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Found 13 results

  1. On Thursday (12.14.2023), Changming is releasing a new batch of DF4Bs. The specs are similar to their recent DF4s and DF4Ds. The locomotives come with a next18 DCC pin socket as well as lighted engine room in DC and metal handrails. I have the authorization from Changming to share their product pictures.
  2. Been awhile since the last news of a big sale of rolling stock for export. 12x12 car sets of N700s to THSR. full article: https://japannews.yomiuri.co.jp/business/economy/20230317-97865/ JR Tokai TV CM promoting the introduction of service of the N700s two years ago:
  3. I came across this website with this railroad that has some interesting equipment. http://www.netlaputa.ne.jp/~kotora/rail/taiw/kamotu2.html Unfortunately, the script is rendered into ascii gibberish for me, so I’m unable to use a translator. Can anyone identify the railroad and location? I suspect it might be in Taiwan, using Japanese equipment.
  4. This thread is for other asian brands (non-japanese) product announcements and new releases. Information is really sparse, so I thought I make a topic out of it. All items in this thread are N Gauge unless otherwise specified. July 2019 announcement: Taiwan Friendship Train 1M1T 2 part loco set in "Kansai Airport Express" livery, Taiwan $ 10800 excluding shipping and handling. If you don't have a source, you can purchase it through this link
  5. Hi, my name is Wei and I am the founder of the startup GUNG-HO! Miniatures. We have recently released a set of 2 N scale structures, including our railway warehouse kit for the Taiwan Railway. These kits, especially the railway warehouse were often found in Taiwan and based on Japanese architectural styling during the colonial period. They will look quite at home in a Japanese railway setting, mainly because of its design origins from Japan. Railway Warehouse This style of railway warehouses were a common track-side structure in many Taiwanese stations that handled freight. The design of the structure was carefully referenced after Taiwan Railway's Neiwan Branch. It comes with a distinctive Japanese feature, end walls that extend to cover the roof and awnings to protect against the spread of fire. One or two would look good in a siding serving a pair of short boxcars. Little Red Brick House The brick house fits the theme of and branch lines, often scattered across farmland and rice paddies. I have painstakingly hand carved the brick details and included a little side house that could be attached to any of the walls for extra detail. Station Push Cart Our station push cart is an intricate laser-cut kit that would look great in a station setting with a couple hanging around platforms. The kit can be assembled in a matter of minutes with super-glue. However, painting before assembly is recommended then followed by a touch up with a toothpick. Comes in a pack of 2 per kit. The kits are cast in fine white Hydrostone/ Ultrastone, a material tougher than plaster, easily painted with acrylics, and sculpt-able with a hobby knife. Both kits feature intricate laser-cut windows, however, the warehouse comes with cast resin doors. We offer both an updated version with one piece roofs and original versions that requires more assembly. You can find the details on my Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/gunghominiatures or through our Taiwanese site at www.gunghominiatures.com. Please note we ship from Canada and our Taiwanese site can only ship to Taiwan or Japan. All other orders please visit the Etsy store. Feel free to leave any questions :glasses2: Stay tuned, more releases to come. Cheers,
  6. Part of a former JR East 583 series will be preserved in the railway museum in Taipei. Strangely enough, it concerns only intermediate cars MoHaNe 582-106 and MoHaNe 583-106. Source: https://response.jp/article/2017/11/20/302721.html
  7. JR Shikoku will paint an 8000 series in TRA livery, and TRA will paint an 800 type in JR Shikoku 8000 livery: https://trafficnews.jp/post/66414/
  8. http://the-japan-news.com/news/article/0003461096
  9. Today Taiwan Railway Adminstration revealed an E1000 express train in Tobu Moude Spacia livery. Because of the partnership between both railways, Tobu previously painted a 200 series in TRA TEMU 2000 livery. Images: https://twitter.com/a_lightwind/status/782770229256396800 https://twitter.com/shouon1994/status/782766278096191488
  10. Another collaboration between Taiwan's TRA and a Japanese private railway, in this case Tobu. A 200 series Ryomo trainset was given the wrapping treatment, the design inspired by TRA's TEMU 2000 Puyuma. Revenue service will begin this Friday. This trainset is planned to be used daily on two to three round trip services. Information of which Ryomo services will use this trainset will be released every Monday. At Kasukabe and Tobu Dobutsukoen Stations this Monday, on a test run: Article with many pictures: http://news.mynavi.jp/news/2016/06/14/328/
  11. TRA has a EMU 700 trainset in Keikyu colors, running from May 12, celebrating the sister railway ties it has with Keikyu. Keikyu has one of its 2100 series in TRA colors, running since February. The Keikyu-inspired color scheme is based on the 800 series "daruma" trains used for local services.
  12. apparently recent storms led to rusting and subsequent malfunction of detection sensors.
  13. http://the-japan-news.com/news/article/0001256520
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