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Found 5 results

  1. I've been missing a thread on this Japanese railroad forum for new releases and products announcements for European trains, so I decided to make one. Since European manufacturers do not make that many models each year compared to any Japanese manufacturer, I decided it would be OK to place everything in 1 thread. I also placed it in "Worldwide Models" instead of the New Products thread; it seemed more at home here. But if the admins have a different opinion, let me know. Here are the catalogues for 2018 (N gauge and HO gauge are usually placed in the same catalogue, otherwise I only link the N gauge catalogue) Arnold/Hornby: https://www.hornby.com/media/euro/Int_SS_2018_SP.pdf Liliput http://www.mbs-sebnitz.de/media/pdfs/prospekte/Liliput_Neuheiten_2018.pdf Hobbytrain/Lemke/LS Models http://www.lemkecollection.de/media/files_public/hbsimnfu/LEMKE NH Katalog 2018.pdf Jägerndorfer: http://www.jaegerndorfer.at/images/stories/pdf/prospekt_jc_2018_01_N.pdf Brawa: https://www.brawa.de/fileadmin/Kundendaten/Downloads/Broschueren/BRAWA_Neuheitenprospekt_2018_DE.pdf Minitrix: http://streaming.maerklin.de/public-media/nh2018/EN_trix_nh2018_Internet.pdf Fleischmann: http://www.fleischmann.de/uploads/dportal/doc/downloads/de/Kataloge/20180116_FLM_Neuheitenkatalog_DE_WEB.pdf PIKO: http://www.piko.de/KAT_PDF/99518.pdf What are you excited about?
  2. AhmadKane

    Turnout Help

    Hello, I need help on wiring this turnout I got at an antiques store. I am still confused on how to wire this since It's different from KATO turnouts that have two cables. I am trying not to use the original Minitrix switch and would prefer, if possible, use a light switch. Can you help me? And maybe if there is a diagram?
  3. Yavianice

    Kuala Lumpur - Truly Trains

    I visited the wonderful store "Truly Trains" in Kuala Lumpur while on a business trip. The store is amazing, staff super friendly and helpful, they exclusively sell Minitrix (no other brands), but since they do not have a webshop, they have a large selection of sets, loco's, and single cars that have long been sold out in Europe and U.S. So if you are looking for a particular hard to get TRIX set, manufactured around early 2000's - 2015 or so, be sure to keep them in mind! http://www.trulytrains.com By the way, the store Dai Kong Trading in Kuala Lumpur also sells model trains, but their selection is about 5 sets from PIKO, in case anyone is wondering. Not that rare sets either, unfortunately.
  4. Missing coupler shaft on the trix ICE3, any advice?
  5. sedril

    Minitrix ICE3

    I picked up a Minitrix ICE3 set after seeing Quinntopia's review. (Review here: http://www.quinntopia.com/2011/11/locomotive-roster-db-ice-3-minitrix.html ) I decided that'd I like to have working front and rear lights as well. So taking inspiration from the same article, I got to work. I ended up using some electronics wire in place of the brass strips for the contact. Then I drilled a few holes for the bi-coloured led, fed the leeds through and attached the resistors & diodes. I popped the shell back on, et voila! working lights!
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