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NHK World running a show called Train Cruise


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Ahh the art of encoding! Many of the higher Rez codecs are better at dithering and thus detail can be expressed with limited data.



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on the thumbnails, the image left seems to be zoomed at 300%, the image on the right at 500%. 

As my tv doesn't allow me to show 1080p, I only can watch on 720p, so comparaison is not possible.


What's also very important on video files : I've already downloaded episodes on internet where you can really see issues about the scrolling which isn't smooth (for ex. a train running, and there's a damn interleave that stoppes the fluidity of the movement). This is not he case in your releases, but it can happen and this is very frustating.

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Ahh the art of encoding! Many of the higher Rez codecs are better at dithering and thus detail can be expressed with limited data.



Dithering would be something that would increase file size as it is a compression killer. Compression relies on areas of flat repeatable colour, which is why compression artefacts are blocky. What dithering allows for is a higher number of colours to be displayed, with a reduced colour set.


It used to be common when you were creating 8-bit paletised images from 24-bit sources, or in the case of the Commodore 64, getting more colours from the limited palette of 16 system colours, but it's not really used that much these days. Have a look at the respective file sizes in the image I've attached (bottom left corners), see how big the dithered image is in comparison.


wolff67310, you're right about the panning, that can cause a problem and that's the one area I am wary of. The interlacing isn't an issue if your encoder creates progressive output properly.


I'm just trying different things to make sure everyone here gets the best possible output. My only judges of that are the people who watch it... I'll stick with the 720p versions, as that's probably the lesser of any evils. :)


I'm also messing with this as in my day-to-day life, anything that passes some time are worth doing, as it saves me having to think about what things are really like. :( The joys of watching a progress bar for 30 minutes just cannot be underestimated... sad but true.


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The dithering happens on the de-encode to help limited data look smoother. The dithering is done by the codec in the de-encode to help the blocky, data limited, video look better, both with colors and detail by adjacent pixel averaging. Not specifically the same as still picture stored dithering. This is similar to what the res up software does for still files.



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I think we're on crossed lines a bit.


Up there ^^^ you mentioned it with respect to encoding, which is where compression occurs and dithering would be a bad thing. The only references I can find for video dithering, is to eliminate banding when playing higher bit depth video onto lower bit depth hardware... which is what I described with the still image dithering. If it's a decoding feature, i.e. during playback, it won't have any effect on file size. I use MPC-HC as my main video player, and that can use dithering during playback.


Here's what the VirtualDub page says about it: "Dithering, according to Wikipedia, is a way of randomizing quantization error... but in a nutshell, when used for images it's basically a way of simulating a higher depth display than you've got. This is done by bumping pixels up or down in brightness, so that partially lit up patterns of dots average out in areas to the desired color values"


I sense we're talking about the same kind of thing, but not entirely in the same way. It is the same process as still pictures, it's just that with videos, it's a realtime playback process and with images, you save the files with the process already embedded in the data. I'd never really thought about the term quantisation in relation to images, I use it in FLStudio because I'm such a crap keyboard player. :D But quantisation actually makes sense as it's all about aligning data, which is why videos go blocky when compressed.


Anyway... in an ironic sense, I think I've derailed things long enough with my waffling. ;) The important thing is that I now know that the videos I am currently creating, are the best ones for uploading. So I think I will now return to being my quiet and absent self, and let people get back to talking about trains and railways.


Sorry everyone, I get carried away... I'm only used to talking to myself. :(

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No please don't be quiet! It's been wonderful to catch missed episodes with your videos! I'm always interested in seeing folks results doing compression as my experience has been you can get some wild results with the right permutation!


Yes. When I say encoding I mean both the encode and decode as you have to figure how the decode behaves to fiddle with how you do the encoding of the data. Should have said encoding/decoding.


I totally agree with you that it's most important to just play with it to get the best end result. I've been doing compression for a long time and it's a real art!



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I don't really care for the tech side of things.  And to be honest I don't understand half the posts in the last two pages.  What is important to me is I have a downloadable version of the programs.  And as I cannot view or access any NHK programs in Australia.  I am very grateful to those that make the access available to me.

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To give people an idea of what difference the extra resolution makes, I tried to get a screengrab of the same frame and magnified the window in Photoshop so they were as close to the same size as possible. The left side of the image is the 1080 version... so what this means, is that for a little longer in the conversion time, it is possible that you get the best of both worlds.


Fascinating comparison, the 1080 version definitely has more detail in the still comparison. I can only assume that the 1080 version has fewer I-frames and so seeking is slower as more of the stream has to be decoded? Watching one after the other on my 720p laptop though I was hard pressed to see much of a difference; seeking is faster on the 720p version, and possibly some detail on the host's face and sheepskin jacket.


No interlacing on the 1080 version though! I am happy with either option, though for completeness and consistency it might be nice to stick with 720p like the rest of the series :)


Anyway great job Lee, thank you so much for putting in the effort on these files! The Wakayama episode was fantastic, really enjoyable and with a great host. Osaka is now very high on the "to see" list for Mrs Utrainia, especially with the Rapi:t and "chin chin densha" and of course Nitama-chan.

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This thread revives, Train Cruise will have a new episode, details here and a preview video in link to NHK World site:




Hours of broadcast:


Sunday, September 4 0:10/ 6:10/ 11:10/ 18:10 (London Time)


Train Cruise Meet the Gods of Japan


This time, we'll travel on trains through Shimane Prefecture, a spiritual part of Japan where Japanese gods and humans have a strong bond.
We ride a pink train to Izumo Taisha, a shrine where all the gods come to assemble. We start our journey asking the gods to help us connect with others. Afterwards, a wide-open trolley takes us through a mountain range home to the mythical snake beast Orochi. Using a technique called "switchback", the trolley climbs up the mountain for a breathtaking view. We then get on a train designed with kagura, a traditional form of Japanese entertainment. We experience an exciting kaguraperformance about the god who comes to vanquish the Orochi.
Travel with us back in time to the mythical world of Japanese legends.
  • 160904train_cruise02.jpg
  • 160904train_cruise03.jpg
  • 160904train_cruise04.jpg
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Ohhh this is great news, this show was really nice to watch, very relaxing.
Double the fun as I've visited Shimane this summer !  :love10: 
The pink train is probably the Ichibata Dententsu Shimanekko-themed one.


Will someone be kind enough to provide a rip for us to download ?

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By the way, if you're subscribed to nimo5's channel on YouTube, you'll be VERY familiar with the trains in the upcoming episode.

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Very nice, long episode. :)  And everything I've seen in this episode has been showcased by nimo5's many YouTube videos (I believe the user is a native of this area).

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Thanks! It's sad that one leg of the journey on the Sanko line (Miyoshi - Gotsu) won't be possible in the future, so it's great that the Train Cruise went there in time.

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This christmas will be awesome, from christmas eve we will have another Train Cruise episode about the samurai spirit in Kumamoto and Kagoshima using the Hisatsu Orange Railway, details here:


https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/special/episode/201612250810.html (with more images)


Train Cruise


Feel the Samurai Spirit in Kumamoto and Kagoshima


The Hisatsu Orange Railway runs across the west coast of the island of Kyushu, connecting Kagoshima and Kumamoto Prefectures. Television personality Thane Camus takes a ride from Yatsushiro to Sendai Station. Along the way, he catches views of the blue sea, mingles with commuters and students, and stops off at places they recommend. From Kagoshima's samurai traditions to Kumamoto's hot springs, the trip is filled with experiences to remember.

Hours of Broadcast (London Time)


Saturday, December 24 23:10
Sunday, December 25 5:10/ 10:10/ 17:10
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