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My Personal IG-Nippon Module Layout


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Hello Guys 😄


The first module has finally got its lane markings and streetlights, which has taken a lot of time. At the bus station I also made a mistake, because I have to redo the characters. All that is missing is the traffic lights, traffic signs and a lot of details. Then come the cars and figures. That will be a lot of work 😱 the road markings cost me 2 1/2 hours, for a module ...




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It might take you 2 1/2 hours per module but in my opinion it looks beautiful. The photo looking down the road is super cool too.

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Great looking modules, one request though: can I see how you attach the legs to them on the bottom? This is something I go back and forth with in my mind over the best way to do. 

Also how do you connect the modules? Carriage bolts? 

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Hi Guys,

@ nah00 to your question: the legs are fixed with carriage bolts, the same also for connecting the modules with each other. I'll take pictures of it this afternoon 🙂

After a big delivery with buildings and accessories arrived I was able to continue yesterday at the new city module. The terrain was also modeled. On the station modules, as well as all houses are now properly positioned.


2 weeks ago I found my old Paper Craft paper sheets and started to build the first buildings out of them. There are still a few more modules to follow;)


Kind Regards









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pm me if you want to get some of the free pdfs offered on sites over the years, but usually gone in a few years.





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Hello Guys 🙂


Right, the models are from Paperstructure. I bought all models as a file on ebay years ago (there are also some models more in my case).


Right, the models are from Paperstructure. I bought all models as a file on ebay years ago (there are also some models more in my case).

Today I continued my new city module, now it is slowly greening :D



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hi Guys

The new city module is finished except for details and the overhead Wire 😄 Tomorrow is followed lane markings and accessories. Then the wooden frame is still painted anthracite.




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Hello Guys 😄


The exhibition is over and I was able to take some detailed pictures of my modules. Meanwhile, the new module also has overhead contact wires. But on the streets I have to install even more cars with lighting and finally glue figures to the modules. Neon signs, police cars with flashing lights and house lighting are still missing. 😱










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Hello Guys,


first: happy new year! 😄


after a long time I was finally able to set up all of my IG nippon modules in our new clubhouse.

There is still a lot of work to be done for the next few days:

- Lay the tracks on the new module (bridge and a little coast).
- Design the coastal module and corner module
- Modify the bridge module (I want to relocate the tracks here and revise the river bed and then redesign it).


I am also considering converting the rail depot. The turntable with roundhouse is to be torn down and the tracks of the parking group extended (the reason is that the turntable simply does not work properly 😕 ). As a replacement, I will start this year with two modules from JNR Era (branch with turntable and large roundhouse) as a new building.


I will also start a new module group this year: Tokyo Station!

But there will be more about that later (especially a track plan that I am currently working on). The station should of course be according to IG Nippon norm to use my existing modules with it.


That's it with a lot of text (and a lot of mistakes)


Kind Regards




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6 hours ago, Kiha66 said:

What an amazing layout!  I especially love the rail yard and the elevated sections.


I can only second what Kiha66 said - it is truly an amazing set-up! Puts a lot of ideas into my head to return to railway modelling the Japanese way!

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Hello 🙂


it continues with the modules. After Tomix brought out the new storage group with the locomotive hall, I have now decided to convert my storage group. The part with the turntable will be torn off so that I can extend the track. There will also be a branch here that will lead to later modules (industry such as refinery and container terminal).

But a new module will follow soon with a real depot with turntable (especially a larger roundhouse).





as a further update I have designed new modules for my layout. a 90 ° curve with a large radius which consists of 4 parts (see sketch).

The idea was to build a station with a depot from the JNR era and the whole thing in a curve.

The whole thing corresponds to two standard section modules and a corner module in terms of dimensions. Radius 1580mm, suitable with 4cm distance at the beginning of the group and at the end (V70 variable track) in between can only be built with flexible tracks. The whole consists of four 22.5 ° pieces. Length measurements of the pieces are 70.5cm / 55cm.



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So, yesterday I started to "make over" the bridge module. the normal S70 tracks are exchanged for WP tracks. The bridge gets a foundation at the ends and so no longer floats in the air.




on the Yard, I still have to "edit" the Underground (remove the old Gras and Ballast) and then came a WP Track for the new track branch.



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