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Do you enjoy OPEN SOUND DATA?


If you use ESU58731 LokSOund5 micro DCC Kato Japan, please be careful to install decoder to your locomotive. Isolation is very important. Some DCC friendly locomotive does not match with ESU58731 because this decoder has high electronics parts on the pcb. 


I write some information to install. Please check.




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William Sparks

Thanks so very much for taking on this project. Please consider developing a Loksound V4 version of the DD51 sound files. I look forward to using several of your files in my future projects. Thanks again and take care.  :-)

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We are currently developing original DCC sound decoder which based Raspberry pi MCU "RP2040". This decoder can customize using "Sound Flow" CSV program.


Please see demo video as the following tweet. 




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I am developing original sound decoder. Our original sound decoder will support OPEN SOUND DATA.


The following video is N-scale our decoder demonstration. The train sound is Meitetsu 2000 series in Aichi Pref.

Installed decoder is SmileSound Mini Next18 prototype sound decoder. See attached photo.



SSD_ Next18_表.jpg

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