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New NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal


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oops May 25th new episode


May 25, 2018

Tobu Railway's Revaty Express: Moving Forward to a Better Nikko

Tobu Railway's new limited express "Revaty", which runs toward Nikko, began service in 2017. A unique characteristic of the 6-car train is its ability to split into 2 separate 3-car trains which can head to different destinations. In an effort to attract tourists from overseas, Tobu Railway has also created brochures and facilities to assist Muslim visitors. See the different strategies Tobu Railway have put in place to revitalize the area. Also, see the new tourist train "IROHA" which began service on JR East's Nikko Line from April 2018.


watch vod :- https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/vod/japanrailway/2049050/

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June 8, 2018

Gakunan Electric Train: A New Outlook in the Foothills of Mt. Fuji

Watch Live in

9days 5hours 12min

Gakunan Electric Train is a 9km private local railway which operates in Fuji City, in Shizuoka Prefecture. The train runs in the foothills of World Heritage Site Mt. Fuji, and it is promoted as having views of the mountain from every station on the line. Running through an industrial area, the train passes many factories. To make the most of this, the company runs a special "night view train". On this train, the lights are turned off after dark so that passengers can enjoy night views of the various illuminated structures and platforms. See the strategies the company has implemented to increase ridership. Also, in "Avid Rail Communities", see Japan's largest outdoor model rail facility, Japan Garden Railway, where members can run their very own model engines.

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Enjoy this new episode in 1080p, good quality 🙂


Gakunan Electric Train: A New Outlook in the Foothills of Mt. Fuji


Episode 52


PD: I don't know how can I insert Youtube videos in the same way I saw previously in this topic

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For those who can get them, the new Sky Q box is linked to the Internet thus providing a connection to YouTube.Japanese trains look great on it!

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this looks like a new ep:


July 13, 2018
Kominato Railway: The Strategy of a Quaint Local Railway


Kominato Railway is a 39.1km local line, half of which runs through the mountains in Chiba Prefecture. Unfortunately the line has fallen into the red. To combat this, the company began operating a trolley train to attract tourists. The car hauling the trolley train looks like a steam locomotive but it actually has a clean diesel engine. See the strategies the company has implemented to increase revenue. Also, join us on the popular "Singing Train" where passengers can enjoy singing some old favorites.

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wrong info
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July 20, 2018

The Golden Route to Hakone: Limited Express Romancecar and the Mountain Train

Hakone is located in Kanagawa Prefecture just west of Tokyo. A popular tourist destination, it attracts 21.5 million visitors every year. Many tourists from overseas use Odakyu Electric Railway to ge...


July 27, 2018

New-Look Railway Museum: A Wonderland of Japan's Railway History

The Railway Museum in Saitama Prefecture boasts a large collection of trains dating back to the dawn of Japan's railway history. The museum is home to classic steam locomotives and commuter trains, a...

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NHK is incredibly frustrating on AT&T UVerse - in the guide they always treat this show as not being a series, so you have to hunt down and record each episode individually. 

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Just to say I was looking at the schedule for Japan Railway Journal this morning for a  friend and I see that Programme 55 about Omiya museum  is marked as  " Series Finale".So is this the end?

Anyway a big thank you to NHK for doing this programme.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t japan railway journal had multiple series with a hiatus in between so far? I think this was even their third series with new episodes coming around spring. 

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On 9/7/2018 at 4:42 AM, scotspensioner said:

On the NHK website I looked at they were all listed as series 1 (!!) and numbered 1 to 55.


There is a new episode coming soon.



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Upcoming episode airing September 21, 2018


Shinano Railway: Managing the Risks of the Next 30 Years


"In 2016, Shinano Railway (a third sector company operating in Nagano Prefecture) welcomed an executive from a major insurance company as their new president. While the company is currently doing well, a decreasing population coupled with increasing labor costs and the need to renew the vehicles in the future all need to be considered. See the steps the new president has taken, such as operating tourist trains, developing the interior of Karuizawa Station, and purchasing new vehicles, to ensure the future of the company for the next 20 to 30 years. In Trains in Focus we will be hopping on the limited express train on Nagano Electric Railway. This is a new kind of tourist train where the conductor guides the visitors through a relaxing journey."

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Episode 56, Shinano Railway: Managing the Risks of the Next 30 Years



Yasuna san seems to be part of the host team now, seeing her in so many episodes lately. 

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I eatched that episode a few weeks ago. I found that train using the freight line interesting. And the continued use of the cassiopeia cars make me wanna buy a set even more.

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