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There is a prototype for everything... (Japan Rail)

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Huge city-style over-the-tracks station building in a small town where the average house is only two floors?


Welcome to Hiraka Station, on the Konan Railway Konan Line.


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JA agricultural cooperatives are money-rich (they have their hands in health care, banking/finance etc. also).  They often have the biggest buildings in a rural area, here in Sapporo they have a skyscraper near the main station.  At that Konan Rlwy. site they have a warehouse across the tracks, probably they offered the railway some space in the building otherwise devoted to non-railway general office space.

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1 hour ago, railsquid said:

JR East drivers in uniform driving... skis and snowboards:

Hmm, are we sure those are real JR East drivers?
I only spotted one point and call at 1:12.
~ , ~

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You are modelling Yokohama Station but wish to run your E233-7000 Saikyo line set?



(unscheduled diversion of a Sotestu through service due to a broken down freight train)

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