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TV Aichi special on JR Tokai's Nagoya Shops


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Produced by TV Aichi, this is a tour of JR Tokai's Nagoya repair facility, just a few kilometers southwest of Nagoya Station itself.


Video 1 starts with a front view video of the out-of-service run from just north of Nagoya Station, through Nagoya Depot, and on to the shop gate.  Other interesting scenes in this video include inspection of a car interior, how they mark problems that they find, and a few shots of Aonami and Aichi Loop Railway rolling stock which JR Tokai works on under contract.



In video 2, paint shops and wheel/axle/truck work.



Video 3, very interesting.  In particular, around 5:15 a mock driver's stand used for testing DMUs, in this case a KIHA 85.  Not only do I want to hook this up to Densha de GO, notice the blur over some kind of read outs or controls.  Later, around 9:00, a nighttime run on their conventional line Dr. Yellow.  Again, starting around 12:10, lots of blurred out displays.  Hmm.  Although I'm curious about what they're obscuring, I'm more interested in who they're hiding it from.  Who cares?  It really baffles me in the case of the driver's stand.  With all due respect it doesn't look like cutting edge hardware.  Although still it would be absolutely sick to connect it to Densha de GO.



Google map centered on the shop: https://www.google.com/maps/@35.1536699,136.8685014,476m


Previous TV Aichi special here:


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At least for the Dr. Yellow or track inspection vehicles, the blurring was likely to prevent stealing of proprietary data or techniques (by the usual suspect)- you often see this blurring on TV coverage of the small manufacturing companies (machi kouba) who have some innovative, one of a kind type of machinery. Dunno about the driving stand- maybe just overly cautious or it may reveal too much about the speeds of particular operations.

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