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Hamamachi Station Mk2


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Thanks for the pointer. It wasn't so much weathering, rather using a bit of acrylic to hide the white edges of the paper on the roof etc.

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I often run a suitably coloured piece of pastel chalk along the edges before construction as there is less chance of bleeding or swelling of the card.

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13 hours ago, Grant_T said:

Thanks for the pointer. It wasn't so much weathering, rather using a bit of acrylic to hide the white edges of the paper on the roof etc.

I tend to use a Copic alcohol based marker to colour the edges. Works a treat.





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Back from Japan. Was an epic trip, loads of trains, food, sake, race tracks, museums, okonomiyaki, sake. Bought a few things: enough unitrack to last a fair few modules, and this from Sekiya hobby shop in Fukushima, who were very accommodating.






And this:



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A little more progress. Things have really slowed down with winter and a lot of work to get through.






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Getting close to this being reasonably finished. The fence needs some weathering and a few more bushes on that edge, and lots of little details to come.




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This layout looks really great now with vegitation starting to spread everywhere.


Natural morning or evening sun light can cause magical moments on a layout.

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Thanks, I'm largely happy with how it has turned out, though there are a few things I will change. In the past I've sold my completed layouts but I'm going to keep this one to take to shows. I'm going to start something else this summer, probably December when work calms down.

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Hi Grant I'm a bit late to the build of your layout but I think its pretty awesome. 

I like the progression pictures of how it grew over time, Thanks for letting us be part of your layout 

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Good news and bad news. Summer is on the horizon and the garage is a much more appealing place to be, so I envisage getting a lot more modelling done. The bad news is that I fractured my wrist and will spend at least another couple of weeks in a cast.

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Back from Japan with lots of shopping for the new layout.




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More work on detailing. I also repainted my rocks to make them look a little more organic. Also, the Tomix rail buses are cute; the platform chairs are wildly out of scale; the Kato figures are excellent; and finally, electrification is coming to Hamamachi station. 😐




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Knocked these up quickly from styrene. Not perfect, but they will do.




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More detail work this weekend. The Kato figures really are excellent. Really expressive poses and nicely painted. These are really zoomed in photos of course.










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I'm pleased to announce that Hamamachi Station will be appearing at Japan Fiesta on Saturday March 2nd at Riccarton Racecourse. Come along! The event looks awesome too with lots of Japanese arts, crafts and food. It is run by the local Japanese community.

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