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I often use the following Speakers. You can get the followings in Digikey or MOUSER electronics parts web store.

  • PUI Audio CES-26138-16L030 (HO)
  • PUI Audio ASE02506MS-LW90-DSM-R
  • ASE02808MR-LW150-R
  • DB Unlimited SM150808-8 15x11mm 1.5W  (N scale or very tiny space of HO Loco)


My Sound data focuses only ESU's LokSound5 because ESU LokSound5 seems the best sound decoder in world wide. ZIMO seems not the best because Sound Editor seems cheap and not enough functionality. In Japan, ZIMO decoders are not popular and we don't have a chance to buy in Japanese model railway store.

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Thanks Yaasan!  This is very exciting news.  I'll be picking up some for my trains shortly.

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On 6/20/2021 at 10:46 PM, yaasan said:

JR East E127 Toyo GTO & IGBT VVVF sound data for ESU LokSound5 series are now available.


Toyo IGBT VVVF (Current, updated)



Toyo GTO VVVF(old, non updated)



i gather from a bit of searching that the E127 uses the same motor bogies as the 701 series, how similar would the sounds be between the 2 classes (i have a Aoimori 701), (or do you perchance have a 701 set in the pipeline)




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Hello ian,


701 series are a little complex.


701 first version is Mitsubishi's Power Transistor VVVF. This sound is similar with 209 series.

701 updated version is Mitsubishi's IGBT VVVF. Not Toyo IGBT VVVF which E127 and E129 uses.



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I got so much excited by this project, that I bought an ESU programmer and a sound decoder for testing. I'm still learning how to manage the software, but my first objective is to create a sound project for the Greenmax tamping machine. I have some of the original sounds of this model, let's see how it goes... I will keep you informed.


Thanks so much for promoting this initiative!!



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Hi! Finally I did it!!


I made my first sound project for the Greenmax Multiple Tie Tamper 09-16. You can check in my blog how I did the DCC conversion in detail and download the sound project: http://www.clubncaldes.com/2021/08/greenmax-multiple-tie-tamper-09-16-dcc.html


@yaasan, please feel free to download it and share it through your page if you find it has the minimum quality needed. Sorry if this is not the case, as I wrote this is my first sound project. 😅


You can check a video with a sound demonstration here:




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