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EntreLinhas - Festa do Ferroviário


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Good morning everyone!


This year, the Municipality of Valongo will launch a unique railway-themed public festival in Portugal.

The EntreLinhas - Festa do Ferroviário will be held between August 26 through 28 and will have shows, exhibits, conferences, music concerts and street food.


The Maquetren module-based club Módulos de Comboios do Norte has confirmed their first public appearance since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020.

The railway club APAC - Associação de Amigos dos Caminhos de Ferro has also confirmed their presence in the event.


Here is the official poster for the event.

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The EntreLinhas is officially open!


Today the conference was quite heated at the end, with people getting outraged from comments made by the coordinator of the Portuguese National Railway Plan, saying that "publishing studies for new lines and track improvement works would do more harm than good".


Besides the record time taken to organize the festival, there's still some interesting things to look forward to (model rail wise)!

Photos shall follow tomorrow! 🙂

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Today was quite an enjoyable day!


Here's the promised photo dump of the event. Modelling included!


Map of the area.



Railway operators and Municipalities area.





Railway clubs and model rail shops area.





Funk You Brass Band! 



The icon of the festival: The E201 Mallet steam locomotive.



Foto exhibition.







CP Class 1400 Diesel Locomotive for 5" gauge.



And the same locomotive for 7 1/2" gauge.



Módulos de Comboios do Norte scale model exhibition.































The tiny N scale set on a railway hat by APAC!



One of the N Club Portugal modules based on French norms.



Modelrail.pt shop.



Sofgreen HO Portuguese station.



And Sofgreen's other offers.



A long illustration of random Portuguese railway things.



And an exhibition of clay trains.








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