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JR 500系

I look to be running out of trains to buy, which really, is a good thing for me~ I've never gone through a month of Kato, Tomix, Tomytec and MA release news without the burning desire to pre-order something immediately, and Oct 2022 seems to be it! Except of cause that one bus set but buses dont count since they are a necessity. 


Fingers crossed for the GM news.... 

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Maybe Tomix needs to change the wave length on the subliminal  message, "Buy trains Sammy! Buy trains Sammy! Buy trains Sammy! Oh hell, buy buses Sammy!"

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That looks like 10 ~ 20% across the range. As AFAIK they make most of it in China, presumably the effects of the yen's nosedive as well as the other current factors need to be priced in...

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one more... well I hope only to not replicate the K47 history (5..6.. boh? I forgot 😂 )


from Tomix poster I saw good news, the mold will be modified for matching the E52/E69 series (small display)

but nothing about panto shield predisposition reproduced on Kato model rooftop, I hope they do it the same

form speedsphere...






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