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Hamamachi Station Mk2


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As detailed in my other thread, Hamamachi Station is no more. So onto the next version of the layout. I had several criteria for this layout:


1. It needed to be more portable than the first version.

2. It would use Kato Unitrack and be a simple loop track plan.

3. It could be completed in four months so it could be shown at the NZ model rail convention in October.


These criteria set some pretty tight constraints. The layout would have to be simple, but avoid looking toy-like, as Unitrack layouts tend to do. The obvious solutions to disguising a simple loop are view blocks, discrete scenes, tunnels, and a varied topography.


I took leave from work for the last week, and part of that was spent in a very cold garage putting together the basic benchwork for this small layout. My progress:












I'm almost done with the carpentry, so should be able to move inside soon for the rest of the build. This needs to be finished by the second week of October. Can I do it?


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10 hours ago, katoftw said:

Why the seven sides over regular 4?


Mostly aesthetics as I wanted to avoid the train on a board look. The shape also conforms to the scenery. I was going to build it with curved sides but didn't have enough of the thin ply needed for that.

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My shopping arrived and I also moved the layout inside.




This is usually my music room, so it's a bit cramped:




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Hmmmm. One of the switches seems defective. I could give the rail a tap but I suspect it would break the plastic.




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It looks like the out rail has shifted along the sleepers. You should be able to push it back into place by first, removing the Unijoiner with the blue tool you get in your V sets (the one that's not a re-railer) and using something flat like a metal rule, perpendicular to the rail end to push it back into place. 



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Just use a pair of needle nose pliers to try and push it back. I’ve adjusted rails in unitrak pieces that have been out of alignment like this. The rail slides pretty easily through the plastic hold downs. I’ve made many custom length Unitrak pieces by cutting out a section of roadbed in the middle of a piece of track and sliding one end piece of roadbed back against the other end and nipping off the extending rails flush.



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Moving on with some progress from the station side. Sorry the pictures are a bit dark but I tend to take a picture when I am finished for the evening.




More to come!

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