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Tomix LED Orientation


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 I’m getting ready to convert my only other Tomix train to DCC, a single KiHa 40.  Opening it up, the LEDs are different from what was inside the 700 Series Shinkansen.  My problem is that I don’t know which end is positive.  Both the LEDs and the board are marked with a small line, visible in the photo below.  I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a “-“, to indicate the negative side, or just simply a visual aid for assembly at the factory.  Anyone else have experience with these?





I could also use suggestions for wiring and board modification.  I’ll be installing a Digitrax DZ126T.

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So I didn’t get anywhere with the multimeter, I’m guessing because I didn’t remove any of the LEDs (too wiped out from work to do that tonight).  However, I forgot that I marked the polarity on my programming track according to Kato’s wiring.  Those lines on the board and LEDs match up with the polarity of the LEDs that light up when set to “forward.”  So I’m pretty confident that those are in fact negative signs.



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