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What did you run today?


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Running my new Kato Tobu 50070 train. Layout is undergoing a revamp which might get finished if my kits and supplies ever arrive.



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I have a special treat today: I made a video!
I know! I never upload videos. Because they are terrible!


But please: Have a look:


Trains Run:

 - Twilight Express

 - Super Rail Cargo
 - E 353

 - E 231

 - 40000
 - EF 200

all Kato

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Nicely done! Feels like a trainspotting video from a walkway! Love the sea of catenary masts and crossbeams.





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Very nice indeed! I love how the low speed matches those of the trains in a yard! That mess of cannery poles indeed adds on a very depot feel! Thanks for sharing! 

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Thank you for all your comments. I'll try to make some more videos with slight editing. In the meantime:


I made two new videos today. I already shared them in the discord channel, so I'll just link to them.


Please have a look:
two trains arrive, filmed from the side.

Seibu Railway 40000 departs from depot and arrives at the first station.

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21 hours ago, disturbman said:

That's a direct download link. You don't have something that can be embedded and watched?


I edited them into this rather long video for your easy enjoyment.



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I had not run much recently but after testing the track after the tip over the other day, I decided to run some 103s...


Two GreenMax with D&H PD05A decoders hardwired, the "Sayonara Osaka Loop Line" and the "Osaka Power line".  Then on my DC loop in the middle I put the older KATO 10-540 103 Series Osaka Loop Line (an older 103 version with all the small windows). Nothing fancy, but had not run anything in a long while and I am partial to the 103.   (In addition I have a GreenMax Hanwa line 103 and a generic green KATO 103 3 or 4 car set -- the older Generic packs they used to sell).  I'd like to eventually get more 103s -- especially those in the greater Kansai / JR West region.


One thing that is interesting is that the table is not flat -- it slopes up from front to back a little.  The KATO speeds up going down the grade and slows down going back up but the two GreenMax use the new coreless motors and they tend to keep the same speed up or down.



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Martijn Meerts

If the Greenmax have a decoder, and the Kato does not, that explains the speed thing. Decoders regulate the power to the motor depending on the load it has. For example, downhill the motor has less load, so the decoder will send less power to the motor.


That's actually a feature that can cause issues on the really cheap / low quality decoders, the sometimes load balance when they shouldn't, causing the trains to not run smooth at all.


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I've been wanting to post something in this thread for a long time, but I was never entirely happy with the shots I took with my smartphone (the lazy method)

Lately though, I've decided on busting out the trusty DLSR (I.e I stopped being lazy) to see if I could get something a bit closer to a usual rail fan's perspective, which produced much more acceptable results.


As I tend to focus on staying period accurate (with some rules occasionally ignored when in my favor of course) as much as possible, my running sessions are usually comprised of specific time period/area/line combinations I have available.

I decided this week's theme would be the Heisei (first half) era Tōhoku shinkansen, with a special focus on the Ueno-Ōmiya section of the line. At the moment my staging yard is limited to 8 full length tracks (each capable of holding a 16 car shinkansen formation) so unfortunately I couldn't use all the sets I wanted to... All sets are at their prototypical length.




200系 E formation, E7 (Kato, left) passing one of her F formation F4~F21 sub-group (in her post ~1991 guise), (Tomix) siblings. Though there weren't that many E formations left by 1991 (E7 herself was reformed into 8 car formation G41 (with the 4 remaining cars split between formations G44 and G45) in 1989) I still wanted to use any excuse I could to fit in another 200系 formation.


E2系0番台 N formation, N13 (Kato, left) together with a renewed 200系 K formation of the K44~K51 sub-group (Tomix, right), passing the same location (kinda first as a representative for the Nishi-Nippori~Akabane section of the Tōhoku shinkansen I guess).



E4系 formation P21 as Max Yamabiko for Tōkyō crosses E2系1000番台 J formation (J51~J75 sub-group) on a Hayate service towards Hachinohe, both are Kato models.



Max Toki, using a E1系 M formation, still in it's original colors (Tomix, left), passing the same Max Yamabiko from the last shot.



Stretching the timeline a little, as the last E1系 formation to undergo the renewal program (formation M5) received the new paint scheme in March of 2006, while 200系 formation K47 didn't receive her revival scheme until June 2007. Meh i guess it's close enough together if you squint hard enough.


The main actors for this week's running sessions


And just because I wanted to, some extra shots I took the week before:



0系 Nh formation (16 car, post 1976 hikari formation), Nh49.



100系 V formation:




Please enjoy!

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Thanks to @cteno4 and @Yavianice advices, my tournouts are now ok.


I was happy to see the default setup isolate the track section, so I can start to play wihtout modifications. 🙂

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First time the Sushi-Train has arrived! 🤣🤣🤣


sushi 1.jpg


sushi 2.jpg

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dont forget the soy sauce tanker and the wasabi and ginger hoppers!


its a super fun trains an a huge hit at events and a tie with goji on what is the must take photo by visitors! whats nice is its pretty mellow visually so a nice surprise to the viewer when they are scanning around the layout looking at stuff. fun at times to just watch folks as the look around and a big smile pops out when they find it on a siding or trundling by. also the weight makes them roll a wobbly which is cute, but Kato close couplers are good for a more positive lock as with the weight we ill have a few random decouplings from the rapidos and the extra weight now and then, been meaning to put them on and look nicer than the huge rapidos on the smaller cars as well. looks like you may have done that already!



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The train arriving at platform 4, is not in passenger service. At platform 4, please do not board this train.





And a substitute sleeper train, the accommodation was most luxurious ^^;;



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Last week, I had some friends over and one brought his old iPhone and made a time lapse video of our day.


Please enjoy my friends work in Console City:



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Well it's been a while but time to run some trains! What better timing than to try my new Hokkaido trains!




Kiha-283 Super Oozara & Kiha-183 Tokachi 




Kiha-201 Niseko liner in the background














Please excuse the horrible back ground noises... Gonna get into video editting soon....

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From last night - a steam spectacular! A few local and regional trains plus a wee bit of freight traffic for the heck of it.


I’m glad I got the Tomix 98712 set when I did - I can just raid that for the brown coaches, stick ‘em behind my Tomix C57 135, and boom - instant JNR regional express. Now bring on that preorder MaNi 60 luggage van!


Oh, and I decided to load the 135 up with (nearly) all my Kato wagons. Eighteen cars, all but two are four wheelers and it just lifted them without a murmur. I don’t know if I will get another though, some of these detail parts can drive you hairless...





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