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0 Series moved for renewal, future display

bikkuri bahn

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This Thursday the lead car of the first revenue service 0 Series trainset (1964) was moved out by road haulage from the now closed Osaka Transportation Museum.  It will be cosmetically restored and then eventually put on display at the now under construction Kyoto Railway Museum, scheduled for opening in spring 2016.


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It's a funny thing, I was never that fussed about Shinkansen stock, but the 0 series have really grown on me lately. Great to see this old girl going to a new home.





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Uh ok thanks.  So it is just an add on to the steam museum.  Luckily I didn't visit the steam museum in my last trip.  Now I can go to the new addition in 2 years.

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I remember the preliminary/speculative talk was that the Kyoto Museum would be a joint JR West/private Railways undertaking (now that would have been a homerun). Akin to cats and dogs sleeping together.  But it should still be a pretty good museum, probably no. 2 behind the one in Omiya, at least in size.

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