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Found 5 results

  1. I've been missing a thread on this Japanese railroad forum for new releases and products announcements for European trains, so I decided to make one. Since European manufacturers do not make that many models each year compared to any Japanese manufacturer, I decided it would be OK to place everything in 1 thread. I also placed it in "Worldwide Models" instead of the New Products thread; it seemed more at home here. But if the admins have a different opinion, let me know. Here are the catalogues for 2018 (N gauge and HO gauge are usually placed in the same catalogue, otherwise I only link the N gauge catalogue) Arnold/Hornby: https://www.hornby.com/media/euro/Int_SS_2018_SP.pdf Liliput http://www.mbs-sebnitz.de/media/pdfs/prospekte/Liliput_Neuheiten_2018.pdf Hobbytrain/Lemke/LS Models http://www.lemkecollection.de/media/files_public/hbsimnfu/LEMKE NH Katalog 2018.pdf Jägerndorfer: http://www.jaegerndorfer.at/images/stories/pdf/prospekt_jc_2018_01_N.pdf Brawa: https://www.brawa.de/fileadmin/Kundendaten/Downloads/Broschueren/BRAWA_Neuheitenprospekt_2018_DE.pdf Minitrix: http://streaming.maerklin.de/public-media/nh2018/EN_trix_nh2018_Internet.pdf Fleischmann: http://www.fleischmann.de/uploads/dportal/doc/downloads/de/Kataloge/20180116_FLM_Neuheitenkatalog_DE_WEB.pdf PIKO: http://www.piko.de/KAT_PDF/99518.pdf What are you excited about?
  2. AhmadKane

    Turnout Help

    Hello, I need help on wiring this turnout I got at an antiques store. I am still confused on how to wire this since It's different from KATO turnouts that have two cables. I am trying not to use the original Minitrix switch and would prefer, if possible, use a light switch. Can you help me? And maybe if there is a diagram?
  3. Yavianice

    Kuala Lumpur - Truly Trains

    I visited the wonderful store "Truly Trains" in Kuala Lumpur while on a business trip. The store is amazing, staff super friendly and helpful, they exclusively sell Minitrix (no other brands), but since they do not have a webshop, they have a large selection of sets, loco's, and single cars that have long been sold out in Europe and U.S. So if you are looking for a particular hard to get TRIX set, manufactured around early 2000's - 2015 or so, be sure to keep them in mind! http://www.trulytrains.com By the way, the store Dai Kong Trading in Kuala Lumpur also sells model trains, but their selection is about 5 sets from PIKO, in case anyone is wondering. Not that rare sets either, unfortunately.
  4. Vato

    Minitrix ICE3 couplers

    Missing coupler shaft on the trix ICE3, any advice?
  5. sedril

    Minitrix ICE3

    I picked up a Minitrix ICE3 set after seeing Quinntopia's review. (Review here: http://www.quinntopia.com/2011/11/locomotive-roster-db-ice-3-minitrix.html ) I decided that'd I like to have working front and rear lights as well. So taking inspiration from the same article, I got to work. I ended up using some electronics wire in place of the brass strips for the contact. Then I drilled a few holes for the bi-coloured led, fed the leeds through and attached the resistors & diodes. I popped the shell back on, et voila! working lights!
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