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Really nice tom. I grew up on ships and boats and good boat designers used this to help make very small cabin spaces not feel so tiny and walls, bulkheads and ceilings disappear more. As boats get smaller everything starts to turn into curves and if you go with it we’ll you can make spaces feel bigger and less confined with the infinite corner curves. I’ve seen designers try to fight the curves in boat interiors and turn it into a normal rectilinear room with moldings, details, flat surfaces, etc and it just makes you feel like you can’t move visually! You make me realize why hanging out in small boat cabins how I could easily stare off into nothing! Always thought it was being back in the nice rocking environment of my childhood.




ps totally love your old barn house and the circle balcony. I’ve always wanted to build a house with a lot of interior balconies, I love them I think from old libraries with then circling the room with a second level of wall bookshelves. Circle is a whole new take on that! Kudos dude!

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I totally didn't get the infinity curve until I googled the phrase to see some examples. I was seeing your illustration as a solid shape, instead of an empty space. It looked like a misshapen key form a keyboard.


The infinity curve concept works really well for the layout. I hope I can use that idea myself somewhere, someday.


Your ceiling circle is fantastic. I love the wooden stairway to the third, hidden level.

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9 hours ago, gavino200 said:

Your ceiling circle is fantastic. I love the wooden stairway to the third, hidden level.

Thank you thank you. The therd hidden level is my train room/daughters bedroom when she comes to stay. It's hung by metal rods from the beams above !! My house is quirkier than my layout and I could fill more than a build thread with its fun details. But, this is a train forum so back to my layout build. 


I have just ordered some midnight blue spray paint for the sky and am busy honing my painting skills (or lack of) while I await its arrivel. My paintings are getting worse insted of better. I think I'm trying too hard and need to loosen up. Alcohol needed ?? 🤪

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