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railsquid's random Japanese train photos


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I'll take the liberty of uploading some random train photos I take in my perambulations in and around Tokyo, in case they're of any interest. Note I'm not the world's most talented photographer, but I do have a nice new camera and am learning to play with it, and what better motive than trains?


Not a particularly good shot, but it's not often you see Seibu line trains and the Tokyo Sky Tree in the same picture:




Seibu Shinjuku line train heading towards Seibu Yuenchi:


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I like the bokeh (blur) of the Skytree!


What kind of camera did you get?


Nikon D5300. Mrs. Squid decreed that we need a nice camera to take pictures of the forthcoming Spawn, and who am I to deny her request? ;)

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About how far is Sky Tree from where you took that pic?


According to Google Maps, about 24km. It's theoretically visible from much further away of course, but apart from such clear days in the winter it's often obscured by murk, and I'd never noticed it being visible from that particular location.

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Narita Express at Shinjuku, beneath the JR East HQ building.




Saikyo line train at Shinjuku, beneath the structure being constructed over the platforms at the southern end.


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Great photos squid!  How often can one see mt Fuji from the tokyo area?  I sailed through Tokyo bay last summer and the chief mate said you could see Fuji from the bay, but it was too cloudy to see while I was there.

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I think of all people here, I live closest to Mt. Fuji and we can't see it from here because Oyama is blocking the view! To see Fuji clearly, we need to go either to Enoshima or Shibukawa... Even on a clear day, we can see Mt. Fuji from the parents in law who live three prefectures away... :/

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Great photos squid!  How often can one see mt Fuji from the tokyo area?  I sailed through Tokyo bay last summer and the chief mate said you could see Fuji from the bay, but it was too cloudy to see while I was there.


It's theoretically visible from most parts of the Kanto area, unless like Kabutoni it's blocked by another landscape feature. I remember sitting on a Shinkansen from Utsuonomiya late one afternoon and seeing it silhouetted in the far distance against a beautiful red sunset. There are dozens if not hundreds of locations in Tokyo named "Fujimi" (富士見), aka "Fuji can be seen (from here)" or variations thereof, though mostly the original view is blocked by buildings...


However outside of winter the air is rarely clear for it to be visible from any distance, and it vanishes at the slightest hint of cloud so basically you need a cold clear day for a decent sighting. I have seen it in summer (mainly just after a storm has blown through and cleared the air), but it's never as clear.

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A few shots from a random trip out yesterday.


E351 hiding among the commuter trains in Mitaka
P1070267 by Rail Squid, on Flickr

Mt Fuji seen through the cab window of a Chuo line train
P1070271 by Rail Squid, on Flickr

EH200 at Hachioji


P1070272 by Rail Squid, on Flickr

EF210 at Hachioji
P1070275 by Rail Squid, on Flickr

Hachiko line 205 at at Hachioji
P1070273 by Rail Squid, on Flickr

E257 at Hachioji
P1070277 by Rail Squid, on Flickr

Sagami line 205 at Hashimoto


P1070278 by Rail Squid, on Flickr

Unused platform section at Chigasaki
P1070280 by Rail Squid, on Flickr

That one-off double-decker commuter train at Chigasaki
P1070281 by Rail Squid, on Flickr

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I love the 215 series. I saw it up-close at Tokyo station some years ago. I'm into bi-level trains but I heard this EMU is not very well liked by most people?

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I believe the 215 and 251 Series were designed primarily for Home Liner and tourist destination services. You see them a lot on the Ohayō Liner Shinjuku, Home Liner Odawara and Shōnan Liner services on weekdays.

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Hey, you came pretty close to my home base there and took one of my favorite JR lines! :d


The 215 Series were designed as an experimental alternative for the regular commuter trains on long distance runs on the Tokaido line. However, due to the cramped space (low loading profile) and slow loading-unloading times, these units proved to be unpopular choices. They are however still used on work days for morning and evening commuter runs. In weekends they can be seen on more irregular services. The 251 has not much to do with the 215 operational-wise, as this train is purely used only in Super View Odoriko services AFAIK.

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Tony, they only built four complete 215 Series trainsets, primarily used on Home Liner services on the Tokaidō Main Line from (normally) Odawara east to the either Tokyo or Shinjuku Stations. I think they were intended to replace the 185 Series on this specific Home Liner service. While the 251 Series are normally used on the Super View Odoriko excursion train service, they have been used on Home Liner services, and there are a couple of YouTube videos to confirm this running the Ohayō Liner Shinjuku service.

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Yes, Liner services are commuter services that run in morning and evening rush hours. Next to the 251, 183/189, E351, and E257 Series were also used in Tokaido line Liner services, so you can practically include the majority of the contemporary JR East Ltd. Express fleet having operated/operating on the Tokaido line (even outside of Liner services).

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Martijn Meerts

I quite like the 215 series, pretty sure I have MicroAce model of it, somewhere ... 


Not even sure why I like it to be honest, I do remember thinking the very simple colour scheme being rather elegant.

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Nice photos! Thank you for sharing them! I think you guys had a great time, especially squidlet, eh?  :)


I love the photo of the Mitaka yard..   :)

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When I'm in Japan those elevated track brick arches always remind me of home. :)


Well there is a historical connection :D

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