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Portuguese N Scale Models


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Hi @Tuga,


3d color printer is another MIMAKI thing, about flatbed UV printer I talk about something like this


the only thing in 3D is the object instead of paper sheet that you directly insert in the printer tray for direct printing 😄


about decals sheet for laser printer I can' help you, for my Citizen Printiva I use the classic ink-jet clear decals sheet, the particular dry transfer ribbon use hot transfer head, but not so high temperature like a laser printer fuser drum



I'm tempted to order some of this





when my stock of printer ribbon will be end or the printer die, I will try with laser printer, but just for beta testing or simple things, like I told, is better to find a service like the link I wrote, they use professional printer that use also the white ink or particular RAL-Pantone, eg. the Lime Green forn the Alfa Pendular stripes, something that you can't do easy at home.








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Now I see what you mean with the Mimaki Flatbed LED UV Printer, that would make it so easy. 🤩

It's a shame that they want a minimum order of 150-200 pieces. I want 1, still left with 148 people to support it. 

Maybe you could start a Kickstarter crowdfunding project. 😊

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Another two future releases from



N3350331 - Stadler Euro4000 Medway Nr.E5033 “Matilde”

N657002 - Set of 2 - Sggmrrs go'Smart GigaWood Ibercargo A-IF 37 81 4657 002-3 and A-IF 378 1 4657 006-4


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Arlo Micromodels will be bringing their N scale CP Class 1400 and Schindler coaches to the 2023 Expotrens in Alcabideche, between April 22 and 23.

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1 hour ago, Giugiaro said:

Arlo Micromodels will be bringing their N scale CP Class 1400 and Schindler coaches to the 2023 Expotrens in Alcabideche, between April 22 and 23.


Are you sure is N scale?  😳  I thought they only did HO.  


N or Ho it really doesn't matter,  still is worth to visit the Expotrens and see all the goodies. 😜


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On 3/1/2023 at 11:15 AM, Tuga said:


It's not easy to get a blueprint or any helpful documentation about the "Alfa Pendular". There is a lot of online videos that might be helpful but that means hours spent on searching.

For me the hardest part would be the paint work. I'm curious how would you approach the livery. Paint it fully? Decals/transfers? Any ideas?



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On 2/28/2023 at 2:59 PM, jappomania said:

@Tuga and/or @Giugiaro, I'm curious to know a little more about this CP set (I think is for this one that you search the CP2600 CIL 😋, right? )

what's more available in N gauge based on CP company?

I'm just curious, I don't wanna start another collection, maybe the only one I would try to reproduce will be the renewed "Alfa Pendular", (I still have enough Del Prado ETR for cut & paste) but before I have to find enough documentation like blueprint or similar)







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That's a real treat Giugiaro!


Are all those n gauge?


Any information when they will be available?

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All of the pictured vehicles are N scale models, both pre-production, production and mods.


The people from Arlo Micromodels still don't have a schedule for their production.
They are going through what Elon Musk described as "Model 3 production hell" with their overly successful H0 CP 1900/1930 and DF700.

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Those are the CP Serie 2000 Arco coaches. They were made by the defunct spanish firm Ferromodel as a set of 3 coaches (first class + second class + second class/bar).

Unfortunately the Renfe Serie 2000 Arco set of 3 coaches initially produced by this firm back in 2013/2014 did suffer from constant derailments, which lead to complains from clients.

In 2020 Ferromodel announced the CP Serie 2000 Arco livery set, but the project end up being scraped with only a few sample units being done. Soon after Ferromodel cease trading.

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11 hours ago, 251fan said:

If you guys are interested, there is for sale one CP 1st class Corail coach (Arnold 3751) available in comboioselectricos in the used page, although the price is a bit steep (70 euros).



Thank you mate, but I already have my fair share. LOL


Giugiaro should be interested.

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MikadoTrain/REE have the SNCF B9c9x Wasteels couchettes, which were used on the Portuguese Sud Express.

MT/REE NW215 - Pack of 2x SNCF B9c9x Wasteels couchettes
MT/REE NW216 - SNCF B9c9x Wasteels couchettes

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