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Akita Mountain

Tom C

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8 hours ago, cteno4 said:

Beautiful Tom!

Well thank you Jeff. There is a lot of beautiful things to be found in Japanese culture and it would be a crime not to include some of them in my modeling.


8 hours ago, cteno4 said:

You don’t cheat, do you?!

Wabe-sabi is as much a prosess of creation as an out come.


For the record, you can see a tiny part of roof under the rock overhand that is not covered by snow. You would need to be double jointed to do so but it is there !

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Through his eyes the sky looked angry, the clouds interacting like lace monsters.
What is the roll of perception ?

Such meanderings as he makes his lofty pilgrimage to the pagoda.

He had heard of monks drying icy wet sheets draped over their sholders, by perceiving them to be warm.
True, or are the monks verced in deception ?

They say, the answer is in the question !

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You haven't heard from me for a while because I've been traveling. There have been many worlds that needed exploring to find out who was the lady in green in the biggening of this story ? (second page)

  rsz_img_6552.thumb.jpg.79b2c72bf0a69eabbe0d878fbaff08b5.jpg  rsz_img_6555.jpg.107e2503baa52b459f80f93c5a751f25.jpg  rsz_img_6562.jpg.40e8bc77cce48912d506d5f03ece546b.jpg

We met on the bridge and I recognized her straight away. I told her that she hid her appearence well behind her carefully applied make up. It took a trained eye to see that the green tint to her skin was not a reflection from her dress.
I asked her; "which planet ?"
She gave a look of suprise that morphed into acceptance. She responded; "ngc6960", "and you Mars"
"Yeh, it's not easy fitting in here."
A tear ran down her cheek, leaving a green line in its wake as she said; "The price of abnormality is high."
"Yes, but so are the rewards." "Though often they seem invisible and spotting them is a learned gift."
"Are you going to go home ?" She asked.
"I don't know if I can ?"
"Yes" she said looking at the sky, "Yes you can, but your body can't go with you."

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On 9/16/2023 at 9:10 AM, cteno4 said:

so nice to have you back.

Thank you Jeff. That's kind.

I've been busy teaching myself to paint with watercolors to calm my mind which has been in overdrive trying to work out what am I'm doing on Earth ? Where is home ? And who excactly ? is the lady in green.


I'm not sure what my future holds and how much time I can give to Akita mountain, but any progress will appere here 👍

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it’s an interesting journey on this third rock from the sun and easy to get lost on the run. Hobbies I’ve I’ve found help keep us sound and moving towards a more interesting place in the sun.


as romantic as a dyslexic can get.


akita mountain stories keep us going.



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