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New NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal


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3 hours ago, Kansen Tsushin said:

It actually occurred to me that the programme on NHK isn't actually catered for transport enthusiasts, but rather tourists who either want to experience train journys in Japan. It then make sense to make content about trains stations that have art installations, packed lunches for trains, themed carriages, etc, rather than the technical aspects that you may expect from a train show. The same could be said about Train Cruise, since it's about the journey and not the train itself.

i think they split the difference some realizing they have a train culture like no where else and that is intrinsically interesting as well as ties in big to tourism with trains and just coming to japan to experience a culture with a lot of unique aspects.


interesting note, maybe once every month or two a friend who is not into trains at all but know I am will contact me about cool Japanese train show they saw (one of the nhk series) and they proceed to enthusiastically tell me about the unique aspects of the trains focused on and remember only small bits of the tourism back story. I think it’s the uniqueness of the trains that sticks and is different and new to them as most all are now steeped in tourism in media and personal travels. Always fun as they end up surprised having a little conversation about trains when it was something they never thought interesting. Love those moments. Just goes to show how curiosity can totally screw up what marketers take as gospel.



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1 hour ago, cteno4 said:

In the 90s the film studio I was working with was starting to do more PBS natural history specials and the execs at pbs were screaming that their young adults now grew up on video games and had zero capacity for attention/focus and there was no way then to ever get it so everything had to be in 30 second bits. I would ask how can we tell any sort of a connecting story for the special if everything in 30 second bits. At that point they didn’t care about story, only micro drama in 30 seconds. I would also ask how do you expect anyone to have any attention span if you just feed then 30 second bits max and they would say well that’s what the numbers tell them so you just have to do it. Well it’s a self fulfilling loop as how can you test if there is attention span capability if none of the content you produce has anything past 30 seconds. If culture says only tiny bits are good and that’s all you are fed well that’s what you get. Social media looped into this following on video games and an increasingly frenetic technology culture.


thanks for discussing this, I’ve spent decades working on this sort of stuff professionally and discussing it with folks I work with, but these days it’s seen as heresy and sedition. I’ve actually had folks yell at me lately when I put forth we need to know what we want to say very clearly before we figure out how we are going to say it.

Weirdly, the trend is now towards short form content with the likes of TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, so the newer generation have come to embrace such a format.

Anyways, no worries! It's good to have a good discussion! Apologies for sending it a bit off-topic!

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Yes all makes sense if you are only fed little pieces everywhere it becomes the trend then culture, self fulfilling.


thanks, that’s ok we wander here now and then. In this case it’s germane for topic at hand, just expanded.



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