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NHK World running a show called Train Cruise


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Could you also upload Episode 13 - Autumn in Japan's Northern Island?


It's the only episode I haven't seen.

Sure, I've uploaded number 13 to my drive, same link as above.
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Thank you so very much Utrania. That will give me some winter time evening viewing pleasure.


Thank you too LeeC22 for your extremely generous offer.


p.s. how did the house move go Utrania?

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I have decided to look through all Train Cruise Movies during the autumn. But, I'm missing #15 och #16. Can anyone make them available for download? I would be very grateful!


A big thanks to all the people that have made the different episodes available for download!

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Good news, this month another new Train Cruise episode is coming, this time in Shimabara Peninsula in Nagasaki Prefecture, details now:




September 16, 2017


A Volcanic Peninsula on a Single-car Train


The Shimabara Railway runs along the coast of the Shimabara Peninsula, which is located in Nagasaki Prefecture in Kyushu. The peninsula is dominated by massive volcanoes and is blessed with hot springs and spring water gushing out in many places. At a seaside station, there is a marvelous view of the dynamic change in the tide, and we can also enjoy a crab dish. Furthermore, there is a beautiful Japanese garden with abundant spring water. We can fully enjoy the journey on a cute single-car train.


Hours of  Broadcast (London Time) 


Saturday, September 16

1:10 - 1:55   7:10 - 7:55   13:10 - 13:55   19:10 - 19:55


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On 11/09/2017 at 11:19 AM, LeeC22 said:

Oh man... is there no end to this stuff? JRJ one week, JRJ and TC the next week. I think I need to get myself an Au Pair with a PC.

It's either a feast or famine Lee. No new programmes for ages, then, bang! all at once.


Really appreciate your efforts making these available.

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And next week another new episode of Train Cruise in southern Hokkaido, details now:




November 18, 2017


Heartbeat of a Northern Land


Our journey takes place in Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, where we travel along a figure 8-shaped route on local lines in the island's southern part. Rising amidst the railroad line is Mt. Komagatake, a stunning mountain whose different sides can be enjoyed from the train. Furthermore, we can see the high-speed Hokkaido Shinkansen, as well as experience a culinary treat indispensable to Japanese train travel, Ekiben. This 3 days 2 nights trip will delight you with Hokkaido's autumn.


Hours of Broadcast (London Time)


Saturday, November 18   0:10 - 0:55  6:10 - 6:55  12:10 - 12:55  18:10 - 18:55

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