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What did you order or the post deliver? (HO and other scales)

bikkuri bahn

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Here's what they laser cut paper parts look like. The larger pieces are 0.47mm thick paper and the smaller one is 0.23mm thick. Only time will tell of mine looks anything like the photos on the Iori website.






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couple of sets of TV5 and an new tram KATO N Gauge Hiroshima Electric Railway 1001 Hiroden Bus Special Planning Item 14-804-5


Waiting for TV2 to be released than be buying that to fill in the gaps of my unitram layout. 

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13 hours ago, Burtos said:

couple of sets of TV5 and an new tram KATO N Gauge Hiroshima Electric Railway 1001 Hiroden Bus Special Planning Item 14-804-5


Waiting for TV2 to be released than be buying that to fill in the gaps of my unitram layout. 


Wait no more! The Unitram TV-2 set is just out:



Rich K.

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I just reserved Tenshodo 72104 EF81 Tsuruga/Hokuriku line 

Tenshodo sound system 

Seems advanced sound system available.

Expected delivery, 2024.

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Procured a few pieces of the puzzle to create a shorter 9 coach Yume Kukkan formation. Just need the final 4 coaches which are pitched for release in January 2024 and are preordered.


These Hokutosei coaches seem difficult to find although i’m sure Kato will do another run in the near future but these were a good price, too good to pass up. 


Courtesy of Book Off for roughly ¥4000 a piece as they had some customisation. Original condition obviously asks a higher price. These are from the 2015 production run according to the documentation but have been very well looked after.  As for the customisation, they had homemade internal lighting strips installed, made from some led tape, a bridge rectifier and some wires soldered to the included brass pick ups. (these coaches take n scale Kato lighting.)


I decided to remove this as although the soldering was very clean, the aesthetics were less well executed. I will use the lighting strips in some of my n scale buildings. Easily removed by dismantling the coach interior and adding a little heat to the solder until the brass pickups dropped off. 


The other addition was the application of the NGoya internal detail panels. Again, a great addition but not done to a level I felt was adding to the model so it was removed. I can only imagine how long each coach must’ve taken as there were a huge number of stickers and photo paper parts. Sadly, most could not be salvaged as the previous owner used strong double sided tape. A bit of Unicleaner worked wonders on any remaining tack. 


So they are back to a clean, factory, blank canvas condition again for the sum of just over ¥8000 and a little elbow grease. On closer inspection, there was a single piece of glazing missing from one of the connecting doors. Not a major issue as it’s not seen when the train is coupled. These seem standard parts across all Kato 24 series coaches so i’m sure I can get the Assy part if it bothers me. 




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A few HO additions over the past month. 


I already mentioned the Tomix Naha 10 in the N gauge thread. This is my second Naha from Rails of Sheffield as they seem to be difficult to find on the used market in Japan. The last run of Tomix 10 series was in 2014 and I actually need one more to construct a Nichinan formation that ran between Miyazaki and Kyoto. This seems a sensible formation for me as I already have EF58, ED76 and DF50 as well as living in Kyushu.  Not sure I could warrant ¥440,000 on a brass Tenshodo C57 though. 


As luck would have it, just mooching in my local Book Off, I found some “used” items such as an unused Kato Suha 43 with interior lighting for ¥3000, which I’ll renumber as an Oha 46. Also a Mani 60 from Nippon Seimitsu Models. This was priced at only ¥4000 as there was uncertainty in the shop whether it should’ve had tail lights. Weirdly, these included on off switches for a lighting option, although I believe the optional parts never materialised at a later date as the company closed. This example has had parts fitted very well but the dry rub decals were left unused.

It’s certainly not a terrible RTR model, some nice details especially on the underside. It has brass pickups on bogies and interior so also looks like they intended to release coach lighting too. I have read some blogs complaining of a lot of light bleed for owners that decided to add custom lighting however.


So with those few additions I now need 4 various sleeping cars, a third Naha 10 and a final Oro 11 as the train had 2. 



The final additions are a couple of 775D Runtec containers from Model Icon. These were quite pricey, roughly ¥5000 each which  I preordered from Surugaya’s website as they were the cheapest. I’ve had a few new items through them and they are quite competitive on price although only offer domestic shipping at present. Glad I preordered as these sold out very quickly across all main retailers. They are beautifully painted, have some wire bars on the side doors and have user fitted parts for the locking bars and handles on the main doors. They come with a base plate which include 4 clips that connect to the Koki. These fit perfectly to Tomix Kokis but not sure how they fair on other manufacturers. 


Last acquisition was 4 new Koki 200 from Tomix. These are the lastest release without any JRF markings. I have 2 JRF marked ones already but wanted some variation in containers. Hoping to pick up some of the Iso tanks this month and I still have a couple of Morita iso tank kits to start.

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The last of the HO preorders from 2023 have now arrived. 



First up we have the last 4 pieces of the puzzle for a full (later) Yume Kukkan Hokutosei. On first inspection, these coaches look very nice, with crisp printed details and nice interiors. Tomix are usually just a single colour mould. 



They come with the usual range of details to fit including the connecting door tensioners. The Ohanefu 25 200 comes with both a short and long diaphragm as well as a replacement coupler for use as an intermediate coach. 



The slight let down is the lack of printed “sabo” signs for the sides which instead are stickers to put on white bases rather than tampo ones you got with the Yume Kukkan. These are available as a Assy Part but you only get four for about ¥700. I initially ordered some directly from Kato to replace those on the other Hokutosei coaches needed.  Here is the choice of headmarks. Yume Kukkan, Tomamu Ski, Elm and Temporary 



I was interested in what the subtle differences were between the JNR era and JR Ohane 25-0. IMG_2796.thumb.jpeg.8aeac0411f792ed329d492813946903f.jpeg




JR top, JNR bottom. The underside is pretty much the same from what I can see. Perhaps the odd box omission. The body has slight differences, the most noticeable is the replacement to an automatic door in JR era as well as the shorter window close to the door. The JNR era also had a fire escape door at the opposite end from the door which has been removed on the JR version. The other main difference is the twin silver line for JNR and triple gold lining for JR. The interior bunk moulding colour is also different. Blue for JNR and pink for JR. 

It is quite sensible that Kato although wanting to compliment there Yume Kukkan set, have left room for other formations with their coaches. 




So here’s the formation in its entirety, minus suitable locomotive which I don’t currently own. Considering the Hokutosei colour EF81 81. I have a rose coloured JNR era one and they are nice reasonably priced locos. Also slightly tempted by the Tomix Hokutosei DD51 announcement although then I'd need 2 with a single loco costing about ¥10,000 more than the Kato EF81 at the usual discounters.


Final part of the order were 2 sets of 2 NRS 20ft ISO tank containers and some 158 kadees from the Koki 200s.

IMG_2799.thumb.jpeg.4cb77a6df78e5912fcc0c1292aebaae4.jpeg These also look very well done. Very nice printed detail. There are some fine pipes to fit but perhaps a bit of an afterthought as no location holes and it states for experienced modellers only. The instructions suggest double sided tape. Good old Tomix!! IMG_2798.thumb.jpeg.b3efb73015234b221d74e3e085baebcb.jpeg


Wondered if anyone could shed light on why Koki 104 and 107 are not stated as possible carriers for these tanks, only 106 and 200. 

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al camino

> Wondered if anyone could shed light on why Koki 104 and 107 are not stated as possible carriers for these tanks, only 106 and 200. 


I am not 100% sure but I just had all my KOKI cars out and distributed my containers to them noticing that not all types of container can be fitted to all types of KOKIs.


Have a look to the prototypical mounting and securing points. They might not fit to each container.

The model attached securing hooks offer the possibility to attach all container types - even the non prototypical ones.


Set 104, 106 and 107 side to side and compare the positions of the prototypical mounting lugs and you might see the reason.


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On 2/5/2024 at 1:56 AM, al camino said:

Set 104, 106 and 107 side to side and compare the positions of the prototypical mounting lugs and you might see the reason.

Thanks for your response @al camino It looks as if other forms of 20 ft ISO tanks are compatible with 104 and 107s so I'm now wondering if its more a load weight thing, or 106 means 106 type flat such as 104/107, although this may be better indicated by just 100 series or something.


I think I read that 107s were lighter than 106s and wonder if they would perhaps flex with this level of load. Tomix have modelled this well with their HO Kokis which can flex, raising the coupler. Perhaps it depends on the material as NRS containers do carry heavier materials such as granular and powder materials. These look like their full frame liquid carriers though so maybe are too heavy for 104s and 107s. Weirdly, the photo that Tomix used was sat over the wheels of a 107 so perhaps empty?

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Just received a coach and number of parts courtesy of Imon. Great service and packaging as ever. IMG_2875.thumb.jpeg.def78e6b5ea926944c1537c38e9e86ab.jpeg


Tenshodo Oro 11 to complete my Nichinan short formation. (Miyazaki-Miyakonojo. Just need a single Naha 10/11 for the Oita-Miyazaki formation as well as the front 3 sleepers for Kyoto- Oita. Other than a C57 and a EF30 for the tunnel, I have all locos necessary, EF58,ED76,DF50. 


Other parts


Short #153  knuckle couplers for loco coach ends, 20 and 24 series including Yume Kukkan. 


Kadee #145 overset shaft couplers (Trying to reduce coupler distance on Tenshodo 9600 front and ZM DD54s


Revolution Factory Miyakonojo destination stickers + Nichinan service stickers. 


Imon #265 Shibata style coupler for the T-Evolution Kumoru 145


Tomix HO-S07 GPS antenna. I bought a used Tomix JRF EF64 milk carton which the antenna hadn’t been fitted nor was in the box. Also missing the JRF plates under the cab but not noticeable. 


Finally a window cooler duct paper kit for my Kato EF65-2000 from Pancake Container (essentially Kofu Model) Kato omitted this detail as they used there regular EF65-1000 shell and details although they included it on their N scale versions. Hope this makes it look a little better. 



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Martijn Meerts

New loco arrived today ...





It came wrapped in a rather fancy, branded cloth wrapping.





Of course, it also came in parts...





Many, MANY parts ...





But at least 2 of these are pre-assembled, I would have to hated to build those 😄





So yeah, the EF66 early model kit arrived. The box is probably the biggest one so far, and definitely the heaviest one. There are some really heavy weights included, so when I finally get to making a layout, I need to make sure any slopes and bridges are sturdy.


The building instructions for this are pretty sparse, there's very few drawings, but on the other hand, there's quite a lot more text. Not sure when I'll start building it, but my hand are already itching to get going. Progress will of course be posted in my H0 project thread 🙂



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Kind of just started a Yume Kukan set. Ordered the MaNi 24-500 and an OHaNe 25-0.


My intention is to do this in stages to spread the cost. Next up will be an OHaNeFu and another OHaNe, then the three car set later in the year.

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7 hours ago, Welshbloke said:

Kind of just started a Yume Kukan set

Slippery Slope!


Good plan. The Ohanefu 25-200 will likely sell through before the Ohane will.  This was the case with the JNR era 25-200. I didn't think I would be able to find the other Hokutosei sleeping coaches as despite this release, Kato haven't yet announced another run, surprisingly. Hope the Hokutosei DD51s come around again too. I was just lucky on a casual peruse of my local Book Off and found the used ones. Bit annoying for the next guy who walked in to find a near complete full set of Kato Hokutosei, bar the 2 difficult to find coaches I took away.

Are you planning a Yume Kukkan Hokutosei 1993 formation?

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I'll admit I'm also thinking that if I don't manage to get the three coach pack I'll still have another short blue train for my EF65 in Express Rainbow livery to haul. I have that and the matching EF81 which will share duties, the EF81 also swaps with my EF510 on Hokutosei runs.


I think I'm aiming for the same as yours, it may be minus a coach depending what I can find though. I know it needs the MaNi 24 whatever else I add, hence grabbing that first. I may either go for the other two blue coaches or the three car pack next, but it'll be late next month either way.


I already have one of the cars it shares with the Hokutosei (the one with the duplex bunks at one end) so that'll be shared between the two unless an incredible deal pops up. If I can find the ORoNe that'll be the same arrangement (my Hokutosei is short of that and two of the three OHaNe 25-560s, as I've concentrated on a representative formation with one of everything).

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The 3 car sets are still around and I would definitely keep an eye on prices. I'm not sure whether the take up was as popular as first envisaged. I think its a good set of coaches, but the RRP was silly for what's in the box.

Yep some nice painting, printed pieces and some lighting effects on 2 of the coaches, but the yen equivalent of 265 quid RRP is a lot for the 3 when the regular blue coaches can be had for around 35 quid each. Ami Ami still has stock for ¥34,650 which is neither a bargain, nor terrible.

To be perfectly honest, when it's running around, your eyes are drawn to the 3 end coaches anyway so you could get away with any blue Hokutosei-esque coaches.


The Kato EF65 in Rainbow Livery is a long lost treasure that is rare to find a good one on the used market here. As you have the EF81 too, it'll look amazing.  I still haven't invested in a suitable locomotive. I do like the standard Hokutosei EF81 and the Rainbow, I'd prefer it if I knew I could get the matching EF65 and I'm not convinced I need 3 including the JNR pink one I have. The Rainbow colour version looks a lot brighter making the train look a bit more regal.

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I was lucky enough that one appeared in that huge collection of JDM HO Rails acquired a few years ago. I don't think it had even turned a wheel, the detailing sprues were still wrapped under the inner tray. Did have an interesting problem with noisy running which I traced to a driveshaft coupling being pressed too far onto one bogie worm shaft, a quick twist with a screwdriver to nudge it out a bit and it's silent. Also why I bought the EF81 in that livery so as to have the pair.


There is an ebay seller in Japan offering new Yume Kukans for £230-ish including post, if they have any left in late April I'll grab one. I know the seller is honest as I bought a used GPS module for my DSLR from them last week which turned up on time, works perfectly, and the only sign of use is it's a bit shiny on top.

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The first four coaches for a Yume Kukan have arrived. Will be giving them some exercise on the club layout tomorrow evening behind the EF81 and will try to shoot some video at the same time.


One question though, does anyone else's MaNi 24-500 have an over-length coupler on the inner end? The gap between it and the OHaNe 25 is about twice as wide as the gaps between the other coaches, and looking closely it's definitely the MaNi which has the problem. The coupler head needs to come back in by about the thickness of the gangway bellows moulding.

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Pardon if this belongs elsewhere.
I ordered cheaply and quickly received these back issues of Hobby of Model Railroading, Japan's oldest railway hobby publication. It's certainly making learning Japanese more fun for me. It contains much subject matter on both Japanese and foreign model railways and manufacturers and is a pleasant time capsule of sorts to look back at in model railroading history.
Of course it focuses on N gauge, but also much has been written in this periodical on HO, OJ gauge and live steam sizes, which is why I love re-reading these already!
I have more issues from later years in color still to come.

S__67444817.thumb.jpg.bfdb0b9a4839264660da47e2e4c34137.jpg How I love to be a part of this hobby of model railroading/railway modeling. 

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Found a Katsumi 0 series for little money.

No original boxes but the models look pretty nice considering their age, only missing two pantographs and one damaged. Anyone know if there are replacements available?


Mechanically it's not so nice. The three motors are tired. Probably didn't ran in ages. Waiting for my new bottle of isopropyl to arrive and then hoping that some good scrubbing and fresh oil does the trick. 🤞🤞

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1 hour ago, Suica said:

Anyone know if there are replacements available?

Katsumi do have some spares at places like Imon. You could look through Imon’s website, you may be able to find something suitable. I’m not sure what the type of pantograph used, just lower cross type.


Here’s one example of a similar lower type PT48 although not sure it’s exactly suitable for the 0,

Used on Kintetsu 12200 series amongst others. 




Zoukei Mura also produced the 0. They do stock spares but you’d have to go through a model shop if you’re not in Japan. You may be able to contact them directly if you can arrange shipping to a Japanese address/shop. Slightly more costly solution as you’d need to cover the domestic shipping too.  

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@SL58654号 nice, love those old periodicals! Our club has 6 big boxes of that and a few other modeling and prototype Japanese publications from the 50s to 90s, it was a big donation to the club from a transit collector’s estate. I love flipping thru them even though I don’t read a character or japanese!



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The past few months I was into american O-gauge, good fun to play with. But then there was a 1999.co.jp newsletter, which made me think about building a small japanese HO display (unfortunately, there's no space for a full layout left). 


Need a drink? 


1/83 vending machine


This is amazing! I ordered the Coca Colo (note the wrong spelling), the Asaki (wrong spelling, too), a refrigerated showcase, a restaurant display with plastic dishes and a matching restaurant building. A few things are already on the way, the venidng machines will take another few weeks. 



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