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Hello, I'm yaasan from Japan. I'm developing DCC command station and related devices.

I would like to introduce our great DCC sound Project "OPEN SOUND DATA".


This project provides Japanese train sound for free of charge! These sound data requires ESU's LokSound V4 and 5 series as you know.

If you have ESU's lokprogrammer and LokSound decoders, you can install it now!


English page:



Japanese language page:



Also we are developing "ExpBoard" series which is installation kit for Japanese Train model (Tomix, KATO, Green Max etc.).


HO scale board for KATO:



N scale board:



HO scale generic use:



Please try OPEN SOUND DATA now! If you have a question, let me know.

Thank you for interest.


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Thank you for reply!


Currently we have some stocks. We will release these sound files until end of this year.

Especcially, Old Japanese diesel sounds will be mainly released. 


I would like you to know what generation of train is popular in worldwide.

In Japan, JNR(before 1990) is popular. Our main sound target is this generation.


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Wow, I cant believe I missed this.  This is big!  Now to start converting my Japanese models to sound.


I found some blog posts of people using said sounds showing how to do installs as well, I may try their C59 type to see how well they work in N scale steam locomotives.  


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Thank you Yaasan!  The 12 series passenger car sound is interesting, will that be available as a separate file at some point?

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You can sperate to the part of sound to the other sound file.

Try to copy and paste on the LokProgrammer.


The sound file is not locked. You can customize freely.

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Thanks yaasan!  I currently don't have a C58 (yet) but I'll be using this for my 12 series coaches! 

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I have just released JR Hokkaido kiha 283 Diesel Express sound data for ESU LokSound5 series.

Kiha 283 is decreasing at Hokkaido because kiha 261 series are increasing instead of kiha 283.




*kiha261 and kiha 281 sound data is also available.  Please see the following page and download it.








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I uploaded the following sound data for ESU LokSound5 series.





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