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My project begins


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the realline was on the outside track.


they both use the power coupler between tender i.e. like on tomix shinkansens.


the realline has only a regular motor.


The kato is noisy compared to the realline at low speeds, where the realline is louder when at crazy unrealistic speeds.


like to mention also that the realline weighs a bunch more as it's brass and hadn't had his wheels cleaned lol plus has had alot of use easily 24+ hours of running.

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Sorry, my last post was a bit vague. I was actually referring to the way the back of the loco kicks out to the right as it enters the L H bend at 2:18.  Is it the track?  What happens if you swap the two locos, does the Kato do the same on that bend?





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ghan the kato looks the same.


some locos look worse depends on the length between the back of the loco and the tender


for example

the kato c62 has a larger gap than the kato d51, the realline also has a larger gap i'll measure when i get home the gap sizes are what causes that look i think.

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The gap difference is interesting.  As they're not exactly the same model I wonder if each is still prototypical.  Both manufacturers go to such efforts to include the smaller, finer details.  I'd be amazed if either would get such a basic thing as the space between the loco and tender wrong.


On a different note, does anyone do half-full tenders?  I've only seen them brimming with coal.





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half full tenders are a no no, i think mainly due to weights are under the fake and or in reallines case "real" coal.


world kougei had one for kit making i guess looking at the instructions you could do half full if you wanted.


I'm not sure on the gaps in between tender but i doubt there would be much difference though. thats an awfully large distance to be shovelling coal into the fire box on the realine d51-96.


when i went to the museum in kyoto i don't recall a noticeable difference in any locos.


though maybe mark might know.

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Steam museum one or two stations west of Kyoto Station?  I'm going there in October.






umekoji steam locomotive museum it's allright good for looking at the locos


still would rather go to the kaya sl place.


I went up to amanohashidate and was going to go to the kaya sl museum but the wife wanted to go to umekoji instead.


The basics of my pics will be how the coal gets to kaya sl park.


If you do a quick google of amanohashidate you will see this pic http://wikitravel.org/en/File:P1010622.JPG


basicly i was lucky enough to be there when a massive boat loaded with coal was there and small barges with the kaya sl logo where transporting past the land seperating the bay

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So I stuffed the part that I screw the coupler box onto when i made this model (learning curve  :laugh:)


So I ended up being lazy I guess and glued a kato coupler on LOL


The crash at the end is caused by the freight car not the tank loco works fine with other freights but that one kept crashing couldn't work out why.


This model would be really great in a shunting yard etc since it has no rubber on the wheel it slips with more than 4 on my 4+% grade.


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