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Keihan Ōtsu Lines model trains

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Gordon Werner
On 8/14/2020 at 2:14 AM, defor said:

Sorry for bumping an old topic, but I'm working on converting a selection of the Tomix models to running equipment and I just ran across this topic.


This looks like a great solution for a drawbar, but what ARE the connectors? Z04-3511 doesnt seem to include tomix connection buts (as expected), and I can't say I've seen similar. Are they completely custom, or something one can still find?



ok ... so what I used is a set of these white-metal parts that fit on the TomyTec trucks in lieu of the coupler


then I use Kato part Z04-3511 which is a 10-pack of the drawbars from Kato's Eiden Series 900 Kirara trains (the red, orange (and green) ones). Unfortunately they are currently unavailable, but I would imagine that there are other replacements for the drawbar. they clip around the hole of the white metal castings and swing freely (I've never had them derail, even on the crazy tight track that Tomis makes


You could also just use TN couplers, but this keeps the cars (semi)permanently attached...


LEt me know if you have any other questions, will be happy to help answer them if I can.







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Gordon Werner

Here is the Biwako-Go livery on Keihan Ōtsu line 603F/604


Based on the old 60 Series that they have at their mainline yard.




people have already made models of it



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