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My Personal IG-Nippon Module Layout


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Hello Guys,


A few years ago I wrote something here last (in the meantime a lot has changed, work, house etc.)

But now I am active again with my Japanese model train: D


Here I would like to show you my big IG-Nippon module project and report on it.

With this layout I started 2011/2012 which consisted of 2 station modules. It was followed by track modules, corner modules and, last but not least, I started with 2 module groups with the theme  station and yard.

Here is a list of the modules and their design:

120cm x 40cm straight module - Sake Brewery and Bridge

120cm x 40cm straight module - Fields

61cm x 61cm corner module - Temple

61cm x 61cm corner Module - "edo District"

61cm x 61cm corner Module - Highpower Pylon

61cm x 61cm corner Module - !under construction!


And the Special Module-Groups:

3 x 120cm x 70cm Station Modules (360cm x 70cm)

3 x 120cm x 70cm Train Yard Modules (360cm x 70cm)

2 x 120cm x 40cm Station Modules (240cm x 40cm) but this Station is out of Work


But I'm currently planning two more track (2 x 120cm x 40cm) modules to be used by November.


Now the first pictures and descriptions of the modules follow.

Plan and overview of my layout:



Here is the old Layout with the Little Station



and here is the current layout



And under Construction:



So more from the other Modules (and more Details) comes later 🙂

I hope this is OK 🙂


Kind Regards



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Here comes the detail part to the track modules 🙂 between: These are my only modules that I have built with the Tomix track without wide bedding (the others were rebuilt because I only use the Tomix track with wide bedding to scholl me and their disadvantages in soft and transport to save).


The Sake Brewery and Bridge (this Module is not finished).

After the big Tomix bridge came out I really wanted to put it on my modules, the same goes for the sake brewery. So I built a module to the standard size of 120cm x 40cm with a 50cm wide river bed and paths at different heights. At the moment I still have to build bridgeheads and the underground for the river to fill the river later.

Here is the basic structure of the module:



The brewery and the first houses are standing. The first green was also applied



and here the current state:





Continue with the Fields module. Small highlight of this module is the indicated branch and the fields. The flowers of the bushes I have made with the Kobaru flower powder. At the moment I replaced the catenary masts on these modules, because I equip my modules with overhead wires from TrainSetter Ulli Liedtke & Natascha Drews GbR (but later there will be an extra topic or a test report).






I hope the topic will please and bring ideas for modules 🙂 I will later (today or the next few days) continue to report and introduce my modules and their construction.

Of course, I will also tinker with my modules here 🙂


Kind regards


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Hello disturbman, yes i use the Tomix Fine Track Wide, only the two straight modules have the normal Tomix track 🙂

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Hello Jeff 🙂


yes, of course :D last year we exhibited our modules as IG Nippon, Ulli (Lighthouse) reported: exhibition with train shuttle

And this year we will be presenting on 16./17. November in Wunsiedel for the 40th year of the model railroad club Wunsiedler Eisenbahnfreunde a larger IG Nippon layout on 5m x 8m. Here I have exhibited my modules over the last few years.

When I'm about to write, I want to introduce another part of my modules 🙂


the four corner modules.


The Edo Time Corner. Here I really wanted to build a dense city scene with the old Edo houses from the Tomytec collection. First, the corner was built with normal Tomix Finetrack tracks and track ballast which I then exchanged for the Tomix Fine Track Wide. Here I have changed the construction.


This is how the corner module looked before the reworking:





and here the current state (but I will still add overhead lines).





Here comes the second corner module with the high-voltage mast:





more modules will be available later 😉


Kind regards

Patrick 🙂


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How deep are you modules? What size curves in the corner modules? I have been thinking of doing something similar. I may just do a carbon copy of this awesomeness.

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thanks couldn't remember where this all came from. Really nice bend track, the rails nearer the center really help make a scene all around the tracks and more side track options to break things up. Also nice the scene can be in front of the trains some. We looked at this for our club a while back as well and may do it in the future.




ps is kai still around?

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Hello Guys 🙂


@katoftw to your question: the modules have a standard size of 120cm x 40cm x 10cm. There are four S280 track pieces from Tomix on it and the transitions are 4cm each to the edges to connect the modules over V70 tracks. The corner modules have the radii C354 and C391 from Tomix (here is also 4cm distance to the edges).


@cteno4 Hello Jeff,

yes the modules are really the best solution for clubs or groups, above all you can change the layout again and again. The good the modules are also super usable at home, because I get with four corner modules and two track modules a oval. On the modules, you can also focus on details because you have smaller surfaces to design.

yes, Kai is still in IG nippon but has retreated a lot.


Well, then I want to continue with the next corner module with the temple complex (the 4th corner module is still undesigned in the shell).

As you can see, this was the second corner module which was rebuilt again (on the new Tomix Wide Track). I also reworked the design and applied more trees, shrubs and details. On the module I also started to install the overhead wires of TrainSetter Ulli Liedtke & Natascha Drews GbR.

before reconstruction:



And after.



Later, I'll show you the station modules from the main station 🙂


Kind Regards



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Here is the big city train station. This is built on 3 modules with a total area of 360cm x 70cm. 9 tracks including 4 platform tracks with a length of at least 260cm (each of which can hold 16-piece shinkansen). I have consciously the switch connection between the 2 circuits removed as a.) The crossing points are faulty and b.) Trains on railway operating the circuits should change (more on that later).


I built the station completely on the Tomix Wide Track system to get rid of the tracks and the associated problems with the switches (that's why I pulled my little station out of service because the switches did not work reliably after all these years). At the module transitions I also use the V70 track (without wide bedding and wide bedding). The illuminated platforms are from Tomix 🙂


As you can see, the modules are still under construction and a lot of decoration, buildings (and Illuminating Buildings 🙈) and much more is missing. Also, I plan to build a subway in the module boxes because I have some subway station kits from Japan.

And here comes the Pictures 😄




i hope the lots of pictures are ok? 🙂


Kind regards


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Now that’s a station! Excellent! 


I’ve knoodled many a future home layouts centered on a massive station with like 8-10 tracks with two levels. Hard to fit it into even a larger room! One I had in a z design to get the station length in the center diagonal.


curious how you store and transport all these modules. Always the challenge with our club layout modules and we don’t have as many as you! This time around on the new layout we are doing crates that hold like 4-6 modules each with them sliding in one end.


Really a great layout. How many times do you get to set it up a year? Does it have a clubhouse to live in when not a shows?


Lots of picts of this sort are great. How you did it with medium sized compressed JPEGs uploaded to the forum is the great and preferred way as it’s the quickest and most reliable way to serve the images up with the page to folks.  our image server is a fast amazon with the forum and external image servers can be very slow in serving pictures at times (especially sites like imgur) and really make the forum page load slow and very jerky at times. Plus the images stay with the post and no issues if external image or file account goes down or changes something.


picts like these are really great for layout inspiration for us all!






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Thank you jeff 🙂

I know the problem of getting a really good layout, I planned really long on my Layout "little Tokyo" years ago. That's why I think the module idea is very good, you can exchange modules if, for example, the station is no longer like or enlarged.


Here can you see this 😉 my first Layout with the little station 🙂




To your question of transport: my modules are bolted with special front boards at the module ends. So I can transport 4 modules as a "package". Here in the photo you can see that well, whereby the distances to the modules in the height has been changed in the meantime (on the picture you can see my H0 system and my IG nippon modules).

To the transport boards another tip: I have screwed transverse struts on the boards on which the modules rest, so I can hang up the modules and then simply screw with the lock screws (you can do it all alone, the modules are light enough).




My modules are currently only partially set up in one of our club rooms (usually the layout is complete, but at the moment I'm occupying the area because I'm building a 7m x 3m TT track system, but that will change as our club is a bigger one Club home has bought where then all my layouts are completely set up 🙂


Thanks, that with the pictures (especially the size and quantity) calms me down 😄


then I want to show you Train Yard module.

Here I have designed for the operation of the branch extra so that always the circuit that is connected to the branch is the Train Yard with power. The turntable and the supply track have an extra feed-in. As you can see there is still a lot to do, especially details and the landscape.


The first Steps:




I can see a Lighthouse 😂





These are all my existing modules, but there are a few more to come. Also, there are always updates if I have continued the modules.


Kind regards




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That’s an incredible layout. Really amazing. Congratulations and thank you for posting these photos! Please keep us informed. 😀

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Hi Guys,

Thank you, I am glad that you like the modules 🙂 and the many Pictures 😅

Today I installed the overhead line on Train Yard and re-graveled the tracks on the left module (with a lighter shade of gray). now I paint the tracks in Rust 😎












Kind regards


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Hello Guys 🙂


At the moment I'm working on building kits from Greenmax, No. 33 six shops and they really do a lot of work, here you really have to paint everything so that they look good. That's why I only built 3 shops together over 3 days 😭 That's why I will now landscape the Train yard modules.







Kind Regards


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Martijn Meerts

"Only" 3 shops in 3 days? It takes me 3 days just to open the box of a kit 😄


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Hello Guys 🙂


I reworked the station so the buildings were changed and new ones were added. This will finally stay that way (the Sky Tree will be placed on an extra podium behind the skyscrapers). The next step will be to place the sidewalks and replace the street lamps and set up new ones.


Today, the last platform arrived. Now the platforms are complete (of course still have to be designed :D )







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On 7/26/2019 at 5:31 PM, shiniji said:

Hello Guys 🙂


At the moment I'm working on building kits from Greenmax, No. 33 six shops and they really do a lot of work, here you really have to paint everything so that they look good. That's why I only built 3 shops together over 3 days 😭 That's why I will now landscape the Train yard modules.




Kind Regards


I have these unopened.


Did you hand paint them or spray?

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Good Morning 🙂


@katoftw yes, i hand painted the Stores with Citadel/games workshop Color. I use the colors while weathering the locomotives and coaches (and only with brushes and the colors 😄 not Airbrush).




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Hello Guys 🙂


Today I finally continued with the sidewalks on the station modules. The module box for the new suburban module is also finished. This week, I want to sculpt the terrain and build the roads.



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Hello Guys 🙂


@TimWay4 thank you, so a large station I wanted to build absolutely, and I still have the plan to buildTokyo Station 😄


Today I continued to build the roads, unfortunately I did not do as much as I wanted :(


Kind Regards





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