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Their CS always seemed very snooty and like they were being o so gracious to answer a question, it’s not just covid. I’m sure covid and all the shipping horrors have been rough, but never, never good to treat customers like this. I only asked a question a couple of times and got a negative answer sort of with the tone why are you bothering us? And question not really answered. After this I only did orders from them when it was the only place with something in stock or a totally ridiculously low price on a preorder price and rarely added things to orders like I usually do with other vendors. 

I agree cs is much better elsewhere. Good to vote with your wallet which I usually do.


I wonder if it could be an issue with whoever handles not Japanese language stuff and no one else there may realize there is an issue going on like this as all that traffic would pass thru the potential problem cs person. I’ve seen this happen with problems with gatekeepers of various kinds, those behind the gates may not know how the gatekeeper may be abusing those outside the gates!



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JR 500系

Whoever wants a Geodude train huge shout out... 


unbeatable price!


Needless to say i got one!

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Yugamu Tsuki

Shoot, and they just shipped out my order to deliver Monday. Oh well, that is life.


They have a ton of the Love Live Sunshine Tomytech buses for cheap if you wanted to make a Numazu, Shizuoka themed layout. Had to grab the ones I got to ride on.

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