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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Fans, In 2013, having a day off in Germany in the middle of the week when I was working for a customer in Düsseldorf, I've decided to go to Bochum Dahlhausen Railway Museum. It's a particular nice museum, esp. out of weekend days. They've lot of locotomotives, cars stored waiting for being refurbished etc .... The've also quite interesting "prototypes" (I let you triple click on the pictures to go to the max size and see details despite I've resized them to lower the impact on JNS site storage) This "Schienenbus" (litterally Railbus) An interesting DMV ("Schienen-Straßen-Omnibus") And this incredible "Tunnelmesswagen", thus a tunnel measuring service engine (Bo Bo) also known as "tunnel's hedgehog". and identified in Wikipedia as DB 712 001. I have a couple of pictures of steam locs (cold) as well as roundhouse etc ... I can post too. JM
  2. The long awaited Romance Car museum will open next month, April 19. Located in Ebina. Admission for adults will be 900 yen. At the moment, by reservation only. Official website: https://www.odakyu.jp/romancecarmuseum/ press release: https://www.odakyu.jp/romancecarmuseum/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/museum_release.pdf
  3. While gathering more info for my Japanese vacation that will happen someday, I happened upon this Wikipedia article. This is another new museum within JR West's operating area, apparently to be operated by them and to open around the same time as the new Umekoji museum. Some of the rolling stock is from the Osaka Modern Transportation Museum. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsuyama_Railroad_Educational_Museum https://www.westjr.co.jp/press/article/2015/10/page_7843.html
  4. http://the-japan-news.com/news/article/0003461096
  5. Last week I visited the Tobu Railway museum in Higashi Mukojima. It was probably the fourth or fifth time for me. What keeps me coming back? It's probably the best private railway museum in the nation, given its size. One of the highlights is Tobu's first electric railcar, the deha 1 type. Unlike many other museums displaying rolling stock of this vintage, you can tour the interior and sit down on the seats.
  6. Apologies if this has been posted before, but I noticed that Google Street View (or more accurately, interior view) lets you roam around inside JR East's museum in Omiya, Saitama. Notice that in the lower right of your browser you can choose between three floors and the roof. Useful for those of us who can't seem to get that Japanese vacation organized :) :( https://www.google.com/maps/@35.9205395,139.6182968,3a,75y,182.93h,85.24t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stcl8JMA9XN9JNmg0VxQw8A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1
  7. A simulator for an e5 shinkansen train is on display for visitor use at the California State Railroad Museum. It was provided by JR East, as part of a special exhibition on hsr. https://www.instagram.com/p/-SlpBDxoYc/ http://www.csrmf.org/component/content/article/55-events-exhibits-train-rides/477-fast-tracks-the-world-of-high-speed-rail
  8. Have we decided on whether we're writing KUHANE or KuHaNe? Anywho, KuHaNe 581-53, which is now all that's left of JR West 583 series formation B6, had been stored at Suita since its last Kitaguni run, a seasonal service sometime around new year 2013. It's now at Umekoji, to be displayed at the Kyoto Railway Museum that's set to open in a little over a year. It has been restored to its JNR-era livery, and as you can see in the link, JNR emblems have been put in place below the cab windows, as they would have been. http://railf.jp/news/2015/02/15/193000.html on a related note, it looks like the old Modern Transportation Museum domain is hosting a page for the new museum: http://www.mtm.or.jp/kyoto
  9. Here are two good videos of an open day sort of event at Umekoji. Ayokoi's video features a still image of an informational panel with some English before showing the engine itself. Karibajct's video has some scenes inside the roundhouse, filmed from on top of something about as tall as a locomotive or tender, it's an interesting view of the interior. by ayokoi by karibajct
  10. In 2017, JR East will update and expand its Railway Museum near Omiya Station. It will be the museum's 10th anniversary, and 30th anniversary of the establishment of the company itself. Built south of the existing structure, the addition will raise the museum's total display space to 14,800 square meters, about 1.5 times its present size. There will be various themes including work, history, the future, and travel in the context of railways, in addition to the main hall's themes of rolling stock and science, presenting a variety of view points on the history of railways and people. The "work" themed area will include E5 and 400 series shinkansen rolling stock, as well as a new E5 simulator with a dramatic, high resolution panorama-sized screen. http://railf.jp/news/2014/11/06/173000.html
  11. As discussed here http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/7717-osaka-modern-transportation-museum-to-close-april-6-2014 , the Osaka Modern Transportation Museum will close April 6, 2014, and its contents (some amount of it, anyway) will move to JR West's new museum at Umekoji, which is to open in 2016. The video below is by YT uploader KENKENKAICHO, who has quite a lot of Kansai private railway material, particularly Kintetsu. In this video, it appears that the museum is having a sort of special exhibit, "Shuzohin Collection: Bakuryoten." I don't have a good translation of that, particularly the second word , but I'm thinking that these items were maybe in storage, not part of the regular display, and the don't want them to get moldy (based on that second word). The plates in English from New York and Pennsylvania ironworks might have come from the Amarube Viaduct, I think some of the technical drawings shown are of its structure. It was rebuilt in concrete in the last few years, but the previous structure was around 100 years old. I hope all of this will go to the new JR West museum, it looks like a very interesting group of items.
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