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Found 25 results

  1. A rare bird. JR Hokkaido's new MAYA35-1 track inspection car, built at Hitachi Kasado Works, should be arriving at Teine by Friday the 12th. Off the top of my head I don't recall the last track inspection vehicle built. It seems like it's been a while. http://railf.jp/news/2017/05/09/120000.html video by Ayokoi by Watanabe Yo at Kyoto Station by tobu8111f at Akita (gettin' there!) by Masaharu Aono https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xJEPp09_Og edit: additional vids
  2. In conjunction with Kudamatsu City promoting itself as a manufacturing city, Hitachi demonstrated a rare daylight road haulage of a class 800 bodyshell destined for the U.K. along public streets. https://youtube.com/watch?v=9MSUAGrNX7U
  3. Of possible interest to members in Japan. Topics to be covered: the Hitachi IEP class 800 project team, steel wheel production, twilight express mizukaze and how bathtub water won't spill in a train, JR Freight and its on-time record of 94%. Next Saturday from 9pm on BS3 (satellite) domestic only. Repeat broadcast of the previous episode (originally broadcast last March) will be on same day from 11am. http://www.nhk.or.jp/docudocu/program/9999/1623466/index.html
  4. bikkuri bahn

    Hitachi Rail world business

    Good article, especially the section about the integration of AnsaldoBreda. http://www.railjournal.com/index.php/rolling-stock/hitachi-builds-momentum-in-global-market.html
  5. JR East's new battery electric multiple unit model on its way from Hitachi's Kasado factory to JRE territory. I wonder if JR Kyushu owns any rights to that carbody design. No good YT vids of it stopped anywhere yet. by Masaharu Aono by KENKENKAICHO by yuuya0381 at Okayama, lots of cabinets (batteries?) under the blue car by cookie 99 at Shin-Kurashiki, viewing the opposite side as the video above. I thought the red car would have those cabinets on this side, but no.
  6. Official video, this shows the unit running under diesel power: Test run under electric power between Reading and Didcot, at speeds up to 200km/h. This is the first time a train has run using the newly installed catenary: http://www.railwaygazette.com/news/infrastructure/single-view/view/electric-test-train-runs-on-great-western-main-line.html
  7. A short video showing a Hankyu shin 1000 series being assembled at Hitachi's Kasado plant. Some other educational points in the latter half of the video, courtesy of the railway museum in Saitama.
  8. In the next few days there will be the announcement of the winners of the biggest train bid in Italy a €4.5 Billion contract for 500 trains that will finally replace some museum trains we still have around the contract was divided in 3 sections 300 trains with at least 600 seats 150 trains with at least 450 seats 50 diesel trains Alstom seems to have won the 150 trains with 450 seats Stadler won the 50 diesel trains (it was the only bidder) Alstom and Hitachi (ex Ansaldo Breda) are close for the 300 trains with 600 seats in the next 3-5 years there will be more mo
  9. Intriguing development: http://www.financialexpress.com/article/economy/railways-floats-r2500-crore-tender-for-high-speed-train-sets/93836/ I wonder if the Japanese rolling stock builders will leverage their experience of building emu sleeper trains (285 series and antecedent designs) to gain a marketing advantage.
  10. A little bit more info about this proposed rolling stock design: http://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/Hitachi-looks-beyond-bullet-trains-in-export-push *apparently this design will be independent of systems/rolling stock designed around the shinkansen concept
  11. bikkuri bahn

    Monorail system for Panama

  12. Just a tidbit from the tail end of a Sankei article, but it was revealed that Hitachi Rail has been working on a rolling stock design proposal to pitch to London Underground. The project was started three years ago. It is projected that around three thousand carriages will have to be replaced in the 2020~2030 timeframe. The projected design will have airconditioning (a first apparently), as well as walk-through (open gangway) carriages. http://www.sankei.com/economy/news/150903/ecn1509030032-n1.html
  13. http://www.europeanrailwayreview.com/24206/rail-industry-news/hitachi-presents-3d-film-footage-of-conceptual-high-speed-train/
  14. Being towed through a station. *why aren't there more videos of this, given the number of enthusiasts in the UK? If this was Japan, you would probably have three or four video versions of the same train at the same location/time, by different people.
  15. Interesting factoid from a Nikkei Business online article. It's estimated for the period 2014~2019, Hitachi Rail will hold top market share in the new railway carriage market in the UK. For this period Hitachi currently has 1273 carriages in the order books, while Siemens has 1140, and Bombardier 943. The article, an interview with CEO Alistair Dormer, continues with discussion of corporate philosphy etc. http://business.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/report/15/070200015/070600002/?P=1
  16. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/rob-magazine/eric-reguly-goes-inside-bombardiers-belissima-train-division/article25075865/
  17. Company video featuring the manufacture of rolling stock at the Kasado Plant:
  18. For forum members in Japan, you may want to tune into the TV Tokyo program "Miraiseiki Jipangu", Monday 10pm. The program topic will be Japanese export trains. The one hour program will be divided into three parts: 1.Thailand- old blue train rolling stock and SL. Bangkok Metro rolling stock built by Jtrec. 2.UK- Class 395 and IEP. 3.USA- DC metro and KHI, New York subway interior design by Japanese. http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/zipangu/
  19. Came across this on Hitachi Rail Europe's website. Added in the last few months? Just a concept for now. Note the 500 serieslike paint scheme. Aiming for the HS2 market? http://www.hitachirail-eu.com/at400---very-high-speed_154.html
  20. NHK news report: http://youtu.be/E8Jaxq2LblQ
  21. *Mainly posted here for the interesting part about the difference between European and Japanese (or at least Hitachi) rolling stock designs WRT customer specifications. http://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/Hitachi-throws-down-gauntlet-to-top-3-train-makers Note also this bit:
  22. Mock-ups of the interiors of these units. Starting from 1:55 a brief video of the frames being built at Hitachi Kasado, and a still shot of a carbody. http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/update/2014-05-28/trains-of-the-future-unveiled-for-the-thames-valley/
  23. An old Hitachi color film, unfortunately suffers from color shift, but very informative about the civil engineering of this monorail line. Also scenes of railcar construction at the Kasado factory starting at 9:00. *h/t to quashlo at ssc forum for this find
  24. I think I may have posted this video before, but it's a nice Hitachi PR film worth seeing again, about the introduction of the 20 series rolling stock on the Asakaze overnight service between Tokyo and Hakata. This rolling stock, along with the 151 series ltd. express emu, the kiha 80 dmu, and 101/103 series, came to symbolize the modernization of Japanese railways and indeed a symbol of postwar recovery (culminating in the 0 series shinkansen). To the average passenger circa 1958, seeing these smooth welded steel designs pull up to the platform for the first time must have been
  25. Here's an interesting one I found through the jiji.com link that Bill posted in Gmat's Start of a Holiday Season thread. I saw a small thumbnail of this building, so I had to click :). It was built in 1938 by Tokyo Gas Electric, but the following year that company merged with Hitachi, and the facility was then used to supply electricity to Hitachi Aircraft's Tachikawa engine factory. As you can see in the pictures, it was bombed but not directly hit, apparently between February and April of 1945. It continued to operate as a substation until 1993. The surrounding Metropolitan Higashiyamato Min
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