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Tomytec - New Releases

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So true. I'm not amoosed. This has gone whey too far. We need a more cow-operative environment. We're not just going to Cow-tow to Serotta's whims!!!

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Well... you guys know what i'm gonna get! 


Which brings me to the next point, there seems to be quite alot of new releases of articulated buses.... shouldnt there be a re-release of the moving articulated bus sets? Mine just broke down due to a long hiatus in the box..... Now the articulated buses are not able to run..... 

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Das Steinkopf
On 10/8/2020 at 8:08 PM, JR 500系 said:

Well... you guys know what i'm gonna get!

Buses, buses and more buses, if it’s not that then there is always some nice shiny new Joyful Train that you will desire 😝😝😝😝

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@Clayton, they‘ll be released in May. However there already is a similar box with motor- and bicycle riders out there by Tomytec, you should be able to find it on HobbySearch 🙂

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March announcements - everything scheduled for July release

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18 minutes ago, katem said:

March announcements - everything scheduled for July release


Thanks! You all know what i'm gonna get!  🙂

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1 minute ago, cteno4 said:

The gas holder, right?!




Close enough but nope... I'm getting the sign boards ~

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Gordon Werner

Interesting that TomyTec is releasing the Eizan DeNa21s with pantographs ...


they have previously released the DeNa21s with trolley poles (exclusive for Eizan Railway) units 21/22 (box was printed incorrectly as 121 & 23)


I have updated the google sheet listed in my signature.


attached are photos of the previous release that I have








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Looks like Tomytec bus drives are coming back. Go to 31.44. Poor Sammy will need to drive more hours on his buses.



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I haven't got one, but I'm very impressed by the idea of the moving bus system. It seems very flexible and to have a good range of features.

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