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Photos of members?


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This is from a few years back, my UNGCC Boston Unit cosplay from when I was running a huge tabletop kaiju game at Anime Boston 2008.  My avatar comes from a portrait done in Artist's Alley that year.


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Yugamu Tsuki

Me and the Conductor. I always get overly enthusiastic about my hobbies and often wonder if I should have gone in more for an arts degree instead of a business one.


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Yugamu Tsuki
11 minutes ago, Martijn Meerts said:

Epic mustache is epic 😄


Thank you, I started growing it a month or two back. I figured with everyone over here required to wear a mask in public, if it didn't work out no one else would have to know. I'm quite fond of it unless I'm drinking something without it in place with wax.

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Just in case people think that all I do is play with old trams, here I am at work, teaching roads with my trainee Kim. She was working as relief staff on stations before she came over to train crewing, so she's very knowledgeable already. There's a few places on the network that I think she knows more about than I do... 👍

(That's me on the left, BTW.)





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9 hours ago, Yugamu Tsuki said:

I always get overly enthusiastic about my hobbies...

Nothing wrong with that, I think we all do. I like your China Rail hat, too! 

All the best,



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Agreed, good to be as enthusiastic as you want to be. It’s your hobby, be happy, have fun!


business may support your hobby budget better than fine arts!



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I never posted a picture of me here I just realized... (Not that this is a good picture of me but I only got the ones of me playing Airsoft in Japan...)



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On 10/10/2020 at 4:10 PM, marknewton said:

Just in case people think that all I do is play with old trams...

Taken last Wednesday at Ferrymead Heritage Park in Christchurch:




I was the motorman on duty for School Holiday tram running with Dunedin 22, a 1903 J. G. Brill four-wheel 'California combination' tram. It's currently the longest serving tram in our fleet, as of next Monday (23/01) it will have racked up 49 years of continuous service at Ferrymead since its restoration! Not bad when you consider it spent 50 years in revenue service in Dunedin.

And of course whenever I drive the tram I always don my full tramway clobber which looks the business and much smarter than my usual workaday (McDonald's) uniform!


Though if you prefer something a bit more topical to the forum (and don't mind a few extra photos for the heck of it)...


IMG_1515.thumb.JPG.98a2a38dafe1ff4667207eac24c7ee54.JPG  IMG_2795.thumb.JPG.e8db739a70140139b53c927c600bddb0.JPG


Tourist mode, activate! No prizes for guessing where I was! Yes, despite my love of boxy red AC electrics (thanks to the Railway Museum in Ōmiya), I have a deeeeep fascination with all things steam powered. By this point I was exclusively using my iPod and cellphone to take photos as my camera had mysteriously self-destructed the day before the photo on the left was taken, during my (first) visit to the Railway Museum, no less. The left-hand photo also serves as my Facebook, Gmail and fleaBay profile images, because why not?



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Hi everyone.  


I'm a big fan of the NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball), so I travel throughout Japan to catch the games (my favorite team is the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants, but I watch all teams play).  And because of baseball, has allowed me to ride many types of trains.




I also like to do travel through Japan challenges, which leads me to many locations throughout Japan and trying out different trains and visiting many stations.  And also enjoy the stations I visit. [For those who have watched "Tetsuko no Tabi" may understand]


I don't live in Japan (my self-proclaimed second home is in Ikebukuro where I stay everytime I travel to Japan), I live in Central California (the hot valley in the summer and foggy as heck in the winter).


As for model trains, I own a lot (N Gauge).  And from my travel experiences throughout Japan, I like to purchase trains which I have ridden on or trains I simply just like a lot.    Working on my city-style diorama and right next to my diorama is an AKB48 pachinko machine. 🙂




And do Japanese entertainment thingies as well 🙂

















Can you find me....the dude with the sunglasses?


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AKB48 pachinko! 😲  That's some serious otaku collectables! Planning for any idols to show up in the diorama too, or are they restricted to appear on the pachinko?  😁  Anyway, I hope we'll get to see something.



And yes, you weren't hard to find.

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On 3/9/2023 at 10:28 AM, MeTheSwede said:



AKB48 pachinko! 😲  That's some serious otaku collectables! Planning for any idols to show up in the diorama too, or are they restricted to appear on the pachinko?  😁  Anyway, I hope we'll get to see something.



And yes, you weren't hard to find.


Currently have LE SSERAFIM "Fearless - Japanese Version-" playing on the video screen and have idols on the Marui building.  Will add more soon!





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Nice looking little layout!


I was planning from day 1 to put some idols on my layout, but I have still not gotten around to getting anything printed.

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