then onto the 314-45 curves, the slope starts at the 70 mm so the cars are level when hitting the point to stop / minimise derails.


I was going to have that as a rock face and then slope up onto forrest up top with some small bushes growing on the rocks.


The left mountain will slope down as all forrest and the tunnel portals (both sides) will slope down on the edge of the board to make it look as if it has been cut into with machinery to make the tunnell.


I totally forgot to post up the station part as I did take a shot will tonight if I get a chance.


once the mountains are finished the fun will begin with making the town :D

I already have some old japanese farms and a few old style shops ready to go :D


I was thinking of making a basic small town.


A rice farm up top next to mountain with some fruit trees besides it.


And maybe small school and a base ball field with a few more modern looking house and shop etc.

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Okay, understand now, should be fine, just a case of making it as smooth as poss really.  Reckon that big rock face on the corner will look great like a big cut through the mountain  :grin


The rest of your plans sound really exciting, especially the baseball ground, never considered that, forgot baseball is such a big thing in Japan.


There is a building Claude Dreyfuss has on his layout which I think can be used as a school he sent me the link to a UK supplier http://www.kato-unitrack.co.uk/kato-unitrack-23-310-industrial-building-kit-1604-0.html however I think it would be well suited to conversion as a semi rural school as you plan, baseball park out back, maybe a running track  :tard:  sorry getting carried away now, I'll let you finish the track work first  :laugh:

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OK so I did some plastering pics attached plus my station area dilema. i really thinkg to shave off a 1 mm on each side.


I will have wood planks crossing the track as my crappy paint job will show haha






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i would do that but that will destroy my freight train yard idea... i really only need 2mm down either way i'll scratch it down and see how it looks then decide

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I'm with disturbman on this one, platforms either side with a footbridge, cant imagine there being an island that narrow, and how would your footbridge fit on to it?

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i was going to have a wooden walk path over the tracks. thos stations are very wide though... i have one already for else where but yeah.

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You are already up and running! Are you still having problems with other trains hitting the station platform? I ask this because Thomas is a short train.

On suggestion, on the far station platform in the video, could you move just a bit off the curve, I think trains will stop better on a straight away.

It's coming together nicely, how are the kids liking it?

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He loves it. Woke me up at 7am saying train train and grabbing my hand and trying to pull me there.


His favourites of course are Thomas and the tsubame 800.


With the station I havnt decided yet but I will try taking a mm off then running them


I will post later a video of all trains. I ran them all at really high speeds to test for derails not a single one then I left running at very low speed and still none.


I'm happy with the results so far

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None of the Tomix platforms are narrow enough to fit between the standard track spacing (i.e. the spacing between the parallel tracks on the double-crossover). You could trim them down, but you need to trim the stuff at the base of the platform, as well as the platform itself. Sounds rather tedious, frankly. Better, you might consider cutting the platforms in half lengthwise, shaving out some of the middle, and reattaching: It would at least preserve the details along the edges?


Is there no where else to put the double crossover? Otherwise, I'd also be in favor of side platforms. If you absolutely must have an island platform, perhaps you could make one or more of the new models by Cosmic? They are platforms designed for the Bandai B-Train Shorties, and some of them are islands made to fit in standard Tomix track spacing. But they might have a bit too much of the "super-deformed" look to them for your tastes.




Also, TomyTec makes curved side platforms to fit the inside of 280mm radius and the outside of 317mm radius curves, if you could move your station to one side or the other?



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Hmm I just had an idea. Perhaps 2 side platform connected together between the 2 bottom tracks one side for freight and other side for passengers

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Here is a track plan that will accommodate a shorten version of the Tomix 4009 platform set (the two end pieces and the covered section) and create a small station.




There also is a small Tomytec station and platform set which was recently reissued. Its short and suitable for one or two car trains on secondary lines.



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been sanding the mountain to smooth it.


btw i posted more vids up a few of all trains running


now to prep some trees grass.

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been sanding the mountain to smooth it.


btw i posted more vids up a few of all trains running


now to prep some trees grass.



Where did you post the videos? Also post them in your thread, it shows the stages in which your layout is progressing.

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bernard i posted them in post number 40 up a few from yours. as for pics of the sanding will do later as my iphone doesn't let me upload and not at pc

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