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I’m confused, their eBay shop doesn’t carry anything visible for me. And never came up in searches for sets.

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17 hours ago, Bob Martin said:

I found quite a few items, one example...



You didn't look very far. Good luck with this one!


Shipping and handling

Item location:

Tokyo, Japan

Ships to: 



PO Box, APO/FPO, Africa, Alaska/Hawaii, American Samoa, Asia, Central America and Caribbean, Cook Islands, Europe, Fiji, French Polynesia, Guam, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Middle East, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, North America, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Russian Federation, Solomon Islands, South America, Southeast Asia, Tonga, Tuvalu, US Protectorates, Ukraine, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna, Western Samoa

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Lol Ships: worldwide but excludes: everywhere


Hmmm... if it excludes Asia, doesn't that mean it excludes Japan...?


It excludes every continent except Oceania, and specifies every Oceania nation except Australia..?


So they will literally only ship to Australia.. Oh except that United States isn't included in "North America" as it is available in the shipping dropdown list?


What on earth were they thinking when they filled that in lol...

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32 minutes ago, Arctic said:

Hmmm... if it excludes Asia, doesn't that mean it excludes Japan...?

Japan doesn't count as worldwide when the sender is in Japan.


Oz does look like one of the few available destinations.

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Anyone done some shipping recently with AmiAmi?


My November items took 12 days for them to send after payment.


My December items were paid for on the 28th, and still haven't been shipped yet.  I am chalking this on up to New Years holidays.


I am using a non priority Japan Post shipping option.  I know they normally wait and batch send this stuff to save costs.  But waiting 1+ week, almost 2+ on each occasion is a little too long.

MY theory is that since many countries still don't have non priority shipping options, that the volumes are low and it is taking longer to get a full batch ready to go.

p.s.  If you ain't using the same or very similar shipping methods and you haven't had issues with shipping after payment delays, you probably dont need to reply.

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Actually order fulfilment times seems to be taking longer generally, even with domestic orders too, although not as long as you’ve mentioned. I actually placed an order this week. 


Monday - Order placed for in stock items.

Wednesday - Payment request received and sent. 

Friday - received Sagawa shipping notification.

Sunday - most likely delivery day(usually 2 days for Kyushu)


This certainly wasn’t the case a few years ago whereby orders were fulfilled and shipped within a couple of days like most of their competitors. It used to usually take 4 days from order to delivery and sometimes around 2-3 days for preorders. Even some of those have been taking over a week between payment request and shipping notification in recent years. 


Yodobashi - Next day delivery if item available in Kyushu branch. 2 days if not. 


Tam Tam - Order to delivery, 3-4 days for Kyushu. 


Models Imon- Order to delivery 3-4 days


Amazon - Order to delivery,  2 days


Not sure what’s happening with Ami Ami. Are they getting a larger number of orders than before? Perhaps they haven’t expanded their operations enough to cope with a larger customer demand. 


Are they the same with their Amazon and Ebay listed items or are these being prioritised? A week turnaround isn’t terrible but other sites much quicker to dispatch and deliver orders. If there weren’t the considerable savings you get with Ami, I probably would’ve have dropped them as an option a while ago. 


Probably also worth considering, they are not predominantly a railway model shop, their physical store in Akihabara doesn’t carry any of these product lines. They may prioritise their anime related products which, I would assume, is their main customer base. 

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I emailed them at the 20 days after payment date. Get a email at 21 days saying it will be shipped soon and apologies.


It's now 22 days after payment. Still no shipment.  Delays happen, and I am fine with those. Especially being the new year period. But these timeframes are ridiculous.

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Day 23 - get an email asking if I am happy with the level of service I have received. Comical. Just ship the items.

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My Plaza Japan order was made after your payment, and I got it yesterday from the Locky service.

It's not just a question of if delays happen or not. The competition already beat them to it.

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I have been thinking of making the switch to Plaza Japan for my pre-orders, as they do offer non priority shipping.  I've only done in stock orders with them so far.  Dunno if their ordering system is a flexible as AmiAmi's.


Day 26...



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You haven’t had much luck with your orders recently.


All my package with Ami were sent day plus one or two, these past few months.  I never experienced what you are experiencing.

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That’s good, let’s just hope this order just slipped through the cracks.



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It arrived. 


27 day to ship. 7 days to arrive. 😂 


Japan Post and Australia Post did a great job. AmiAmi did not.



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