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GreenMax - New Releases


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I was thinking we should have a thread for all manufacturers so heres the start of green max



This is a google translation from a blog



For more information on new products GREENMAX [2 / 26] Some specifications correction

Details are posted on the official site new product information. 【2/26一部仕様訂正】 [2 / 26] Some specifications correction


● [Completed] KEIKYU BULE SKY TARIN form Keikyu 600



● [PVC model] 600 Type set Keikyu KEIKYU BULE SKY TARIN eight-car train (with power) 33,600 yen

Series N Scale / Model Series PVC

BOOK CASE輛用urethane product shape 4191:8 / paper sleeve


KEIKYU type 600, type 1000 as the replacement of the aging was in progress following the 1500 form, 1994 (1994) and 1996 (1996) through, and were produced as a fly-car metro .

The seat was at the cross and all the seats had movable seat is adopted.

The fourth white and painted the car in front of the wiper cover was used on all models. また2005年3月から606編成は 606 organized in March 2005 and has become a solid blue Purusukaitorein. The advice from the interior of which Rongushito Burusukaitorein around the same time, eight car train is now Rongushito all models.


But we have been released long-form 600, Toshiba ★ new toys full renewal.

Train item Enhanced sequels Keikyu GREENMAX ★.

Operation has been frequently coupled with other forms of ★, is rich in variety.




■ Product features can be run quickly! ! !

Printed crest to the second car companies meet the needs of customers who want to run out of the box. 別体パーツも取付 Our economic and other body parts are mounted.

Type ■, for those who decide on a sticker attached to your destination destination, type curtain and front side curtain destination direction is provided with selectable stickers.


● 4191 Remarks headlights - Standard Specifications - yellow LED indicator will also light passing ※.

● Red LED tail light - Standard;

● Completed a standard power unit for indoor lighting TOMIX (2 motorized) - 18m class;

△ top of the coupler for TN only. 中間部は非対応。 The middle section supported.

S-4189 See optional parts below sticker ◎ ○ interior light S-4189

● Printed second car (4191 = 606 organization)

● Printed KEIKYU mark (front side)


Type 4 × 600 drawbars car following (four-car train) will be attached to a set of basic and 増結.


[Meaning of Symbols] ● = standard, ◎ = included, ○ = Optional support, △ = for some, × = non-compliant vehicles to the secondary -= manufactured after the third organization ■ Not included, construction update We looked before the prototype construction.


■ "KEIKYU BLUE SKY TRAIN", the prototype vehicle Following the sixth organization, and the second car will be printed.


Are not equipped with power ■ "no power" There is no set configuration.

■ skirt, I will appoint a broad-only parts.

■ cooler is made by Mitsubishi Electric "CU-71F" We hired a new.

■ glass pillar side, we represent and for the convenience of printing on the production.

■ Rooftop antenna equipment and minor components are already installed and will be all.

■ roof will fuse boxes and equipment already installed.

Top of the antenna will be installed by our users.


Originally ※ "antenna components already installed," we will guide you, and because the top of the antenna can be damaged during transportation and installation by our users. 予めご了承ください。 Please note. (2011年2月26日変更) (Modified February 26, 2011)

■ The newly appointed under-floor equipment, inverters and static shape control will be made as a prototype 東洋電機.

■ floor piece of equipment because of component sharing, there is different parts of the vehicle.

■ interior representation, the appearance and later converted to Rongushito, there is no cross-representation seats.

■ power equipment under the floor of car parts is split side.

■ The truck, TH-600 will be appointing a new form.

■ The PT43N pantograph will be used.


Option parts (including the competition)

■ TR180 for the collector plate (No.98-1 / Pack of 4) 1 ※

■ [TOMIX] LC narrow white room lighting unit (No.0733 / 1 pcs, or 0737 / 6 pieces)


When using indoor lighting unit 1 ※. 必要数→【4191=5ケ】 → 4191 = number needed - in five;


■ cutting tools required (cutting part of the sticker attached)

Nipper ■ (cut parts included)

Tweezers ■ (during installation parts)

Mat Cutter ■ (working)

Rubber-based adhesive ■ (if loose parts during installation)


■ Other Products Body main material: ABS plastic case: PP


age 15 or older


[First published: the following website URL]


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We don't seem to have any other "new greenmax" general thread, so I'll note this here:


A bunch of "October" / "November" Greenmax trains just went up for preorder on HS.  Including a Tozai Series 05 subway train (oh, it's a month for subway trains; I'm going to go broke!) and two expansion sets (A and B).  Although the basic set is described as six cars, it appears to actually be four based on the photo of the data sheet (which makes sense as the prototype is 10 cars, not 12).

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Yes it is. Greenmax's "completed models" aren't cheap. I still haven't reserved one because of that, but I probably will. It's too much a part of my "central Tokyo" focus not to have one.

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I always wondered why they are so expensive i know they are made in JPN but are also only plastic with a below par noisy motor. In comparison of price with for example microace.


Of course it would be unfair to attempt to compare green max to kato / tomix.


However i feel they are well overpriced in their range. Also it seems that most models don't have lights I.e. head and tail which would appear standard in all other manufacturers.


I know however some models can have an accessaory to add this in. which HS never seem to have in stock.......


Mind you i guess if it's a model you really want and know Kato / MA / Tomix will not do then i guess you will end up buying it...


I am interested in the Keikyu blue sky train and the keihin electric xpress 1000.


It does seem the Greenmax are masters of the private railway.

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The only Greenmax model I have is the recent Tokyo Metro 1000 Series, which came with working head and tail lights.  The lighting kit is needed for interior lighting.


Although I don't know, at a guess I'd say Greenmax's prices are higher because they're a smaller company than the others, and spread their costs over smaller production runs.  My 10000 is noisy, but it's also a very nice model of a train nobody else is producing. Which makes it worth the money.

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yes green max are expesive, but they do some great stuff that no one else does. they are the smallest company, doing smaller runs so they are going to cost more than the bigger companies doing bigger runs.


my Meitetsu 1000 panorama super blue liner is spectacular and worth the price. luckily i got it before the yen got so bad...





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bonus this came today early. another bonus being all my preordrs are in tommorow meaning i can get in the mail monday if i'm lucky.

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Krackel Hopper

my Meitetsu 1000 panorama super blue liner is spectacular and worth the price. luckily i got it before the yen got so bad...



Between the poor exchange rate and Hobby Search getting rid of their 20% off..


I think it was $200 or $220 when you made me buy one.. now it's $300.. gah..


It's my only Greenmax completed model.. runs nice.. looks amazing!

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i know they could easily implement a smaller m5 motor from tomix into their units. They could still have the unint but with the m5 motor. Anyway i'm making an effort later to buy a power unit and a fly wheel and going to try add it in as a custom job.


After i do my monorail that is.


My kintetsu Osaka model limited is a great model minus the terrible noisy motor i must say it runs smooth but damn is it noisy.

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HS has reservations up for several new(?) Greenmax models (completed and kit), including a Tozai 15000.  It's similar to the 10000 they did a year or so ago, so it's a logical model for them to do. On the other hand, at close to US$450 for the full ten-car set, I'm not sure my budget can stretch to that.  I've bought a lot of subway trains this fall already.  But then, this one's due out "after February" so maybe...


There's also a Keihan 3000 that looks quite nice, although the prototype is from outside my usual area for models.

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I agree KenS, $450 is a lot to pay, especially if you want two.  I notice the Greenmax Tokyo Metro 10000 series is $170 dearer than the Kato one that is coming out in December.  I was about to place an order when Kato announced theirs.  Greenmax is consistently around 50% dearer than Kato and Tomix and a good 30% dearer than MicroAce.  Why?  I don't own any GM and so can't make a comarison, but recent threads mention noisy motor cars being a negative.  What are the plusses?





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handmade by a japanese person???


also better interior and exterior detail than a kato would have "on some" usually the completed kits anyway.


i guess if for some reason you hated kato would be another??


Ghan have you ran the ginza??? it is a nice little model but it's also not exactly the most detailed model one could make.


On top of this it is actually a bit noisy to run from what i have found.

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Greenmax is consistently around 50% dearer than Kato and Tomix and a good 30% dearer than MicroAce.  Why?  I don't own any GM and so can't make a comarison, but recent threads mention noisy motor cars being a negative.  What are the plusses?


Well, part of the reason for the difference in price is likely simple cost.  Greenmax is something of a niche manufacturer.  Mostly they don't overlap with Kato, Tomix, or Micro Ace (there are obvious exceptions). I expect their production runs are smaller, so tooling costs are spread over fewer models.


In terms of value, again they're a niche manufacturer. My only Greenmax models are the 10000, Tokyu 6000 and JR West 125 EMU.  None of these were available from anyone else at the time I bought them.  Kato later announced the 10000, which was a major departure for them, as I don't think they'd done any "subway" trains before. Previously Greenmax and Micro Ace seemed to have the Tokyu and Tokyo Metro trains split between them. Kato's entry into that area is going to be making waves.


While the trains are a little louder than Kato, and not as smooth running, they're not terrible. And Micro Ace isn't exactly flawless in this area. And on the plus side, the exterior detail is incredible. I'm looking at my JR West 125 and it has dozens of exterior molded details that are extremely fine (better than Kato or even Micro Ace, I think), the interior isn't quite as good as a Kato motor car (the under-floor motor hump sticks up a couple of mm, but it looks like along-the-wall seatbacks from the outside).


I think they're a good company if you need/want a model someone else doesn't make. And if ultimate appearance is important, they may have value over both Kato and Micro Ace (and probably Tomix, but I don't have any Tomix models to compare them with).  But yeah, that cost premium is a bit hard to take. And for something like the 15000, where there's now a reasonable chance Kato would do it, it's a bit hard to take.

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I particularly agree with your last point, KenS.  I'm building a subway and only have 2 x Kato Ginza 01 ATM.  I've got a Kato 10000 on order and will probably order a second one.  That's all I'll be running on my subway to start with, even though it has 6 platforms spread across two levels.  $450 per consist is just too much for me.  The Yen would need to drop around 20%, then I'd snap up a few of those MicroAce and Greenmax sets.





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Maybe make this thread a sticky? (just like all other manufacturers new releases topics?)


I noticed Greenmax is making a third rail at the HS website. Could be interesting for people who make subways. It only looks a bit weird with the high bed of the Kato track.

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third rail isn't necessarily in the subway. although they call alot of the osaka municiple lines subways where a large amount is above ground.


either way it is interesting

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