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EU manufacturers N Gauge new Releases & Product Announcements


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4 hours ago, Densha said:

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A couple of posts from newly made topics have been moved into this topic.

Technically speaking, Rapidotrains is a Canadian manufacturer ūüėČ


6 hours ago, tavora said:

The 2nd batch of the Pendolino is coming soon with the following liveries


390.107   11-Car Pendolino - Virgin White Livery

390.130   11-Car Pendolino - City of Edinburgh - Original Virgin Livery - Grey Doors

390.152   11-Car Pendolino - Virgin Knight - Original Virgin Livery - Grey Doors 


390.005     9-Car Pendolino - City of Wolverhampton - Virgin White Livery

390.010     9-Car Pendolino - Cumbrian Spirit - Virgin White Livery

390.045     9-Car Pendolino - Virgin Pride - Virgin White/Rainbow Livery

390.049     9-Car Pendolino - Virgin Express - Original Virgin Livery


I already ordered my next Pendolino.

Do you have a website for this where they show the liveries?

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On 9/27/2018 at 11:52 PM, chadbag said:

I don't know about all the Trix decoders in their N-Scale, but at least some of them are D&H DH14 decoders with custom firmware.    Trix has their "own" 14 pin interface they use and D&H makes decoders with that interface and I have used many of the standard (non custom firmware) 14 pin ones in various Trix locomotives.


I have a couple from Trix that came with DCC installed from the factory and had no issues with my NCE Power Cab.


Newer Trix 14 pin decoders made by D&H can be reprogrammed with the standard firmware, but then you lose any custom functions that Trix added (to control special lighting etc).


I'll find out for sure soon. I can't resist getting this lil' feller.

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16 hours ago, Yavianice said:

Do you have a website for this where they show the liveries?


No. Still waiting for Revolution Trains to put them up, but if you want to check the liveries just google the reference number plus Virgin Pendolino (ex. 390107 Virgin Pendolino).

The reference number is actually the real train number. 

Look for photos or videos.

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Rapidotrains announced in their newsletter that they will be taking preorders of the new liveries soon. I’m on the fence of getting one, since I already have the Alstom version. I find the silk ones a bit boring but the pride one is nice. Too bad it’s only on one cabin car, not both.

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PIKO announces/releases the following items in Autumn 2018:


- 40420 NS 2400 Diesellocomotive in Blue (‚ā¨179,99)

- 40421 NS 2400 Diesellocomotive in Blue DCC + Sound (‚ā¨279,99)

- 40103 DB BR82 Steam locomotive DCC + Sound (‚ā¨339,99)

- 40351 DB BR116 Electrolocomotive DCC + Sound (‚ā¨299,99)

- 40714 NAG Cargo Falns (‚ā¨39,99)

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More Hobbytrain Vectrons:


NS Vectron (Amsterdam - Berlin Intercity) in analogue and Digital + sound variants. 2 different loco numbers available. 139 for analogue, 229 for digital + sound. Available around Q2 2019.


which raises the question, when are they finally doing the SNCB vectron again????

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Not wanting to be awkward, LS Models decided to release a complete NightJet set after all (instead of jumbling a few different liveries together in 1 pack)


- LS Models 97021 NightJet 6 part, coming for christmas if you have 432 Euro's.

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44 minutes ago, Yavianice said:

Not wanting to be awkward, LS Models decided to release a complete NightJet set after all (instead of jumbling a few different liveries together in 1 pack)

I did get their 2 cars a pack OBB epoch 4 sleeping car sets. You have to get both ep. 4 packs for the 4 different running numbers. On the other hand, the ep. 5 variant is only available in one 2 car pack. At least the ep. 6 (or 7?) nightjet will be complete for those who collect modern trains.

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Just now, the MHI exclusive model has been announced for 2019. HO gauge will get some very cool items, N gauge not so much (what else is new)


- Minitrix 16210 BR 210 in brown color, 280 euro.

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Lemke is notorious for announcing models and then keeping silent about for years or silently dropping it. I wouldn't bet on it still happening, but one never knows...

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PIKO 2019 Catalogue:




featuring, amongst other items (most of them re-releases or repaints):


- BWEGT Talent

- SBB RBe 540*

- SNCF Corail Sleeper cars in Lunea livery*

- RENFE Grandes Lineas cars*


- G 1206 diesel locos in various liveries

- SNCF BB66000 diesel loco

- NS 1200 in ACTS colors

*: limited exclusive models for their respective countries

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Some new announcements from Minitrix for 2019 (their 60th anniversary)


Especially interesting are their re-releases of MAV (Hungary) /CSD (former Czech-Slovakia) /CFR (Romania) car sets. Those used to fetch a lot of money on EBAY (70-80 euro a pop) so it's nice to see them re-released.


- 15996 DR CFR MAV 3 part set "Balt-Orient-Express"

- 15995 DR 3 part set "Balt-Orient-Express"

- 15997 CSD 3 part set "Balt-Orient-Express"

- 15372 CFR/MAV "Orient-Express" 2 part set

- 15372 SNCF 3 part set "Orient-Express"

- 15373 SNCF 2 part set "Orient-Express"


with appropriate SNCF loco 16006


Happy to see also that there is some more CD (Czechia) love from Minitrix.


- 16738 CD BR 754 in newest livery

- 15935 CD 3 part set in newest livery (with luggage car)

- 15989 CD car in newest livery


For some reason they also decided to release their own version of the NS Traxx, on top of the ones that Arnold are already doing. But this version is also with sound. Still no sign of the NS ICR car re-release.


- 16875 NS Traxx


For the Coca Cola lovers there will also be a DB S-Bahn in Coca-Cola livery.


- 15708 SBahn 3 part set Coca Cola


and a re-release of their Crocodile. Which has a mysterious "Plastic with Metal on the inside" description? 


- 16681 SBB Crocodile 6/8 III (DCC Sound)


Some special luggage/mail cars of DR and DB will also be released


- 15985 DB Express Dienst luggage car

- 15311 DR Car set (2 part) GEX

- 15540 DB Bundespost (2 part)


There are also some other releases though these are not that noteworthy. To me anyway. Also I am still waiting for many announcements of the last 2 years that are currently still MIA.


The whole catalogue can be found here. https://www.comboioselectricos.com/html/trix/EN_minitrix_nh2019.pdf

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Fleischmann released their 2019 catalogue with a few more announcements.


- Vectron Brennerbahn (739393/739313)

- BLS 465 (Stockhorn livery) 731318/731398

- SBB 460 (Red Livery for @Suica) 731319/731399


See the PDF here: https://www.fleischmann.de/uploads/news/Kataloge/20190115_FLM_Novelties_2019_GB_FR.pdf


and a re-release of the SBB ICN cars which INEXPLICABLY still do not have a restaurant car!

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Brawa has announced their new items for 2019: There aren't any (except some older goods cars). Probably because they never released their 2018 stuff.

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More ICE news:

  • In their wise, logical, rational mind, Fleischmann will re-release their ICE-2. But only in digital version, not the newest livery (pre-renovated), as an incomplete 4 part set, bundled in a starter pack. Don't ask me why. Item number¬†931884 for ‚ā¨370¬†
  • Arnold pushed back their release of the ICE-3, ICE-3M, Renfe Velaro from March 2019 to July 2019.

More Minitrix News:

  • Having remembered they forgot something, Minitrix will release the models announced for 2017 (such as EC Moliere east european set, 15698, and CD 3 part sleeper car 15737) in February 2019.
  • SBB Panorama car Gotthard Express has an updated release date of March 2019.¬†

Exciting new Hobbytrain news (catalogue can be found here):

  • Re-release of CD/√ĖBB Railjet in their original, non-ad plastered liveries. CD Railjet will receive the slightly updated livery with "RAILJET" in large letters on the side, just like its √ĖBB counterpart.¬†
  • A new livery of the RE465 BLS locomotive "10 years L√∂tschbergtunnel" which they hopefully won't cancel
  • Re-release of BLS 4/4 and 8/8 locomotives
  • Re-release (?) of DB E17 locomotives
  • Re-release of their track prodder car in newest livery
  • Some new goods cars, among a whole plethora of car transport cars will be released
  • SBB Vectron "Night Piercer" also announced (very cool looking, IMO)
  • SmartTron in different liveries announced
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On 1/16/2019 at 7:47 PM, Yavianice said:

Some new announcements from Minitrix for 2019 (their 60th anniversary)



and a re-release of their Crocodile. Which has a mysterious "Plastic with Metal on the inside" description? 


- 16681 SBB Crocodile 6/8 III (DCC Sound)



There is some discussion about that here: https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=43960.msg549648#msg549648

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2 minutes ago, bill937ca said:

Kato ICE 4 scheduled for release May 20, 2019 per photo at the Nuremberg Train Show on the Kato USA web page.


The thing I find most interesting¬† about this photo are the Japanese HO coaches in the background, since they don't even officially sell them in Europe.¬†ūüėõ


Also, Liliput news 2019 http://www.mbs-sebnitz.de/media/pdfs/prospekte/Liliput_Neuheiten_2019.pdf

No real new developments though. Mostly colour variations.

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5 minutes ago, Suica said:

The thing I find most interesting¬† about this photo are the Japanese HO coaches in the background, since they don't even officially sell them in Europe.¬†ūüėõ



This is normal.¬†They always show all kinds of interesting stuff, since¬†proper kato will attend, not ‚Äúpretend kato‚ÄĚ (I.e. Lemke) with a somewhat regular exhibition of all kato products. It‚Äôs a nice time for everyone in the business to meet each other, far away from plebs like us.¬†

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FYI, I preordered my Kato ICE4 from Hobbysearch in Japan which seems to be considerably cheaper (after currency conversion) than the usual US importers or German retailers.


Re: the other announced ICE models - not sure what Fleischmann is thinking as neither the ICE2 as offered nor the new ICE1 produce prototypical sets. In the case of the latter you end up with too many 1st class coaches and not enough 2nd class coaches.


The Minitrix ICE1 model unfortunately has always been inadequate due to the oversized cutouts for the bogies on the sides of the coaches.


The Arnold ICE3 re-releases should be interesting. The NS version was previously only briefly available pre-Hornby merger as a four car set and the add-on coaches were almost impossible to find. I look forward to adding that one to my existing DBAG ICE3, since I rode the real NS version many times.

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