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Tomytec - New Releases

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Good to see as the rear doors are not openable just replace with an ope or closed version.



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Oh wow that's impressive indeed! Wonder what the secret will be? 🙂


Will this spell a new era for the buses too? Maybe a bus terminal diorama with open bus doors? I really hope so!!  😛

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5 hours ago, Das Steinkopf said:

I am actually visualising Sammy wetting his pants in joy with this new release, all his Toei dreams have come at once.




Hang on, let me go change my Komachi underpants before replying!  🙂


Now the question is how many sets to order?  😛

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Here are a list of Tomytec items up for pre-orders too:


■「鉄道コレクション JRキハ125 2両セット」製品化予告!!(2020/9/10) 


■「鉄道コレクション 第30弾」製品化予告!!(2020/9/10)


■「鉄道コレクション 東武鉄道8000系8114編成更新車6両セット」製品化予告!!(2020/9/10)

■「鉄道コレクション 東武鉄道8000系8501編成更新車2両セット」製品化予告!!(2020/9/10)

■「鉄道コレクション 東武鉄道8000系8564編成2両セット」製品化予告!!(2020/9/10)


■「鉄道コレクション 横浜高速鉄道Y000系 こどもの国線(通常色)2両セット」製品化予告!!(2020/9/10)

■「鉄道コレクション 横浜高速鉄道Y000系 こどもの国線(うしでんしゃ)2両セット」製品化予告!!(2020/9/10)


■「ザ・バスコレクション ジェイアールバス関東連節バス」製品化予告!!(2020/9/10)


■「ザ・バスコレクション アルピコ交通 創立100周年記念ラッピングバス」製品化予告!!(2020/9/10)


■「ザ・バスコレクション ジェイアール東海バス ありがとう 日野セレガR 2台セット」製品化予告!!(2020/9/10)



The Hino Kanto articulated bus is mighty NICE!!! 

Is it just me or is there more and more articulated buses popping up in Japan?  😛

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5 hours ago, EdF said:

What is the cow train?


It is a train used by the Yokohama Minatomirai Railway and Tokyu on the Kodomono Kuni line, basically just 3 stations from Nagatsuta (transfer station with Tokyu and JR Yokohama line), Onda to terminal Kodomonokuni:



The video clip is so mmmmooooooooo-ving... Sorry i just had to add in the puns ~  🙂


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Well I guess everyone needs their dairy dose of humour.


Anyway I think that answers the question of where to take the Squidlet this weekend.

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2 hours ago, railsquid said:

Well I guess everyone needs their dairy dose of humour.


Anyway I think that answers the question of where to take the Squidlet this weekend.


Yeah it's simply a kids paradise! But i wonder if the (うしでんしゃ)is still mmmoooooving ~  😛


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