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Photos of members?


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Bonus points if you can identify where I am!


If I remember correctly, it's at the Todai-ji in Nara. Did you manage to get through? Normally this is reserved for kids.


After seeing a rather spry adult manage it, I had to give it a try. I think that if I had gone in arms first, I might maybe could have fit, but it would have been very, very tight. My daughter had no problems at all, of course!



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I'm on a separate forum where we spontaneously posted pictures of ourselves today. I figured I may as well contribute here too though it's a few months after the last post so I hope you don't mind.




I should take photos of me doing train things

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That's a pretty big scale you're modelling there :D


Lol yes! 1:1 scale modelling is pretty big.


Bit hard to carry around though :-)

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Lol yes! 1:1 scale modelling is pretty big. Bit hard to carry around though :-)


and gets a bit expensive, at least you are not doing it in all brass!



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Martijn Meerts

Lots of room for a sound decoder and smoke unit though.. I bet there's some pretty decent sound coming out of that thing ;)

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Today at the tramway museum we had all of our ancient Sydney cars in service for a themed running day to commemorate the departure of Australian troops for France and the Western Front in the Great War. To illustrate that theme and re-enact the scene we had a group called the 18th Battalion Living History Group participate in the day's activities. Here's part of the group on board Sydney O class car 805 along with museum members Scott Curnow and myself.




Of the eight cars running today, five were over 100 years old, yet all of them performed flawlessly. Thanks to our event coordinator's efforts the day was widely publicised. As a result we had capacity crowds for most of the day, and the gate receipts were very good.





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Time for a new mug...soaking my trotters at the foot onsen at Randen Arashiyama station, 2014.




Cheers NB



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You look very relaxed there, Nick. :)


I could do with a visit to a foot onsen this evening. It was my son Harry's tenth birthday party today, and we took him and a dozen of his friends to an adventure park that had lots of climbing activities and zip lines. We all had great fun, but I'm paying for it now with aches and pains.





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Greetings from the surgery room.



That's me off duty, with my partner 


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Kanpai Keith
On 6/5/2019 at 7:55 AM, Grant_T said:

Bumping the thread. Hey, it's me.




I got a lovely picture of the scaffolding the erected around it during the refurbishment 

last year.

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